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Stories told in dec 2004 by Lone Ranger (LR) and Chester Synmoie (CS), Lone Ranger's longtime friend, producer & manager

lone ranger on the other side of dub

LP / CD reissue
Tracklisting :
The Lone Ranger
On The Other Side Of Dub

Label : Studio One 1979; Heartbeat 1991
Produced by Coxsone
01. Barnabas Collins (bonus track - 1991 CD reissue only)
02. Noah In The Ark
03. Apprentice Dentist
04. Quarter Lb. Ishen
05. Every Thing She Want
06. Natty Dread On The Go
07. Grave Yard Skank (bonus track - 1991 CD reissue only)
07. Where Eagles Dwell
08. Dentist Dub
10. Collie Rock
11. Roots Style
12. Dub A Natty Dread
CS - "It was an experimental album: five Lone Ranger songs, and the dub versions on the back. That was the first time that's been done. That's the thing that made that album different. It became a classic instantly, and never stopped selling since then. An all-time classic: the Lone Ranger debut album. "Barnabas Collins" was added to the repress by Heartbeat in 1991, it was recorded in New York in 85-86."


[Reggae - The Rough Guide - The Definitive Guide To Jamaican Music, From Ska Through Roots To Ragga]
Lone Ranger - On The Other Side Of Dub (Studio One, JA; Heartbeat, US) LP/CD
The Lone Ranger's debut Studio One album was so titled because the second side featured dub cuts of the 'toasts' on the first. Presumably, Dodd had this in the can for quite a while before releasing it in 1981, as it misses the big dancehall hits, but it stands as a good set of next cuts to Studio One Rhythms that go beyond the obvious ones.
(Steve Barrow and Peter Dalton)

[rounder] Classic toasting over timeless Studio One rhythms by one of Jamaica's best known and loved DJs. Includes the hits, "Barnabas Collins," "Noah in the Ark," and "Natty Dread on the Go," together with five instrumental tracks.

[zionsgate] Lone Ranger is one of Studio One's favortie Dj's, or toasters, and enjoyed popularity with hits like "Love Bump" and "Barnabas Collins". "On The Other Side of Dub" comes complete with five instrumentals and some of the Lone Ranger's most accomplished performances. This album also contains two tracks not found on the original release.

[boomkat] Again good to see the man Anthony Waldron's tunes back around again, this his first full length outing for the original label, after a string of great 45s, Dodd finally unveiled in 1981 as the Lone Ranger was ushering in the new breed of dancehall vocalists, men like Charlie Chaplin, Welton Irie, Mikey Dread and Ranking Joe. Coxsone in his turn was revisiting the classic riddims which made his name, and subjecting them to bright,airy new mixes with the latest technology available in Jamaica. So the second side is an especial joy here, where extra cuts to boss sound system controllers like "Quarter Pound Of Ishen" and Horace Andy's "Natty Dread A Weh She Want" really come into their own. For fans of early dancehall, b-boys and dub heads, required listening.

[allmusic] One of the first and finest of the dancehall toasters, Lone Ranger came to prominence in the early '80s with a series of hits sporting vintage Studio One rhythms from the rocksteady and early reggae eras (this, of course, was a practice followed by a majority of dancehall singers and DJs during the first half of the '80s). Hooking up with producer Clement "Coxsone" Dodd, Lone Ranger cut this debut for Dodd's Studio One label in 1981. Featuring the big dancehall smash "Barnabas Collins" (this homage to the most popular vampire of the '60s features the well-traveled rhythm from Slim Smith's late-'60s hit, "My Conversation"), "The Other Side of Dub" finds the masked man in his inimitable bimming and ribbiting mode, deftly tossing off phrases full of wit and social observations. With regard to the dub end of things alluded to in the title, the album features a handful of dub versions of the toasts Lone Ranger delivers in the first half of the set. A tasty slice of early dancehall mic work.

lone ranger barnabas in collins wood

Tracklisting :
Lone Ranger
Barnabas In Collins Wood

Label : Thrill Seekers ;GG
Produced and Arranged by Leon & Chester Synmoie
Recorded at Channel One

