Q.A.S.B. is a Japanese funk/soul band celebrating their 10 years of existence with the release of their third album of groovy JB funk and early's 70s soul-jazz offerings. We often say that a band starts to become really good after 10 years of playing together, and this new LP tends to confirm this point. Q.A.S.B. seemed to have grown really mature musically, and when their label Soul Garden Records submitted this whole album for us to pick a track for our upcoming 2nd funk/soul compilation 'Heavyweight Gambit', we were kinda embarrassed. There's so many good tunes in there… Should we pick the funk-fuelled fire of their 'Jaguar' instrumental? The addictive ride of 'You're My Music'? The very James Brown-esque 'Good Guy'? The cocaïne funk breaks of 'Jennifer'? The deep funk 'Come Feel The Beat'? The organ-heavy 'Fly'? The over-excited theme song 'Q.A.S.B.'? Or one of the three soulful ballads? The answer will be revealed in a few weeks but we invite you to give this album a listen - all bets are off!!

Q.A.S.B. - III
Q.A.S.B. - III
(CD/LP) Soul Garden Records Japan SG-030 [LP] SG-031 [CD], 2015-07-30

Tracklisting :
A1 Jaguar (instrumental) 3:23
A2. You're My Music 4:52
A3. Imagination 4:33
A4. Good Guy 3:20
A5. Jennifer (instrumental) 3:44
B1. Let Our Feelings Show 5:37
B2. Come Feel The Beat 3:28
B3. I Need You 4:57
B4. Fly 5:00
B5. Q.A.S.B. 2:37

Musicians / Band Members :
Amy A : Lead Vocals and Background Vocals
Sachi Nakasaki : Drums
KOMIYA "kob" Masayuki : Electric Bass
YaMa : Electric Guitar
Masamichi Ishikawa : Organ (Hammond B-3), keys
Micky : Percussions
Yuzo Kitano : Saxophone and Flute
Makiko Sugiyama : Trombone
MOHA : Trumpet and Flugelhorn

Recorded and mixed by Tsukasa Okamoto at Studio Dedé
Produced and arranged by Q.A.S.B.
Mastered by Akihito Yoshikawa at Studio Dedé

Links :
Buy on Juno.co.uk
Q.A.S.B. : official | discogs | facebook | twitter | youtube
Soul Garden Records : official | blogspot | facebook | juno | youtube

Biography :
"Q.A.S.B."is a Japanese funk/soul group. Amy A is the lead vocalist, who is compared to have the same funky style as James Brown. This makes her vocal style very rare and unique among many female artist.

Q.A.S.B. was formed in Tokyo in June, 2005. Their music is influenced by James Brown, the early years of Kool & The Gang, Sly & The Family Stone, etc.Their original music is consist of two styles. Funky tunes that makes you groove and a more mellow, laid back numbers that can bring you back to the early 70's. Q.A.S.B.is trying to bring back GROOVE and the FEELINGS of the early 70's. This unique form of music makes them special from any other artist/groups out there.

They have already released major songs as"Stay True" in 2006, "The Key" and "No" in 2007 in 22 countries as a digital single on iTunes, Napster, etc. In 2008, Soulsia Records released their 7 inch single analog, "The Key Part 1&2". It was mainly sold through Jazzman Records, one of the most famous European Record store in the U.K. In 2009, Soul Garden Records released their "Q.A.S.B." album which consist of 8 songs including hits as "The Key" and in 2010, a 7 inch single analog "We Need The Funk/Funk With Me".

In 2011, one of the most viewed breakdance event in the world called "Battle Of The Year" hand picked one of Q.A.S.B. songs for their finals. Also following the same year, the famous audio product, Pioneer STEEZ used one of their songs for dancers around the world to jam to. In 2012, Japanese famous DJ, RYUHEI THE MAN produced Q.A.S.B. cover song "The Mexican" for his hit album "Next Message From The Man 3". This lead them to their next success in releasing a 7 inch single analog "The Mexican Part 1&2" by Soul Garden Records.

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