Spokes Everyone I Ever Met
Spokes - Everyone I Ever Met
(CD/Download) Counter Records COUNTCD033/COUNTDNL033, 2011-01-17

Euphoric, heartfelt and utterly beautiful, Spokes present Everyone I Ever Met, their first album for Counter Records. Effortlessly blending together elements of shoegaze, folk, post-rock and much more, its bittersweet joyfulness will purge your system of cynicism for weeks. This is an album that moves from the chamber shoegaze pop of title track Everyone I Ever Met, through heartfelt acoustic folk on Sun It Never Comes, slowly building piano balladry (Give It Up To The Night), spinning revellry on Torn Up In Praise, rural-psych in Happy Needs Colour and beautifully poised pop on closer When I Was A Daisy, When I Was A Tree. More than anything else, what strikes you listening to Spokes is their complete sincerity, their lack of any sideways glance at what their contemporaries are doing. They make beautiful, sad, celebratory, delirious, worshipful music because that’s how they feel and, in doing so, that’s how they make you feel, too.

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