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blood and fire records
Blood & Fire Records
Roots reggae & dub UK
(Horace Andy, King Tubby, Yabby U)
blue note records
Blue Note Records
Jazz, rare groove US
(Blue Breakbeats, Charlie Hunter...)
fat city recordings Fat City Recordings
Incredibly cool beats from Manchester, UK
grateful dead records
Grateful Dead Records
Jam rock US
(Allman Brothers Band, Jerry Garcia, The Grateful Dead, KVHW,Phil Lesh & Friends, The Other Ones, Zero...)
homegrown music network
Homegrown Music Network
Grass jazz funk psychedelic jams US

(Disco Biscuits, Moe., Percy Hill, Ulu, Sector 9, The Slip, Keller Williams...)
mo wax records Mo' Wax Records
Abstract hip hop UK
(Blackalicious, Dj Krush, Dj Shadow, Dr Octagon, Headz, Major Force West, Money Mark, Quannum, UNKLE)
ninja tune records Ninja Tune Records
Electronica, break beats & hip hop UK
(Amon Tobin, Coldcut, Dj Food, Herbaliser, Kid Koala, Up Bustle & Out)
pamplemousse records Pamplemousse
house, techno FRA
(Johnny Fiasco, Monsieur X, Jo Zas)
satellite records Satellite Records
Electro, avant- rock UK
(Karamasov, Scott 4, Sand, Yossarian)
sci-fidelity records
Sci-Fidelity Records
Incredible jam rock & folk US

(String Cheese Incident, Keller Williams)
timec records T.I.M.E.C.
Incredible Melting Music for the body, Incredible Melting Music for the brain
tru thoughts records Tru Thoughts
Eclectic quality UK grooves. One of the top labels of the moment.
warp records Warp Records
Electronica, ambiant UK
(Aphex Twin, Autechre, Broadcast, Nightmares On Wax, Plaid, Red Snapper, Squarepusher, Two Lone Swordsmen)
world circuit records World Circuit Records
World, salsa US
(Buena Vista Social Club...)

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