Roots Manuva Wrongtom Duppy Writer
Roots Manuva vs Wrongtom - Duppy Writer
(CD/LP/Download) BD165/BDCD165/BDDNL165, 2010-09-06

Fire up the barbecue, crack a Dragon Stout, mix up yer Guinness punch, carry out whatever cliched act of Caribbeanism you can think of, because it's summer at last and a new Roots Manuva album is here! And with artwork from the legendary Tony McDermott (who was responsible for the illustrations on Greensleeves classics by the likes of Scientist, Mad Professor< and the famous Carnival of Reggae 12" sleeve) it's a thing of beauty.

Okay, let's clarify that 'new' a little. What you hold in your hands is in fact largely a series of re-works by a talented producer who, for reasons best known to himself, goes by the moniker Wrong Tom, who turned in an album which covers all four of Roots Manuva's main albums, plus tracks from Dub Come Save Me and Alternately Deep and a brand new collaboration with Mr Manuva and Ricky Ranking on lead single Jah Warriors. Tom decided to re-imagine each track as if his re-work was in fact the orignal version of the tune from a previous decade...

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