Pigeon John Dragon SlayerPigeon John Dragon Slayer
Pigeon John - Dragon Slayer
(CD/Digital) Quannum USA 2010-10-12, Other Tongues Australia 2010-11-19, Elektriks Collection/Discograph France 2011-03-07

Los Angeles-based indie rapper/singer/songwriter/rocker and funny man Pigeon John is back with Dragon Slayer, out in the US via Quannum Projects, and to be released in France through Discograph on march 7th 2011. Dragon Slayer follows up the critically acclaimed Pigeon John…And The Summertime Pool Party and houses the signature Pigeon John humor and witty rhymes, but with more rock and pop sounds. With the aid of keyboard wonder General Elektriks' Hervé Salters, Pigeon John produced the whole record, including, for the first time, recording and chopping up his own instrumentation rather than just flipping samples and banging on an MPC. We'll do a mix about the man in the coming weeks, in order to introduce those who still haven't heard him to the cool sounds of Pigeon John...

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