Paris DJs Soundsystem Take The Chains Off Your Brains Psychedelic Hip Hop Funk and Jazz Grooves

'Take The Chains Off Your Brains - Psychedelic Hip Hop, Funk & Jazz Grooves' is the 5th compilation coming out on the Paris DJs label. But it's already the second one dwelving into the complexities of the Hip Hop culture for the Paris DJs Soundsystem crew, after the prized 'It's The New Hip Hop Thing' released in 2009 through the now defunct Vibrations magazine.

After four Afro/tropical compilations released in just 12 months, Paris DJs start exploring some more diverse musical areas. They welcome on board of their musical adventures Paris-based Miska, an unstoppable newcomer in the international Hip Hop scene, starting with the curating of this new selection.

As with many previous Paris DJs works, this record was conceptualized and illustrated before hearing one single note of music. Joining forces, French amazing illustrators Ben Hito and Bernard Bittler have designed a very original retro-futuristic art cover, which was then put online and sent to artists all over the world along with the compilation title/theme… It's a way of starting at the end of things, which proved to be very inspirational for the producers and musicians who submitted tracks.

The road map was quite precise: Paris DJs were looking for psychedelic hip hop, mind-bending funk & jazz with MCs, consciousness-expanding beatmakers, b-boys & b-bgirl in outer space, artists bringing back the spirit of Edan's 2005 masterpiece 'Beauty & The Beat' and of course raw dancefloor fillers connecting the various strands of hip hop culture!

A LOT of music was sent to the Paris DJs headquarters, up the hill in the soulful north-east of the French capital. Time was spent listening to hours of hip hop or funk beats & tunes, looking out for the most multicoloured ones, and the final selection is one hell of a psychonautic trip, which should see its listeners explore partially charted regions of the super continent of their brain, while their hands will seem to have melted with the reliefs of time.

Reaching for the inner soul, 'Take The Chains Off Your Brains' is a listening experience, an act of perception leading to an act of imagination. When psychedelia meets hip hop. Let the magic take your mind.

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Paris DJs Soundsystem Take The Chains Off Your Brains Psychedelic Hip Hop Funk and Jazz Grooves
Paris DJs Soundsystem - Take The Chains Off Your Brains
Psychedelic Hip Hop, Funk & Jazz Grooves
(Digital Album) Paris DJs PARISDJS047-D, 2014-02-04

Tracklisting :
01. Toofless featuring Dee Dice & Hiba Rasheed - For The People #SudanRevolts
02. Venomous 2000 - This Ain't It
03. The Herbaliser - Crimes And Misdemeanours feat. Twin Peaks
04. Apoc - Drop That feat. RacecaR
05. Radio Citizen - Moabeat *
06. Imagine This & Grant Phabao - The Break Through *
07. Lord Paramour - Agamikal feat. Naufalle *
08. The Sureshot Symphony Solution - Hate The Real feat. Moeses Soulright
09. Stainless Steele - Reckless Wonderful
10. Maxilla Blue - Lost In Composition
11. Wermonster - Escape feat. Tob One
12. Ancient Astronauts - The Enemy Within feat. Asphate & DJ TouchNice *
13. Glows In The Dark - Up and Down feat. Count Bass D
14. The Grits feat. Joel Stones - Heel and Toe *
* exclusive/unreleased tracks

Credits :
Audiovisual concept by Djouls & Ben Hito
A&R : Djouls & Miska, with the help of Loik Dury
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao
Artwork by Ben Hito & Bernard Bittler

Links :
Buy on bandcamp or junodownload (itunes, amazon, etc coming soon)
Paris DJs : | bandcamp | facebook | juno | pinterest | soundcloud | twitter | youtube
Miska Events : official | facebook | youtube
Artwork by Bernard Bittler, illustrated by Ben Hito

Track-by-track info :

01. Toofless featuring Dee Dice & Hiba Rasheed - For The People #SudanRevolts / UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Credits :
Musicians : Dub Poets Collective (F. Saleem, O. Saleem) and The Wayfarer (S. McGroarty)
Recorded at Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Bali, and Edinburgh
Produced by Dub Poets Collective
Mixed by Blaow at the World Rydah Studios, Brampton
Mastered by Blaow at the World Rydah Studios, Brampton
Composed by Dub Poets Collective
Published by Raqs Records
© 2013 Deep Crates Cartel

