Smoove Presents Mo Record Kicks Act II
Smoove Presents Mo' Record Kicks Act II
(CD/Digital) Record Kicks RKX037, 2011-04-18

Mo' Record Kicks is back! And Act II is an even heavier collection of Record Kicks exclusives, b-sides, remixes and material that appears on CD and compilation for the very first time. The man behind this fine selection of RK sounds needs no introduction, DJ/Producer smoove has been an avid collector of all that is funk for more than 30 years and is one half of the renown duo Smoove & Turrell. He has releases out on Acid Jazz, Jalapeno and to name a few, as well as having founded the labels Wack Records and Wass Records. From deep funk to afrobeat, early reggae and vintage soul, Mo' Record Kicks II packs in the best of the Record Kicks sound. Whether you're a cool cat or a funky monkey, this collection will have you out of your seat and ready to hit the dance-floor at any time or day!

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