Last month we published a digest of all the superb releases from German label Tramp Records between may 2015 and february 2016. Hours of great listening are ahead of you if you haven't checked those out yet. Or you could directly go and check their latest compilation in the 'Movements' series — already the 8th volume! — with a focus on the rare, privately produced, vintage American soul, jazz, rhythm & blues or funk. The detailed liner notes in the physical packages (CD or double LP) are always a treat, and you won't find anything the played-to-the-death "burned" category, most of the tracks are officially compiled for the first time. If every track is a discovery for most, even the most demanding listener will be able to discover some gems for his own playlist in this selection. Favourites include the classy vocal jazz of 'Bony Bony' by Thyme from 1972, the swinging groovy psych pop of 'Feeling Good' by Kay Dennis and her band (a songh made famous by Nina Simone, extracted here from an album of covers recorded in 1970 at legendary Pearce studios in Kansas City), the slow deep funk burner 'Don't Give A Damn' by the King Cain Silvertone Band, and the 1975 funk of 'Top Going Down, Bottom Going Up' by Nathan Bartell, even though the latter had already been picked by Quantic for his 'World's Rarest Funk 45's Vol.2' compilation in 2007.

Movements Vol 8 - Compiled by Tobias Kirmayer Tramp Records
Various - Movements Vol.8 - Compiled by Tobias Kirmayer
(2LP/CD/Digital) Tramp Records TR-9054, 2016-03-11

Tracklisting :
01. Papa Albert French - Bald Headed Beulah 02:57
02. Herb Jones - Tell Old Bill 03:29
03. Thyme - Bony Bony 02:28
04. Kay Dennis - Feeling Good 02:15
05. Howlett Smith - Slow Down Girl 03:54
06. Joe Wilson - Sam Sam The Money Man 02:28
07. Shelley Fisher - I'll Leave You Girl 02:37
08. Doc Rand & Purple Blues - I Need A Woman 03:08
09. The Noteables - Funky Frog 02:12
10. King Cain Silvertone Band - Don't Give A Damn
11. Ulysses Crockett - Sunshine Superman 03:13
12. Respect - Soul Entertainer 02:05
13. Pedicin James Ltd. - Ode To Billy Joe 06:52
14. Nathan Bartell - Top Going Down Bottom Going Up 03:07
15. Deep Heet - Funky Beat 03:03
16. John Timmons & Funkshun - Love At First Sight 04:32

Links :
Tramp Records : official | bandcamp | discogs | juno | parisdjs | soundcloud

Press Release :
The intelligentsia have been claiming it for quite some time, and now finally, after many petitions, demonstrations and protests, a tiny little record label from Germany has achieved what only Google and "troubleshooter par excellence" Angus MacGyver have ever accomplished: admission into the worldwide dictionary. "To Google" and "to MacGyver" will soon be joined by the newly coined verb "to Tramp". The term can be decoded as "to seek and find the seemingly hopeless" or "looking for something hidden", always connected with a positive output.

For several years, gold seekers at the most humble and tiniest record label on earth (however certainly one of the funkiest!) follow their dedicated passion. Their brand new masterwork, Movements 8, focuses on rare privately produced american soul, jazz and funk, and proudly bears the title as the 8th volume in the Movements Series.

It took long to find the original vintage records and master tapes, but it took even longer to find the musicians behind the recordings. It required painstakingly detailed work to get everything together. While other labels' compilation quality might wane after some years, getting further watered down as the volumes increase, and banking on the success of earlier releases, the Movements series is a positive exception. The people behind this series know how the wind blows, and will stop at nothing to provide music lovers, DJs, and collectors only sweetest fresh breeze of heretofore unheard and uncompiled masterpieces. Songs by Papa Albert French, Thyme, Kay Dennis, Joe Wilson, Ulysses Crockett, John Timmons, and all the fellow campaigners emphasize this statement. The detailed liner notes and unseen photographs complement the whole package. The staff at Tramp always produces albums from their compilation series' as if it were their last so that each record can be enjoyed in it's own right. That being said, you can trust that Tramp is already seeking "to Tramp" more gems like these for a 9th volume.

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