Spokes We Can Make It Out
Spokes - We Can Make It Out
(Download) Counter Records COUNTDNL034, 2010-11-15
(7") Counter Records COUNT034, 2010-12-14

Euphoric, heartfelt and utterly beautfiul, Spokes present We Can Make It Out, the first single from their forthcoming debut album, Everyone I Ever Met. Effortlessly blending together elements of shoegaze, folk and post-rock, its bittersweet joyfulness will purge your system of cynicism for a week. Its unique collective-choral vocals typify the energy of the forthcoming album as a whole. Ninja labelmate Yppah turns in a driving remix with a little more emphasis on the rhythm before Where Do I Sleep, an exlusive non-album track, takes the tempo down and shows just how intricately and beautifully the Spokes collective can make music. We Can Make It Out comes with a superb video by director Dan Lowe who himself has already achieved notoriety with a promo for Field Music which was nominated by RADAR for best budget video last year alongside luminaries such as Spike Jonze. This five piece based in Manchester are set to be one of the cult finds of the forthcoming year.

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