Rich Medina at the Superfly Records April 30 2010

Famous DJ Rich Medina is a longtime champion of African rhythms. He had recently quoted the Superfly Records store in is recent record rundown in the African issue of Wax Poetics (n°39, early 2010) as the place he got many of his Afro records from.

While the Superfly Sound System was booked to open for Gilles Peterson and Theo Parrish at l'Elysée Montmartre in Paris on April 30th, Rich Medina, Erik Rug and DJ Psycut were playing at La Bellevilloise at the same time for the Godfathers of Funk party... We really thought we were gonna miss one of our long-time customers but had the pleasant surprise of having Mr. Rich Medina give us a visit at the Superfly Records store a few hours before the shows!!

Rich Medina Paulo Superfly
Rich Medina with Paulo 'Superfly' Goncalves

Thanks Rich! And don't forget to say hi to Martin (Perna) from us this week in NY as promised!!

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