Ray Lugo The Boogaloo Destroyers Mi Watusi
Ray Lugo & The Boogaloo Destroyers - Mi Watusi
(CD/LP/Digital) Freestyle Records FSRCD087, 2011-06-06

Rays' teenage years in New York saw him immersed in the vibrant Big Apple music scene, working as a roadie, band manager, studio engineer and label manager before taking to the stage in alternative rock and latin ska bands in the early 1990s and eventually forming Kokolo Afrobeat, who established a worldwide reputation through touring and recordings, Ray never lost that love for latin music he had experienced in his early years and often talked about a possible latin music project when he could find the time. In 2010, he finally achieved that dream. Ray Lugo & The Boogaloo Destroyers were born! For the record, boogaloo was the New York fusion of latin music, rhythm & blues and soul which immediately became the soundtrack for second and third generation Puerto Ricans raised on son, guaracha, bomba and plena but who equally loved Tamla Motown, James Brown and Ray Charles! With it's English and often double entendre lyrics and street-slang, it appealed to everyone. It didn't matter if you were black, white, brown, Latino, Italian, Jewish or African-American... anybody could dance the boogaloo! On this album, Ray's repertoire consists of classics from the likes of El Gran Combo, Willie Rosario, Ray Barretto, and Mongo Santamaria though Ray has re-arranged some tracks and added new lyrics and choruses to others. From the opening track Soy El Rey Del Boogaloo to the final song Lugo's Boogaloo, this album proves in the 21st century, boogaloo is still alive and kicking in New York City and Ray Lugo & The Boogaloo Destroyers are the leaders of the new school! Viva La Nueva Generacion!

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