01. Barnabas Collins
02. Annie Palmer
03. Hell Driver
04. John Public
05. African Continent
06. Frankenstine
07. Tribal War
08. UFO
09. Obeah Man
10. The Hard Way
Bonus Tracks on Trillseekers re-issue :
11. Sergeant Brown
12. Jamaican Weed
CS - "When Lone Ranger was working for Coxsone, he was also working for Thrill Seekers, Techniques and Channel One. This one was produced by Thrill Seekers and distributed by GG's. The "Barnabas" single is the biggest single Lone Ranger ever did. So we wanted to capitalize on this and in the end issued a monster album."
LR - "Love Bump is the biggest! Barnabas should have been bigger. It was an international hit but because of a problem between GG's and Island it didn't become as succesful as it should have been. "Barnabas" was supposed to appear in "Rockers", in a scene where I'm gambling. But because Island at one point cut things out with GG's it didn't. Something went wrong. If GG's had done its job, I should have been on the "Sunsplash" video in 79, with Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Burning Spear, Joe Higgs and Jacob Miller. My part was cut out. We were in France in 79. People were congratulating us for the "Barnabas Collins" on Island/Phonogram that we never knew about. When we came back to Jamaica, people started understanding it was not produced by GG's (who licensed the track to Island without owning the rights), Island got wind of that and backed off. So "Barnabas" never happened as it should have. People were paying to get to number 1 at the time but this was solid. A stright seller, a people number 1."


Anthony Waldron - Lone Ranger. He started out with a group know as High-Fenders with members, Chester Synmoie leader of the group, Anthony Waldron lead singer & Ransford Rogers. In 1975 Lone Ranger first recorded two songs "Get Humble" & "Youth In The Ghetto" for Thrill Seekers Records which were never released (produced by Chester Synmoie, recorded at Treasure Isle). Then after that Chester took him to Tony in 1977 who in turn took him to Channel One & Coxsone. Then in 1978 he came back to Thrill Seekers Records and recorded his biggest hit "Barnabas Collins" for producer Leon Synmoie, which was also written by Leon Synmoie & Lone Ranger. This song went to number 1 in Jamaica, America & Europe. "Barnabas Collins" was released by G-G Records & Island Records and soon after he released his second album "Barnabas In Collins Wood". You will enjoy listening to this album from a veteran at his best.

Backing Band : The Revolutionaries
Bass - Robbie Shakespeare
Drums - Sly Dunbar
Guitar - Mikey Chung, Winston Wright
Lead guitar - Dougie
Horns - Tommy McCook, Deadly Headley
Alto sax - Herman Marquis
Trombone - Vin Gordon
Trumpet - Bobby Ellis
Piano - Gladdy
Percussions - Sticky

lone ranger m-16

LP/ CD reissue
Tracklisting :
The Lone Ranger

Label : J&L
Produced by Alvin Ranglin

01. Natty Burial
02. M-16
03. Up Town Style
04. Sky Juice
05. Skank Steady B, Rise + meet Jah
06. Fist to Fist
07. Wicked a Go Tn
08. Sat Upon The Rock
CS - "The label is J&L not J&J. Joseph Hookim produced it at Channel One (Channel One was: Well Charged, Hitbound, Cord and J&L). After "Barnabas" bacame a hit, everything went rolling. At that time, Lone Ranger was the number one deejay in Jamaica."

LR - "M16, as an album, is the strongest I've made. Sogie did the "M16" riddim and mixied it, too. The first he ever mixed was Lone Ranger's! I had three big hit albums: "M16", "Rosemarie" and Barnabas In Collins Wood". "On the Other side Of Dub" is different: it's an all-time classic. "Hi-Ho Silver Away" should have been big but it was only issued on a limited pressing, left in the hands of Clive Jarrett. In the 80's, Channel One Studio was the ruler. Everything that came out on Channel One at the time was diamond. Anyway... Joseph Hookim called me in Jamaica, said he heard a cassette (tape) with Lone Ranger deejaying on his tracks. He named me the tracks and asked me how long I would take to record an album on these tracks. I answered "30 minutes". So he said: "Go to the studio!". "M16" Became n°1 in Canada, America, UK, but never came out in Jamaica... Two tracks only were released in Jamaica, as singles: "M16" and "Fist To fist Days Done". I was champion DJ in 1979 and 1980 in Jamaica. In 1981 I wasn't champion DJ anymore because I had left to the US for a long tour as The Lone Ranger & The Silver Bullet Band, including a show at the Madison Square Garden..."


