James Pants is a purveyor par excellence of that unmistakable fresh beat: 80s Soul, Electro Boogie, Early Rap, New Wave, & Post-Punk Disco... Check his releases on Stones Throw records!
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Doctor L, who just launched a new label, Colored-Inc., and Kiala (Ghetto Blaster 1984-2006, Fela 1981-1983) have come to shoot a few guitars/voice live tracks and record an interview for an upcoming documentary about the former Egypt 80 guitarist. An impromptu in-store session!
myspace.com/doctorlmind | myspace.com/kialaofficial | colored-inc.com


Stevie Kotey, Record collector, compiler and producer, from Bearfunk Records
myspace.com/steviekotey | bearfunk.net


Simon Lee from Faze Action
myspace.com/fazeaction | fazeaction.com


Juan, formerly on Generation is now on Radio Nova and should invite us for some short Superfly Records mixes on the air quite soon!


Jack Launer from Jack To Phono Records didn't forget to bring some 45s from his cool label for us to offer at the store!
myspace.com/jacktophono | jacktophono.com

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