Andrew Jervis from Bandcamp asked us to prepare a Paris DJs 25 minutes 'Best Of 2013' mix for the end-of-the-year specials on his weekly show. So Djouls selected a few tracks that got played on repeat on Paris DJs' stereo this year, MC from Chicago RacecaR added some voiceovers introductions, and Grant Phabao mixed it as a radio show…

Listen on (Paris Djs mix starts at 28:28)

Paris DJs Best of 2013 Mix for Bandcamp
Paris DJs Soundsystem feat. RacecaR - Bandcamp Best Of 2013 Mini-Mix
(streaming set on 2013-12-24

Tracklisting :
01. Suzanna Choffel - Guardians
02. The Gene Dudley Group - The Fawcett Negotiation
03. Grant Phabao Afrofunk Arkestra - Mazouglave
04. The Liberators - Cairo Uprising
05. The Cactus Channel - Jorge Buccio
06. The Electric Peanut Butter Company - The Rain
07. Peshay - Midnight Express
Total time : 25mn

Info :
The mix starts with a marvelous Adrian Quesada production, also playing guitar here for singer/songwriter Suzanna Choffel. We then head towards the UK and the north of London, from where's coming Gene Dudley, a deep soul and funk-obsessed 27-years old multi-instrumentalist who put out a fantastic first album on the Wah Wah 45s label this year, including at least 3 big hits. One of those is 'The Fawcett Negociation'

The upcoming Grant Phabao Afrofunk Arkestra album is something Paris DJs has been preparing for at least a year. 'Mazouglave', picked for this mix, is an afrobeat/ psychedelic funk / blaxploitation tour de force, featuring Egypt 80 trumpet player Muyiwa Kunnuji, Cedric Ricard on sax and Franck Biyong on bass & rhythm guitar. We stay on an afro vibe with a ten-piece afro-funk-jazz band from… Sydney, Australia! The Liberators are back with a splendid anthem in the Budos Band vein, out on a strictly limited 45, or opening their new album for the Record Kicks label, recorded straight to tape and hitting quite hard!

The Cactus Channel is a 10-piece funk and soul orchestra also from Australia who've only released their second album this year, but we just never stopped playing it, since it hit the turntable. Really really great soul. Then we have the Electric Peanut Butter Company, the reunion of two of Paris DJs friends and collaborators: Adrian Quesada from Austin, Texas, and Shawn Lee from London, UK. Their album 'Trans-Atlantic Pysch Classics Vol. 2' is a gem opening with a monster single, 'The Rain', which might get stuck in your head like peanut butter on your hair if you're into those kind of practices...

We conclude with a track from drum'b'bass legend Peshay's 'Generation' album. This record is one of the surprises of the year - the good ones. The drum'n'bass legend has put out a funk, jazz, a bit tropical full-length on Tru Thoughts Recordings, proving that anything can happen in music. Some thrilling music to end this little selection.

Stay connected to Paris DJs if all goes well we'll be putting out an amazing amount of music next year, once again, and thanks to Andrew Jervis for this little spot…

Listen on (Paris Djs mix starts at 28:28)

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