Timec To Relax
T.I.M.E.C. - Time(c) To Relax - French downtempo madness
(Download/CD 500 ex. limited edition, hand-numbered) 2010-03-29, reissue from 2005-08

Ooh yeah! This is pure lounge funk maestria! THE INCREDIBLE MELTING ENTERTAINMENT COMPAGNONS collective led by Captain Détendu, Grant Phabao & Djouls really know how to jazz your mind up with intense calm and deep deep relaxation. An ultimate classic.

01. Furieuse Détente featuring George M. (05 mg Intro)
02. B-side featuring Funky Frenchman (12 mg Uplifting moods)
03. Détendu featuring Captain Détendu (17 mg Downtempo bliss)
04. Tractopelle featuring Chuck Moe Reece & The Obscure Kats from N.O.W.H.E.R.E (12 mg Funky deconstruction)
05. Shyli Town featuring Popof (17 mg Tingling relaxation)
06. La Vie Est Une Plage featuring John DVDR (21 mg World funk)
07. No Time For Illusions featuring Professor Oz (24 mg Exclusive new track)
08. Get Jocelyne! featuring The Joslyns & Deborah Hunter (18 mg Chillin' notes)
09. Tsé Tsé featuring Le Sourire des Hommes (22 mg Dubby jazz)
10. Nominano featuring The Mighty Blunts, Matin M. & Smokey Fingers (04 mg Smokey vibes)
11. Rescue Mix featuring Funky Frenchman (16 mg Back in a cinematic stance)
12. Interfloat featuring The Cheesewursts (20 mg Deeply cooked meals)
13. Moondaglob featuring George M. (17 mg Lazy breaks)
14. Relax featuring Dj Guarana, Martial, DJ Mike & Baron - Remixed by David°F ( 28 mg Heavily relaxed charms)

TIMEC Time To Relax
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Press Release :
Pollution, stress, anguish, life is harder and harder on your nerves… In order to cure these nervous problems, the Détendu Laboratories have selected for you the cream of electro down-tempo (also called Lounge music) to bring you calm, serenity and fullness. That's how the artists of the T.I.M.E.C. collective, as real lab assistants, have created in their studio the ultimate formula: peaceful music + out-of-step humour = absolute happiness.

Here are the first signs that have been observed on a sample of the population after the very first listen of this album:
• Better relations with the surrounding environment
• A spreading happiness
• An irresistible desire to relax
(TIME(C) TO RELAX would even stop the fall of the hairs!!!)

So don't hesitate to get a prescription for this album at your usual CDs store to finally live and enjoy without stress and in perfect harmony with your inner-self.

Direction for Use: Auditive routes. Posology: Listen every evening when coming back from work and once more before going to bed. Recommanded by the Détendu Laboratories and tested by Professeur Oz (es-soothing specialist). Respect dosage, an excessive dose can cause euphoria, very briefly at the beginning, but will soon spread in a communicative hilarity… You've been warned.

Links :
Captain Detendu : djouls.com/captaindetendu
David°F : myspace.com/thefutureparadise
DJ Tos : myspace.com/mrtos
Grant Phabao : grantphabao.com | myspace.com/grantphabao
Popof : myspace.com/popofheretik
Professor Oz : professoroz.com | myspace.com/ozooloo
Soul Sugar : myspace.com/soulsugar
T.I.M.E.C. : timec.net | myspace.com/timecmusic
Photo : Laurent Askienazy
Layout & A&R : Djouls

Cover artwork :

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