Ubiquity Special at Superfly Records
We're celebrating the 20 year anniversary of Ubiquity Records this week, with an exclusive mix from DJ Cocoe available for free at our parnter website Paris DJs, and with a selection of their catalogue currently available on vinyl at the Superfly Records store!

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Dj Cocoe 20 Years of California Soul Ubiquity Mix

We'll be putting a few rare and deleted Luv'n'Haight reissues on the online store in the coming days (check superflyrecords.com) and here's the list of all the titles available at the store :

Betty Padgett
Betty Padgett - Same (Luv n' Haight LP, 20€)
Early 70s Miami soul, fun and even bits of reggae! Includes 'Sugar Daddy'

Bei Bei and Shawn Lee
Bei Bei & Shawn Lee - Into The Wind (Ubiquity LP, 18€)
This uplifting, genre-bending sound clash, recalls the afro centric harping of Dorothy Ashby and hypnotic spiritual jazz of Alice Coltrane. With Lee adding equal doses of hip hop, electric jazz, and soul sensibility to the backing tracks, the captivating sound of Bei Bei's Guzheng (a 2000 year old Chinese string instrument) comes alive on peaceful mellow joints as much as it does on Kung-Fu flavored funk tunes.

Bobby Matos - My latin soul (Cubop LP, 30€)
Beautiful Cubop/Luv'N'Haight reissue, legendary LP which comes highly recommended

Breakestra - Stand Up E.P. (Ubiquity 12 inch, 8€)
UR191, incl. Quantic Soul Orchestra remix of 'Hiding'

Connie Price and The Keystones
- Tell Me Something (Ubiquity LP, 18€)
A heavyweight dynamic soundtrack-inspired hip hop album. While their debut was instrumental, Tell Me Something is the opposite, featuring a marquee-filling list of quality MCs. The legendary Percee P, Wildchild from the Lootpack, Ubiquity-labelmate Ohmega Watts, Soup from Jurassic 5, Blood Of Abraham, Mykah 9 from the Freestyle Fellowship and Project Blowed, plus vocalist Aloe Blacc provide lyrics n'rhymes.

Darondo - Let My People Go (Luv n' Haight LP, 20€)
Unreleased as an album tracks from 25 years ago. He could have been the next Al Green or Sly Stone!

Eugene Blacknell
- We Can't Take Life For Granted (Luv n' Haight 2LP, 20€)
Oakland guitar ace Eugene Blacknell released multiple singles that ranged in style from raw R&B to power house funk. His musical career stretched from the early 1960s when as a talented and sharp dressed kid, he would become the youngest musician from the Bay Area to play the Apollo in New York, to the end of the 1980s when he died too young.

Georgia Anne Muldrow - Kings Ballad (Ubiquity 2LP, 20€)
Slicing pop n'lock-friendly funk with gospel and gracious soul Georgia Anne Muldrow is shining as a true West Coast original. The seeds of early experimental releases are now blossoming as her trademark scattershot beats and adventurous deep jazz melodies have grown to become the backbone for fully crafted songs.

Har-You Percussion Group - Same (Cubop LP, 40€)
Killer Latin lp with the dancefloor bomb welcome to the party, classic Cubop/Luv'N'Haight reissue

John Arnold - Inside / Cabin Fever (Ubiquity 12 inch, 6€)
With Mr Scruff (Ninja Tune) remix

Johnny Frigo - Collected Works (Luv n' Haight 2LP, 20€ )
Frigo composed and recorded albums from the late 1960s through to the early 1970s for Giordano and his Chicago-based Orion record label. Giordano set up the label to provide music for dance classes. The music was required to be heavy on percussion and rhythm, so Frigo filled Giordano's classrooms with a mad mix of rock, jazz, Latin, and funk to move to. If only school was always that good!

Longineu Parsons - Spaced : The Collected Works (Luv n' Haight 2LP, 20€)
The best tunes from an ultra rare, self-titled album, recorded in Paris in 1980, with hard hitting jazz and fusion tracks like 'Take The High Road' and 'Funkin' Around' + unreleased tracks and remixes!

Lord Newborn & The Magic Skull - Same (Ubiquity 2LP, 20€)
Money Mark, Shawn Lee, and Tommy Guerrero present this funk-inflicted collection of beats n' breaks, wrapped-up in a sunny West Coast musical tortilla that's smothered in as much jazz and prog-rock as it is in soulful psychedelia.

Nomo - Ghost Rock (Ubiquity LP, 20€)
Afro-funk from Michigan, owing as much to Can, Eno, and MIA as it does Fela Kuti, Francis Bebey, and Funkadelic!!

Nomo - Invisible Cities (Ubiquity LP, 20€)
Recorded during the 'Ghost Rock' sessions and tours, a sonic afro-jazz tour de force with no musical borders! Simply astonishing!

Ohmega Watts - Watts Happening (Ubiquity 2LP, 20€)
Eclectic hip hop/afro/brazil/funk stuff - check 'The Platipus Strut' - cool afro track!

Orgone - The Killion Floor (Ubiquity 2LP, 20€)
A funk & latin neo masterpiece! Members of Orgone also feature in the make-up of Connie Price and Breakestra. Incl. 'I Get Lifted', 'Hambone', Funky Nassau'

Pucho and his Latin Soul Brothers - Yaina (Cubop 2LP, 30€)
Amazing lp, Cubop/Luv'N'Haight 180g first reissue, inlcudes bonus 12 with never before released 'You Can't Always Get What You Want'

Radio Citizen - Berlin Serengeti (Ubiquity 2LP, 20€)
Strains of film noir-worthy dark jazz, chunky tropical dub, and snake-charming soul permeate Berlin Serengeti. Chanelling Mulatu and Coltrane in a dub shack studio a barrage of big horns blast blacksploitation flavors with an Eastern funk twist. Hailing from Berlin, it is Radio Citizen, aka Niko Schabel and a talented collective of Berlin, Germany-based musicians, who are behind this adrenalin-infused and spiritually-charged debut album.