[Reggae - The Rough Guide - The Definitive Guide To Jamaican Music, From Ska Through Roots To Ragga]
Lone Ranger - M16 (J&L, US) LP
Essential to any decent reggae collection
This is Lone Rnager at the height of his powers, and "ribbiting" and "bimming" all over the Niney-produced rhtyhms that heralded Channel One's renaissance in the early 1980s. The title track was responsible for reviving the popular "Scandal"/"Secretly" rhythm, and cuts of classics like "Shak I Shek", "I Hold The Handle" and "Cuss Cuss" explain why deejays in general - and this one in particular - were carrying the swing (as they said then).
(Steve Barrow and Peter Dalton)

[reggae-reviews] Lone Ranger stands out from other pioneer DJs due to his voice, style, and rhythm.  I'm not a big fan of early DJs toasting styles - the prototype being U-Roy's rambling, disjointed, incomprehensible near-talking - and that's partly why I do appreciate Lone Ranger so much.  He is the prototype for the modern DJ, chatting more rhythmically (on the beat!), clearly and imaginatively.  Many of the rhythms on "M-16" are classic ones that you've heard before, but they're not so familiar as to sound tired.   The beats here are like old school rap - simple (using little more than a bass, piano, and drums, as exemplified on "Natty Burial"), heavy, and funky.  The key word that keeps popping up when you try to describe this album is "rhythm"; both the music and Lone Ranger's vocal flow is all about rhythm (again, at the heart of great hip-hop also).  The best track on "M-16", "Rise & Meet Jah", finds both man and music at their peak, at their most rhythmic.  The driving bass and piano riff of "Wicked a Go Run" are also top-notch.  Also nice - and more popular - are "Fist to Fist", "Natty Burial", and the title track.

[niceup] I have to admit to a certain prejudice here, because I think that Lone Ranger is the most entertaining DJ who ever lived. Not only that, but Ranger is one of a very tiny group of DJs who made albums that were as good as his singles and/or stage presence. He may not have been as innovative as, say, U Roy or Big Youth, but his presentation was electrifying, his lyrics carefully crafted or stolen to match the music just perfectly and he had the good sense to work with producers who recorded him over state of the art riddims. "M-16" only has nine songs but every one is a dynamite Channel One/Niney riddim with Ranger's endlessly inventive lyrics riding the top. The title track is a stone classic, but so are "Fist to Fist," "Burial," "Skank Steady" and most of the other tracks as well.

lone ranger rosemarie

Tracklisting :
Lone Ranger

Label : Techniques; Black Joy UK
Produced by Winston Riley

Recorded at Channel One
Mixed by Solgie & Maxie

01. Rosemarie
02. The Storm
03. Fussing & Fighting
04. Reggae Dance
05. Natty Dread A De Foreigna
06. Dance Hall Style
07. Collie Dub
08. Escape Convict
09. Fe Mi Woman A De Bes'
10. Judge Not
LR - "Channel One in New York was a record shop and a pressing plant. In Jamaica were the studios and the sound system. "Rosemarie" was recorded with the Revolutionnaries at Channel One two months after "M16" was recorded with the Roots Radics. During Channel One "M16" album success, I came back to Jamaica (in 1981). I recorded this album right after the 2-months visa for the US ended. "Rosemarie" had the same kind of success, n°1 in Jamaica, UK, US, Canada, even though it was not as internationally big as "M16". The Channel One riddims were the riddims of the time. But not all singers and deejays sang on those riddims. It was my style. "Rosemarie" (N°1) and "Collie Dub" (n°5) were chartbusters. The album was created because of "Rosemarie". We made riddims for this album, whereas "M16" contained tracks that other number one artists were on... So, right after "Rosemarie" was recorded, I went back to the US for another american tour, then I went to England when my visa ended, stayed 6 months there, then went back to the US and soon the hiatus started..."

Bass: Flabba
Drums: Style
Guitar: Dwight Pinkney, Dougie, Bingy
Keyboards: Winston Wright
Horns: Dean Fraser, Nambo
Percussion: Skully, Sky Juice


[Reggae - The Rough Guide - The Definitive Guide To Jamaican Music, From Ska Through Roots To Ragga]
Lone Ranger - Rose Marie (Techniques, JA) LP
Winston Riley pulled out his most enduring rhythms for this set - including "Stalag 17", naturally - and Ranger had the delivery and enough fresh lyrics to do them justice.
(Steve Barrow and Peter Dalton)

lone ranger hi ho silver away

Tracklisting :
The Lone Ranger
Hi Ho Silver Away

Label : Greensleeves
Produced by Lone Ranger & Clive Jarrett
01. Tom Drunk
02. Rub 'N' Scrub
03. Legalize The National Herb
04. Gunshot Mek Daughter Drop
05. Living As A Poor
06. Johnny Make You Bad So
07. The Clock
08. Lone Ranger & Tonto
09. Solomon
10. Love Affair Problem


