Tosca Pony No Hassle Versions
Tosca - Pony - No Hassle Versions
(CD/Digital) G-Stone Recordings, 2010-03-26

If you’re looking for the meaning of it all, better not try to decode this record: "Somewhat absurd... like, Pony", says Richard Dorfmeister about the conceptual side of Pony - No Hassle Versions. No meaning might have a meaning here. (...) Pony brings the more club-oriented face of Tosca to the forefront. To put it simply, Tosca, the project of the two Austrians, Richard Dofmeister and Rupert Huber, combines bass-heavy downbeat music with abstract soundscapes of found sounds and material from numerous studio sessions. When these recordings are handed over to remixers, everything changes; texture, dynamics, structures. (...) Grant Phabao is a Parisian dj- and producer-legend, ever since first droppping his frenchified Rubba-Dub styles on the Pro-Zak Trax Label at the end of the 90's. When he's not doing Reggae takes on Tosca, he's busy mixing some riddims with the latest Q-Tip or the likes. His version of Birthday sounds like something hot off the press from Compass Point Studios in Nassau.

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