Toddla T Sky Surfing
Toddla T - Sky Surfing
(Digital single) Ninja Tune ZENDNLS269, 2010-06-28

Toddla T comes absolutely busting out of the traps for his very first single for Ninja Tune/Girls Music. On a recent trip to Jamaica to collaborate with Major Lazer, Mr T found himself alone in the legendary Tuff Gong Studios in Kingston. Who should wonder in but the one-and-only Wayne Marshall who asked Toddla to play him some rhythms. As soon as he heard the beat which would become Sky Surfing he told the Sheffield whizz kid to hit RECORD. The result is the hyperactive club smasher Sky Surfing, which runs through a million styles from dancehall to jump up hip hop to cheesy rave and makes them all sound as fresh, as squelchy and as downright fun as they ever have. A blast of good time energy summed up in its title, Sky Surfing is set to go stratospheric.

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