Paris DJs Soundsystem Killas Thrillas and Chillas Foot Stompers and Freaky Soul Vol 1

'Killas, Thrillas and Chillas' will be the 8th compilation coming out on the Paris DJs label, and the first one digging into Funk & Soul music for the Paris DJs Soundsystem crew. After exploring GOODNESS, FIRE, WARRIORS, ELECTRIC and UNITY themes for some Afro/Tropical compilations; PSYCHEDELIC and JAZZ themes for some Hip Hop ones, they felt it was high time to open a door into the various FUNK & SOUL realms to be found on this planet today. Paris DJs are looking for artists willing to participate by submitting tracks… Read the full article for complete info & conditions.

Paris DJs Soundsystem Killas Thrillas and Chillas Foot Stompers and Freaky Soul Vol 5
Paris DJs Soundsystem - Killas, Thrillas & Chillas
Foot Stompers and Freaky Soul Vol.1

Everybody knows about the Paris DJs thematic mixes: 430+ episodes, 3.7 millions of downloads… An unprecedented success which led them to start cooking thematic compilations for official, fully-licensed releases, including exclusive new tracks and gathering artists from all over the globe.

Compilations already released :

- VOL.1 'Dis Is Good For You' (oct. 2012)
- VOL.2 'We Are The Fire Inside Your Mind' (may 2013)
- VOL.3 'Rise Of The Troubadours Warriors' (july 2013)
- VOL.4 'Have You Ever Been To Electric Afroland?' (oct 2013)
- VOL.5 'A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand' (coming soon)

HIP HOP series :
- VOL.1 'Take The Chains Off Your Brains' (feb 2014)
- VOL.2 'Spirituality & The Supernatural' (coming out soon)

For this first volume in the new 'Foot Stompers and Freaky Soul' series, Paris DJs found the following title: 'Killas, Thrillas & Chillas', referencing the third and final boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. The frequent rhyming boast made by Ali was that the fight would be ' a killa and a thrilla and a chilla, when I get that gorilla in Manila'. With kids in boxing gloves featured on the previous compilation from the label, it also fitted the conceptual continuity Frank Zappa has always been fond of...

Fantastic illustrator Ben Hito designed a new psychedelic artwork. And then the finished art cover is sent and published as a source of inspiration to the label's network of artists, asking for tracks…
The selection will be curated by the Paris DJs crew.

If you follow our work you know the deal by now :
- no advance
- non-exclusive
- tracks only licenced in the context of the compilation
- artists keep 100% of their masters and publishing
- 50/50 on all net profits (deductible are bandcamp fees, tunecore fees, paypal fees, and fabrication costs for physical)
- Paris DJs pays for the artwork, mastering and web promotion

We are looking for :
- Psychedelic Funk
- Freaky Soul
- Foot Stompers
- Raw Dancefloor fillers connecting the various strands of the black diaspora

Contact us :
Email : info [at] or using the contact form or through our facebook page

Links :
Paris DJs : | bandcamp | facebook | juno | pinterest | soundcloud | twitter | youtube
Artwork by Ben Hito

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