We've been listening to HUNDREDS of albums and singles from the 60s and the 70s recently, while cooking our series of cover mixes, and we can safely say that Tramp Records are today among the kings of soulful diggin' of that era's Rhythm'N'Blues, Soul, Blues & Funk. After pinpointing the German label's amazing output of artists anthologies in 'The Story Of' series those last years, we're glad to present this latest compilation, focusing this time on the Louisiana-based Goldband label and its subsidiary ANLA Records. You'll get introduced to The Showboats, with two killer mid-60s uptempo R&B instrumentals. You'll hear 7 tunes out of the 50+ R&B, soul, and blues singles Count Rockin' Sydney released on the Goldband label between the mid-1960s and the late 1970s. The two great & rare obscure 60s Mod R&B dancers from Claude Shermack might be a real discovery. You think that's enough? Wait here. How about two floor-filling Northern soul 45s from Lee Bernard? Or two highly sought-after funk 45s from Chester Randle's Soul Sender's released in 1968? The sixties funk-boogaloo-soul mover from Clifton White is quite something too. And did we mention the classic uptempo Northern soul of Charles Greene? The Southern funkin' sound of Freddie Love? A deep funk bomb from Soul Shouting Tommy? And finally the upbeat funk of Dynamic Adam & His Excitement that drives dancefloors crazy? This compilation is screaming at the b-boys looking for breaks, funky grooves and storming Northern soul… All those tunes are so expensive to grab in their original 45 releases, this is just a bargain. A relentless one if you listen to it from start to finish. Exceptional work, once again.

Tramp Records The Funky Side Of Goldband ANLA Records
Various - The Funky Side Of Goldband/ANLA Records
(CD/2LP) Tramp Records TR9039, 2014-11-03

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Press Release :
Goldband Records played a key role in documenting and shaping of musical traditions, tastes, and trends, both regionally and internationally since 1944. The focus of the Goldband catalog is certainly set on Country & Western, Swamp Pop, and Cajun music. However, from the 1960s until the early 1970s Goldband, and it's sub-label ANLA Records, released many high-quality Soul and Rhythm & Blues recordings. Simply put, Shuler had an ear for talent. He always believed in "giving a man a chance; otherwise, how would you discover what somebody could do?" That was the guiding philosophy and the secret to the success of Goldband Records.

Born March 27, 1913 in Wrightsboro, Texas, Eddie Shuler moved to Lake Charles in 1942 to work as a dragline operator. He found additional part-time work in a music store, leading him into a career in the music business. He then joined the country, western swing, and Cajun group The Hackberry Ramblers. Having sharpened his musical skills, he left the group to form his own band, The Reveliers.

By the early 1950s, Shuler acquired the Goldband complex in north Lake Charles. It would be a combination record store (Eddie's Music House), television repair shop (Eddie's Quick Service T.V.), and recording studio for over a half-century thereafter. Being the one and only recording studio in town, it did not take long for other artists in the area to migrate in Shuler's direction.

A grassroots operation, Shuler was head of distribution and promotion. He distributed the recordings from the back of his car to record stores and to jukebox operators. Knowing that getting airplay was the key to increasing sales he created multiple labels which assured him better chances with the radio. One of those auxiliary labels was ANLA which featured Soul and R&B artists from South Louisiana and East Texas, including Clifton White, Charles Greene, and the Original Soul Senders. Around the same time, future Zydeco celebrity "Count" Rockin' Sidney joined Goldband for almost a dozen releases.

At the time of Eddie Shuler's passing on July 23, 2005, he was the head of the nation's longest running independent record label, Goldband, which is still based in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

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