Paris DJs and Le Pigalle present the 7th edition of their 'Tour Operator' weekly rendez-vous in Paris.

Erik Rug and Grant Phabao will be the operating DJs for this session on january 28th. Those two Parisian DJs are also producers, neighbours, and have launched last year a collaborative live project with a few appearances in European festivals. You may already expect some new recordings of the duo in the near future… Meanwhile, Grant Phabao keeps on producing and releasing music like crazy, with a dozen of digital singles, new remixes and three albums to be released soon on the Paris DJs label! Together, Grant & Erik will be spinning some hand-picked tunes from the past & the present, with a few exclusive insights into the future. Come and have a drink with some friends, listen to Paris DJs' finest selections - every thursday is such a cool day at Le Pigalle.

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Paris DJs Le Pigalle Tour Operator

Paris DJs & Le Pigalle present


Every thursday evening in Paris (*), a brand new Parisian party 100% feeling in an authentic district hotel : Le Pigalle, whose story was shaped by its surrounding cultural melting pot animating Montmartre's South side. With resident DJs : Loik Dury, Erik Rug, Fatta Soul Stereo, Grant Phabao, Djouls, Victor Kiswell + guests.

Le Pigalle is an authentic district hotel, whose story was shaped by its surrounding cultural melting pot animating Montmartre's South side. Victor Kiswell, one of the world's top record diggers (check his Paris DJs mix here) helped them build a strong musical identity, and even hand-picked a selection of LPs for each room — all turntable-equipped.

Stars of the Paris night, DJs have transformed the city into one of the party capitals of the world. Paris DJs – a collective of top DJs, including some of Radio Nova's original programmers - launched its own website 10 years ago. Drawn to Pigalle's sexy, musical vibe, every Thursday they'll be spinning rare sounds with a hint of black music, a million miles from the muzak piped into conventional hotels.

"We know there's a close link between the hotel, music and culture generally, that's why we jumped at the chance to share our best vinyls with Le Pigalle", explains Loik Dury, one of the collective's hyperactive members. "Every Thursday, we're going to be inventing sounds unique to the hotel."

Le Pigalle
9 rue Frochot, 75009 Paris
M° Pigalle

Paris DJs Le Pigalle Tour Operator

* (holidays and and the eve of public holidays excepted)

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