A regular Paris DJs collaborator, Julien Raulet is a masterful guitarist/songwriter we had spotted in the French afrobeat band Fanga. He was featured last spring on the 'A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand' compilation of tropical grooves and international afrofunk, with another of his project, a more personal one, Jujjumusic, blending afrobeat with funk and jazz sensibilities. He's now back with the aptly named Afrorockerz, a band we featured in a few afro mixes in the past, and in the 'Have You Ever Been To Electric Afroland' compilation released in october 2013 on Paris DJs… If you're expecting just another afrobeat/afrofunk record, you're in for a big surprise, because this new album is exactly not that, but on the contrary a really new thing, half-afro, and half-rock/pop - Afrorockerz indeed! Filled with many hits, it really deserves a better, worldwide recognition. Take for example 'Time For Me', with its pop structure and psychedelic synths: heavy shit that sounds like nothing else, with singers Allonymous and Emma Lamadji sharing parts with class, and a catchy, devastating chorus! This band is destined for big stages. They'll be playing on october 15th at the Centre Musical Fleury Goutte d'Or Barbara in Paris (facebook event), don't miss the chance to discover them live!
The Afrorockerz
The Afrorockerz - The Afrorockerz
(CD) Buda Musique, 2014-09-22

Tracklisting :
01. I Go You Go
02. Time For Me
03. Looking For Change
04. Talking In Rings
05. Hearts And Lines
06. I Was Blind
07. A Place In My World
08. For This
09. You Need Me
10. My Prayer

Links :
The Afrorockerz : bandcamp | dunose | facebook | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

Biography :
The Afrorockerz is the revitalized project of guitarist Julien Raulet. Knighted by Tony Allen and founding member of the band Fanga, a french afrobeat septet known in the world music circuit. After meeting with bassist and multi-instrumentalist Sylvain Daniel (ONJ, Bot'ox, Yom & The Wonder Rabbis) who navigates between rock & jazz it was evident he'd be an integral player. Both share the passion of playing Fela Kuti's music as well as being inspired by Prince, Talking Heads, & Frank Zappa. It wasn't long before they were joined by Allonymous (Jimi Tenor, Push Up) on lead vocals. Chicago born Parisian sworn painter, poet, & singer whose writing reflects his atypic views on life and is echoed through his hypnotic flow and stage presence.

Equally sharing lead vocals is Emma Lamadji ( Defunkt, Gospelize It) whose powerful mezzo burns with the urgency & serenity of the Central African origins she's rooted in. Together they are perfect. Alternating between backing and lead, their two voices unite to ignite our consciousness & liberate our bodies!

From the underground Parisian bars & clubs to groundbreaking venues The Afrorockerz have continuously honed and shaped their hornless sound. Yet one hardly misses this keystone. Authentic, analog, dirty, traditional & furiously urban in the same vain. Of course this sound would not be complete with out staple metronome Frederic Jean ( Babyx) who brings rock crash mathematics with a touch of class to the drums. Funk fueled riffs & synth stabs are trumpet-ist turned keyboardist Guillaume Poncelet's ( Gael Faye, Electro Deluxe) speciality thus it is no wonder he completes the band.

The premiere album " Talking In Rings" will soon be ready. A multilayered soundtrack of life evoking images of a cast at times set in Minneapolis in the '80's, with the likes of Tony Allen & Robert Smith and a host of others you can not wait to discover!

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