[wallboomers] Dynamite Records was founded in 1980 by Clive Jarrett with help from his friends Sly & Robbie, Clive Buisy and Anthony Waldron aka Lone Ranger. Their goal was to release good quality music to capture the essence of what the label stood for. The core of this label was Sly & Robbie and the Taxi gang. They recorded mainly at Channel One studio with three of the best and creative engineers: Bunny (Tom Tom), Barnabas and Soljie Hamilton. The first single 'Don't Mess With Dread' by the Lone Ranger came out on the Powerhouse label then controlled by Robbie Shakespeare. Following the strong response to this single Robbie told Clive he thought Dynamite was ready to be let loose. The first two artists that recorded for the label were Carlton Livingston and the Lone Ranger. Their first album was Lone Ranger's 'Hi Ho Silver Away'. Carlton Livingstone was next, songs like 'Here I Stand, 'Marie' and 'Rumours' emerged and from these works the second LP out of the Dynamite stable was released. In 1981 Beswick (Bebo) Philips, Clive's longtime friend from their days living in Dunkirk, eastern Kingston, joined the team. Many of reggae's household names started recording for the label, but by 1985 the label ceased releasing material as its founders took time to cool off and launch other projects.

lone rnager badder dan dem

Tracklisting :
Lone Ranger
Badda Dan Dem

Label : Studio One
Produced by Coxsone

Recorded at Studio One
Mixed by CS Dodd at Studio One
Engineered By CS Dodd

01. Automatic
02. Badda Dan Dem
03. You Too Greedy
04. Can't Stand It
05. Plant Up A Vineyard
06. Dance A Fe Cork
07. My Number
08. World War One
09. Fish Tea
10. Three Mile Skank

Bass - Bryan Atkinson, Earl Walker
Drums - Clevie
Lead Guitar - Eric Frater
Rhythm Guitar - Eric Frater
Keyboards - Jackie Mittoo
Alto Sax - Karl Bryan
Tenor Sax - Roland Alphonso
Trumpet - Johnny Moore
Piano - Jackie Mittoo


[Reggae - The Rough Guide - The Definitive Guide To Jamaican Music, From Ska Through Roots To Ragga]
Lone Ranger - Badda Den Dem (Studio One, JA) LP
His second album for Dodd was more obviously in the fully developed dancehall mode. Beside mixes that contrast strongly with the previou set's, there are most of the rhythms that were calling ths shots, including "Real Rock", "Shank I Shek", "Throw Me Corn", "Full Up" and a second cut of "Never Let Go". Curiously, his really big Studio One hits are still absent.
(Steve Barrow and Peter Dalton)

lone ranger dj daddy

Tracklisting :
Lone Ranger
D.J. Daddy

Label : Techniques
Produced by Winston Riley
01. DJ Daddy
02. Jennifer Lee
03. Susan A Gorgon
04. Big Everytime
05. Look How She Fat
06. Style And Fashion
07. Me And Yvette
08. Noah's Ark
09. Jamaica Nice
10. Walkman Connection

lone ranger learn to drive

Tracklisting :
The Lone Ranger
Lear To Drive

Label : Bebo's
Compilation of Clive Jarrett productions, produced by Clive Jarrett & Bebo Phillips

lone ranger collections

Tracklisting :
The Lone Ranger

Label : Grapevine / RAS
Compilation of Coxsone productions 1985-1989
01. Love Bump
02. Labour Ward
03. Burial
04. Barnabas Collins
05. M. 16
06. Rosemarie
07. Fist to Fist
08. Scandal
09. Johnny Bad So
10. Love Affair
11. Gun Shot
12. Learn to Drive
13. Mada Ritty
14. National Herb
15. Rub and Scrub
16. The Clock
17. Big Bout Ya
18. Life in the Ghetto
19. Solomon
20. Natty Dread on the Go


[Reggae - The Rough Guide - The Definitive Guide To Jamaican Music, From Ska Through Roots To Ragga]
Lone Ranger - Collection (Grapevine, UK) CD
Twenty of the masked man's biggest hits, ranging from "Barnabas Collins", through "Fist To Fist Days Done", to "Labour Ward". There is sufficient verbal imagination - as well as variation in rhythms - to maintain interest throughout.
(Steve Barrow and Peter Dalton)

