Poirier Running High
Poirier - Running High
(2CD incl. bonus remix disc/Download) ZENCD154/ZENDNL154, 2010-04-26

Rhythms have been run, Soca systems have been sounded (not to mention air-horns), ceiling's have been brought down, and now it's time for the man called Poirier (Pwa-ri-ay) to rewind and come again (selector that he is...)... A twelve month period has seen the release of three EP's, all showcasing very different (yet at the same time very coherent) sides of Poirier's production... from digi-dancehall bangers, to hyper Soca rhythms, and techno/Caribbean hybrids. That same time frame has also seen Poirier reaching to all parts of the globe to drop his signature "all things bass" sound on ever increasing crowds. Whether as a solo DJ or with one of his various MC's by his side, he's murdered it in pretty much any place you can pronounce on a map, and along the way has cemented his status as one of the top names in an ever growing group of producers rocking dancefloors with a globally curated pastiche of sounds. Now it's time to drop the culmination of those last twelve months into his 7th full length (2nd for Ninja Tune)... the two disc Running High album.

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