Stateless Matilda
Stateless - Matilda
(CD/LP/Download) Ninja Tune ZENCD157/ZEN157/ZENDNL157, 2011-02-07

It's easy to talk about the "epic" quality of this or that record, its "cinematic" feel. And how many artists have you heard say, as Chris James, lead singer of Stateless, does that "I wanted the record to be like a journey"? But sometimes it's true. Sometimes it just is true. Sometimes you have to hold up your hands and admit it. Welcome to Matilda, then, an eleven track, fifty minute follow-up to 2007's eponymous debut, which takes all of those easy words and makes something concrete out of them. Working with Bjork producer/programmer Damian Taylor, Matilda ties together classic songwriting with rhythmic drive, slatherings of sub-bass and enough electronic interference to satisfy the most anal of glitch-nerds. The results are spectacular...

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