[reggae-reviews] A "best of" collection for dancehall pioneer Lone Ranger is a great idea, but "Collections" fails to deliver the goods.  Inexplicably, several of the songs here are updated versions of Lone Ranger's hits.  "Burial," "M-16," and "Fist to Fist," for example, are backed by different, less raw, more modern dancehall rhythms than those on the "M-16" album.  Although not all of the cuts are re-recorded like these, many have a similarly watered down sound when compared to the greatness of the material on "M-16", especially when spread out over 20 tracks.  The strongest song here to me is the bouncy "Rub and Scrub," while the sing-songy "Rosemarie," the slow, poignant "Life in the Ghetto," "Johnny Bad So," and the hit "Barnabas Collins" are all solid.  But with 20 cuts, there is a lot of room for mediocre material that lacks the spark and freshness of Lone Ranger's best works.

[allmusic] Collection is a fine 20-track overview of the Lone Ranger's recordings for Grapevine, featuring such songs as "Love Bump," "Labour Ward," "Barnabus Collins," "Fist to Fist," "Scandal," "Gun Shot," "Learn to Drive," "Natural Herb," "Rub and Scrub," "Life in the Ghetto" and "Natty Dread."

lone ranger top of the class

Tracklisting :
Lone Ranger
Top Of The Class

Label : Studio One USA
Produced by Coxsone

Musicians - Sound Dimensions, Soul Defenders, Brentford Rd. All Stars, Studio One All Stars
01. Studio One Style
02. Dance Cork
03. Mad In A De Head
04. Bump To Bump
05. Oh Baby
06. Got To Be True
07. Ganja Man
08. Rose Marie
09. Studio One History
10. Brand New Second
11. Happy Birthday
12. African Land
13. Queen Omega
14. Talking Spanish

lone ranger dub salvador vol1&2

Promo CD Only!
Tracklisting :
Lone Ranger
Dub Salvador Vol. 1&2

Label : T.I.M.E.C.
Mixed by Grant Phabao

Full mix available as separate tracks on all cool p2p networks like Soulseek - look for 'lone ranger', 'grant phabao' or 'dub salvador'...
01. Badda Dan dem
02. Jamaican Weed
03. Can't Stand It
04. The Answer
05. Every Likkle Ting
06. Barnabas Collins
07. Fish Tea
08. Plant Up A Vineyard
09. World War I
10. My Number
11. Natty Dread On The Go
12. Love Bump
13. Johnny Bad So
14. Don't Mess With Natty Dread

grant phabao presents lone ranger kulchaklash

Replica-vinyl CD

Buy It Now
Tracklisting :
Grant Phabao
Presents Kulchaklash
Starring Lone Ranger, Ray I, Danny Dread & Simon Diamond

Label : T.I.M.E.C.
Produced by Grant Phabao & Lone Ranger

Ultra-Limited Edition Digipak CD (500 copies only!)

Download MP3s here

01 Sweet Talking  MP3
02. Braeton Killings
03. Aya So We Deh
04. High Grade
05. Music Weh Dem Wan
06. Rasta Roll Call
07. Fever
08. Ethiopia
09. A Who

01 starring Lone Ranger on vocals
02 starring Ray I on vocals, featuring Danny Dread on backing vocals, Guillaume Méténier (Seven Dub) on B4 organ & Philippe Niel (F.F.F.) on clavinet intro
03 starring Lone Ranger on vocals
04 starring Danny Dread on vocals, featuring Lone Ranger & Ray I on backing vocals
05 starring Lone Ranger on vocals, featuring Danny Dread on intro & Guillaume Méténier (Seven Dub) on B4 organ
06 starring Simon Diamond on vocals, featuring Myster K on guitar solo
07 starring Lone Ranger on vocals, featuring Guillaume Méténier (Seven Dub) on one clavinet track out of three & Magali Neslot on backing vocals
08 starring Lone Ranger on vocals, featuring Gregsky on sax
09 starring Lone Ranger on vocals, featuring Myster K on guitar outro

What do you think of this "Kulchaklash" album by the way?
LR - "The Kulchaklash concept-album is very good. This is the Lone Ranger going back to some original flavours, recreating the original rub-a-dub vibe flowing... The artwork is really beautiful. TIMEC did some good work on there: you can't miss Chester! Ray I you catch him good too."
Read The full interview here

More info & review here


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