TIMEC Noelectro
T.I.M.E.C. - Noëlectro!
Merry Christmas Beats
(Download/CD 500 ex. limited edition, hand-numbered) 2010-11-20, reissue from 2004-12

You can trust me Xmas this year will be funky!! For a fresh look on the gospel word expressed through electro-funk, banghra beats, jingle-jangle electro-jazz and a bit of hip hop on the side... Don't miss Noelectro and its merry christmas electro-jazz grooves!

01. Pianolude featuring Tino Rosso (15 mg Intro)
02. Deep Christmas featuring Professor Oz (12 mg Unusual deep moods)
03. Mambo Sapin featuring Los Lobes (17 mg Latin-flavoured spices)
04. Doin' The Merry featuring Dj Guarana & Tino Rosso (12 mg Uplifting nu-jazz grooves)
05. Django Bells featuring Mister K & The Fabulous (17 mg Jingle-jangling beats)
06. Tuff Santa featuring Havanito (24 mg Ghosts of Christmas)
07. Best Christmas Specials at Apu's featuring Steve & Larry Johnson (18 mg Downbeat trickery)
08. Flûte featuring Captain Détendu (04 mg More chillin' notes)
09. Flutalo featuring The Cheesewursts (16 mg Sofa after-diner resting)
10. Merry Christmas From The Mancheese featuring Le Sourire Des Hommes (28 mg Fluid funk experiments)
11. Doin' The Merry (reprise) featuring Dj Guarana & Tino Rosso (28 mg Uplifting nu-jazz grooves again)

TIMEC Time To Relax
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Gathered around the Christmas tree, the T.I.M.E.C. artists have worked on a very hot album! You'll find all your favourite characters: the donkey, the ox, the reindeers, the Turkey, and baby Jesus… let us sing together: "Joy to the world! The Compilation is come!"

Or else, if you have some interests in a new and more refreshing, approach of the gospel's message expressed via electro-funk of the machines and samplers' era, or if you're simply interested in funk in all shapes, this album has especially been made for you.

In order to fulfil this eternal need of spirituality that always strikes you at the end and at the beginning of the year, the Détendu Laboratories have selected for you the ice-cream of Christmas electro (without forgetting the traditional Christmas pudding with a cover of "Jingle Bells" revisited by Mister K. & The Fabulous…) to bring you happiness, Christmas spirit and snowballs.

That's how the artists of the T.I.M.E.C. collective, as real Santas, have created in their studio the ultimate formula: revisited tradition + Christmas wishes with an out-of-step humor = satisfying holidays.

Here are the first signs that have been observed on a sample of the population, after the first listening of this album:
• An increase of the good vibrations felt in their red (and white) globules
• A spreading party spirit
• An irresistible desire to offer presents
(NOELECTRO would even stop untimely snow-storms!!!

So don't hesitate to get a prescription for this album at your usual CDs store to finally enjoy the holiday season in total harmony with your innerself.

Direction for use : Auditive routes. Posology : Listen in the morning, at lunch-time and every evening every day in December and January. Continue during the rest of the year if necessary. Recommanded by the Détendu Laboratories and tested by Tino Rosso (es-Christmas specialist). Respect the dosage, an excessive dose can cause euphoria, very briefly at the beginning, but that will soon spread in a communicative hilarity… You've been warned.

Links :
Captain Detendu : djouls.com/captaindetendu
Grant Phabao : grantphabao.com | myspace.com/grantphabao
Popof : myspace.com/popofheretik
Professor Oz : professoroz.com | myspace.com/ozooloo
Myster K : myspace.com/mysterkmusic
T.I.M.E.C. : timec.net | myspace.com/timecmusic
Photo : Laurent Askienazy
Layout & A&R : Djouls

Cover artwork :

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