It's nice to listen to some deep, hypnotic dub from Vienna, Austria, reminding us of those mind-blowing ~scape compilations from way back, and the whole dub techno scene unvoluntarily launched by the likes of Stefan Betke (a.k.a. Pole), Burnt Friedman or Maurizio.

This is not reggae, more something deeply blunted for getting your head up there in the clouds. Four reworks of the ambient dub original released in 2013 on the 'Song for William 2' album are available on this 12 inch. Play them all in a row and you'll feel a bit like stopping time in your mindframe. The A-side with the 'Talbox Version' or the one with Vin Gordon's trombone licks would be our pick but it's a hard one since the remixes on the b-side ain't no filler either!

Ulrich Troyer - Deadlock Versions
Ulrich Troyer - Deadlock Versions
(12") 4Bit Productions, 2015-08-07

Tracklisting :
A1. Deadlock (Talkbox Version) 06:20
A2. Deadlock (Vin Gordon Version) 06:16
B1. Deadlock (Kassian Troyer Remix) 05:57
B2. Deadlock (Melodica Version) 06:15

Vin Gordon: Trombone (A1, A2)
Didi Kern: additional Sounds (A1, A2)
Vin Gordon recorded by Daniel Boyle at Rolling Lion Studio, London
Analog synthesizers, effects, stomp boxes, percussion, melodica played, recorded, mixed and dubbed by Ulrich Troyer at 4Bit Studio, Vienna
Music & drawings by Ulrich Troyer (AKM / AUME)
Kindly supervised by Kassian Troyer & Paulus Rainer
Mastered by Kassian Troyer, Berlin

Links :
Ulrich Troyer : official | bandcamp | facebook | soundcloud | twitter | vimeo
4 Bit Productions : official | facebook | twitter

Press Release :
A forward-thinking dub strategy by Vienna's Ulrich Troyer delivered with radical reduction: an enormous hypnotic stream of sound positioned in a deep echo chamber, and rooted by ostinato iterations of a massive bass line. DEADLOCK (MELODICA VERSION) - deeply spiritual and so full of Nyabinghi feel without using any of the common reggae idioms. In fact, so much so that it convinced classic dub player VIN GORDON to contribute his unique trombone stylings. The result of the collaboration is DEADLOCK (VIN GORDON VERSION), undoubtedly the central track of the release.

DIDI KERN, one of Vienna's most prolific drummers adds sprinkles of futuristic percussion sounds to both DEADLOCK (VIN GORDON VERSION) and the heavily dubbed DEADLOCK (TALKBOX VERSION) - a playful, uptempo variation of the theme with additional talk box & vocoder layers.

Last but not least, DEADLOCK (KASSIAN TROYER REMIX) on the AA side is delivered as a completely re-constructed & reinvented version of the theme in a class on its own - both highly introspective and emotional.

The album version of DEADLOCK was selected by DJ MARCELLE / ANOTHER NICE MESS for her current release DJ Marcelle / Another Nice Mess Meets Most Soulmates At Faust Studio Deejay Laboratory (2LP, Klangbad 2014).

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