New Zealander Mike August, aka Mike Fabulous, aka Lord Echo (and a few more different pseudonyms), is one of those unique multi-instrumentalists/producers you can't pigeonhole in a specific style, blending reggae, funk, Caribbean disco, house, soul & afrofunk — but who's first and foremost a dub artist, just like our own Grant Phabao on the other side of the world…

Between 2010 and 2017, he's put out three times the same album: with nearly the same title, cover artwork & musicians, and roughly the same blend of styles. All three, "Melodies", "Curiosities" and "Harmonies" are fantastic and deeply recommended to our readers/listeners. There's also a handful of limited edition 7 inches pressed and released in Japan only, appearances on records from The Black Seeds, Shogun Orchestra (two bands Lord Echo's been a member of) or The Frightnrs, and a few other timeless recordings to hunt down.

While constructing this mix, we picked something like 30 amazing tunes produced by, or featuring Lord Echo, and had to reduce the selection by half to build this podcast… All that to say there's A LOT of music from the man for you to discover. He'll be touring Europe this year in late april/early may, mostly opening for Fat Freddy's Drop. Try not to miss these, and in all cases, get those 3 albums as soon as possible, the vinyl reissues won't last long! (Hint : we have all three Lord Echo LPs plus a few CDs and rare EPs at the Paris DJs record store…)

Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Lord Echo
Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Lord Echo
(MP3 Podcast on 2019-02-16

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Tracklisting :
01. Fabulous/Arabia - Henry
(from 'Henry' 7 inch, 2019 / Wonderful Noise Productions)
02. Lord Echo - Ghost Walk
(from 'Ghost Walk' 7 inch, 2014 / Wonderful Noise Productions)
03. DJ Day - Land of 1000 Chances (Lord Echo's Disco Mix)
(from 'DJ Day vs Lord Echo' 12 inch, 2015 / Bastard Jazz Recordings)
04. Mike Fabulous & The Jamboree Sound - Whopper Chopper Seaside Extravaganza In Dub
(from 'Capitalbase 1' compilation, 2002 / Capital Recordings)
05. Lord Echo - Low to the Street feat. Lisa Tomlins
(from 'Harmonies' album, 2017 / Soundway)
06. Lord Echo - Things I Like To Do
(from 'Things I Like To Do' 7 inch, 2011 / Bastard Jazz Recordings)
07. Lord Echo - Floating Bridge Part 1
(from 'Floating Bridge' 7 inch, 2016 / Wonderful Noise Productions)
08. The Elder Statesman - Montreux Sunrise (Tee Cardaci's Ipanema Sunrise Remix)
(from 'Hear No Evil Vol.3' compilation, 2014 / Bastard Jazz Recordings)
09. Lord Echo - Cosmic Echoes
(from 'Melodies' album, 2010 / Economy Records)
10. Lord Echo - Just Do You feat. Mara TK
(from 'Just Do You' 12 inch, 2016 / Soundway Records)
11. The Black Seeds - Good People (Get Together)
(from 'Into the Dojo' album, 2006 / Capitol Music)
12. Lord Echo - A Straight Version Of Terabu
(from 'A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand' compilation, 2014 / Paris DJs)
13. Mike Fabulous - Wang East (Instrumental)
(from 'Jeremy Spellacey ‎– Crown Ruler Sound' compilation, 2017 / Spacetalk)
14. Lord Echo - Be Thankful For What You Got feat. Lisa Tomlins
(from 'Be Thankful For What You Got' 7 inch, 2018 / Wonderful Noise Productions)
Total time : 56mn 13s

Original cover artworks :

Credits :
Hand-picked & selected by Djouls (
Mixed and mastered by Grant Phabao (
Artwork by Ben Hito (

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Lord Echo : bandcamp | discogs | facebook | instagram | twitter | youtube
Paris DJs : | bandcamp | discogs | facebook | twitter | youtube
Ben Hito : official | discogs | facebook

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