Ramp - The Old One, Two (Ubiquity 12 inch, 8€)
b/w Paint Me Any Color

Sa-Ra Creative Partners - Nuclear Evolution, The Age Of Love (Ubiquity 2LP, 20€)
A unique blend of street wit, dirty-sex talk, tall stories, and intergalactic future sounds. The album oozes equal parts jazz, soul, pop, funk, and hip-hop. Contributors include Erykah Badu, saxophonist Gary Bartz with his quartet, and many talented, up-and-coming artists.

Shawn Lee - Miles Of Styles (Ubiquity 2LP, 20€)
The seventh in the Ping Pong Orchestra album series see's multi-instrumentalist Shawn Lee go global. This is the soundtrack to places Lee has been, and would like to visit, and was made using instruments he's picked-up along the way. Funk, Indian, Reggae, Afro, etc., the man plays it all!

Shawn Lee - Soul In The Hole (Ubiquity LP, 18€)
Tribute to multi-instrumentalist Shawn Lee's favorite soul sounds through the eras. Featuring guest-appearances from Paul Butler (The Bees), Nicole Willis, Darondo, Karime Kendra, Fanny Franklin, and Kirin Lee, the album is an homage to styles from the late 1960s to the 1980s.

Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins - Clutch Of The Tiger (Ubiquity 2LP, 20€)
Dusty and mysterious junkyard jazz powered by sly beats and otherworldly funk

Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins - Fascinating Fingers (Ubiquity 2LP, 20€)
Instrumental, hypnotic and cinematic funk, with hints of middle eastern, jazz & Brazil influences.

Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Music And Rhythm - Ubiquity Studio Sessions Vol. 1 (Ubiquity 2LP, 20€)
Taking inspiration from classic library records produced by companies like Music de Wolfe and KPM, Ubiquity presents the first in it's series of Studio Sessions albums. Volume one features 25 mood setting tracks that work great as an album to listen too, as a DJ tool, a production tool for sampling, or music for beds in advertising or film.

Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - Strings & Things - Ubiquity Studio Sessions Vol. 3 (Ubiquity 2LP, 20€)
3rd album from Shawn Lee's popular Ping Pong Orchestra series. More developed and adventurous than the trademark shorts on previous Ping Pong Orchestra albums, Lee stretches his musical muscles to delve even deeper into cinematic film-score territory.

Spanky Wilson and The Quantic Soul Orchestra - I'm Thankful (Ubiquity 2LP, 20€)
Renowned as a soul, blues and jazz singer on both sides of the Atlantic, Spanky Wilson has consistently released quality music for the past four decades, collaborating with some of the most talented and respected producers of the day. This soulful album with Quantic is one of her bests!!

The Bamboos - Step It Up (Ubiquity LP, 20€)
First album from the heavyweight funk band from Australia. Incl. 'Step It Up feat. Alice Russell', 'Tighten Up'

The Lions - Jungle Struttin (Ubiquity 2LP, 20€)
The Lions is a unique Jamaican-inspired outfit, by members of Breakestra, Connie Price and the Keystones, Rhythm Roots All-Stars, Orgone, Sound Directions, Plant Life, Poetics and Macy Gray... Grooves from beyond the Reggae spectrum, combining new and traditional rhythms, and dub mixing mastery with the global sounds of Ethiopia, Colombia and Africa, with a healthy dose of American-style soul, jazz, and funk!

The Propositions - The Funky Disposition (Luv n' Haight 2LP, 20€)
Includes the original versions remastered, all the collectible 7 inches, and several unreleased tunes. This is the only complete album of recordings from one of the funkiest bands of all time!

Various - Bay Area Funk 2 (Luv n' Haight 2LP, 20€)
Harder and heavier tracks for this second volume of the Bay Area Funk series! Once again the musical spectrum spans from raw funk to gritty soul. The Bay Area was, and still is, a melting pot of cultures and sounds. The funk scene in San Francisco and surrounding areas reflects that eclectic vibe as artists incorporated rock, Latin, and blues influences into their work.

Various - Gilles Peterson Digs America Vol.2 (Luv n' Haight 3LP, 25€)
This is the second in the Digs series of compilations and, like Volume I, this album was curated by DJ Gilles Peterson, back by popular demand (and because he has more than his fair share of wax). Volume two is another collection from the world renowned tastemaker, DJ, and BBC radio host.

Various - Searching For Soul (Luv n' Haight 2LP, 20€)
Includes fantastically rare soul and funk music from Michigan, this is the true underground sound from the Motown era. Features detailed liner notes illustrated with never-been-seen-before images from the era. 11 songs and 4 instrumentals.

Various - Super Cool California Soul Vol.2 (Luv n' Haight 2LP, 20€)
Super Cool is the second volume in the California Soul series and features music recorded between 1966 and 1982. Spanning eclectic genres from soul jazz, blues, heavy funk, modern soul, Northern soul, and disco, there's even a ballad (previously unavailable on CD) from Luv N'Haight favorite Darondo.

Various - The Best Of Cookin' (Ubiquity 4LP, 20€)
Collecting works from the fabulous acid jazz compilations Home Cookin', Mo Cookin', Still Cookin', What's Cookin', and Is That Jazz? From the early days of Ubiquity Records

Various - Viva Cubop (Cubop 2LP, 12€)
Jazz the Afro-Cuban way, feat. Bobby Matos, Johnny Blas, Snowboy, Har-You Percussion Group…

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