Qualitons  Panoramix Tymes
The Qualitons - Panoramic Tymes
(CD/LP/Digital) Tramp Records trlp/cd-9008, 2010-09-20

The story of The Qualitons began in 2007 when DJ/producer Kanada Kaosz was invited to DJ at the Berlin Soul Ascension Festival (SAF). When he saw some of the greatest funk/soul/beat bands playing at the SAF (inc. The Soul Investigators, Afrobeat Academy, Whitefield Brothers) he went back to Budapest inspired to organize such a band in Hungary. He went to dozens of concerts to hand-pick musicians for this project. The band were named after the living memory of the former Hungarian Recording Company "Qualiton" - a record label which existed from the late 50s up to the 70s. At first the band's repertoire consisted of cover versions from rare Hungarian 7" singles but soon started to write their own songs. They released two 7" singles on Munich's Tramp Records and were featured on the label compilation Contemporary Funk. Recently legendary Japanese DJ Muro placed Mellbimbo by The Qualitons right at the beginning of his Afro-Funk mixtape Super Afro Funky Breaks, and legendary french DJ/producer/journalist/web scientist Djouls played it in the absolute and unsurpassed 21st Century Afro Extravaganza mix on Paris DJs...

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