Links :
Toofless : bandcamp | facebook | twitter | youtube

About Toofless :
Feras Ibrahim (a.k.a Toofless) is a UAE-based MC of Sudanese origin. His hip-hop expression materialized at the age of 17 after being inspired by acts such as Mos Def, Nas, LB Fam, Wu Tang Clan and Talib Kweli. His sound can be described as abstract, expressive, conscious, experimental and most importantly real as to what he projects from his own experiences. He has performed in numerous venues such as Deep Crates Cartel (Dubai, UAE), Dubai Jazz Festival, Dubai Chill-Out Festival (opening for De La Soul), Music Room, Radio Beirut (Lebanon), Traffic & other art platforms around the Middle East region. His current projects encompass new collaborative work with the Deep Crates Cartel, as well as an experimental EP in collaboration with Sudanese producer SufYan scheduled to be released March 2014; and a project with Kashmir of the Dub Poets Collective, scheduled to be released on Raqs Records mid/late 2014.

Toofless about Paris DJs :
"Whether you're out in the desert like us or in the concrete streets, Paris DJs are an essential part of any music lover or diggers diet!" - Break DJ Lobito, Founder, Deep Crates Cartel & Co-Founder Raqs Records, United Arab Emirates

02. Venomous 2000 - This Ain't It / USA

Credits :
Musicians : Venomous 2000 & Layzee D
Recorded at V2G Multi-Media Studios
Produced by Layzee D
Mixed by Venomous 2000
Mastered by Grant Phabao at Paris DJs studios
Published by Past Life Publishing (ASCAP)

Links :
Venomous 2000 : official | bandcamp | discogs | facebook | soundcloud | twitter | youtube
Layzee D : facebook | soundcloud

About Venomous 2000 :
Venomous2000 is a New Jersey (Passaic, NJ, US) emcee that has been performing for over 15 years. Venomous2000 has opened up shows for HipHop legends such as Slick Rick, Raekwon, Rah Digga, Lordz of the Underground, Ultra Magnetic Mcs, and more. Venomous2000 has also toured Europe with Keith Murray, Afu-Ra, & Chip-Fu. This emcee brings much energy, originality, and meaning to the culture of HipHop.

03. The Herbaliser - Crimes And Misdemeanours feat. Twin Peaks / UK

Credits :
Musicians : Jake Wherry, Ollie Teeba, Ghettosocks, Muneshine
Recorded at The Herbgarden
Produced by Jake Wherry + Ollie Teeba
Mixed by No Sleep Nigel
Mastered by Stuart Hawkes at Metropolis
Licensed from Department H (IRSC #GB-GH9-1200009)
Composed by Wherry/Trattles/Bakker/Pyper
Published by Just Isn't Music (PRS, ISWC #T-912.674.197-7)
© 2013 Nam's Illest Entertainment

Links :
The Herbaliser : official | bandcamp | discogs | facebook | instagram | parisdjs | songkick | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

About The Herbaliser :
More than 18 years into their musical journey, The Herbaliser just keep getting bigger, stronger and better. It all began in the early 1990s when West London duo Jake Wherry and Ollie Teeba discovered a shared passion for hip-hop, rare groove, funk and jazz. James Brown, DJ Premier, Lalo Schifrin, Pete Rock and David Axelrod were some of the heroes from their formative years. (…) Fast forward to 2008 and The Herbaliser decided to delve back to their funk roots, crafting songs featuring singer Jessica Greenfield, resulting in Same As It Never Was. Glossy and gritty, organic and eclectic, Same As It Never Was was a timeless soul record for a scrambled musical era. However, Jake and Ollie soon realised that what they did best was based around a harder, darker sound. Which led them to create their new album: There Were Seven. (read the complete biography here)

The Herbaliser about Paris DJs :
"We've always been really into the releases from Paris DJs, as well as followers of the website and of course the old Ninja-Obsession site. Julien has always focused on quality music so we're pleased to be included on this compilation."

04. Apoc - Drop That feat. RacecaR / USA

Credits :
Musicians : Apoc, RacecaR
Recorded at Undisclosed Location Studios
Produced by Earmint
Mixed and mastered by K-Kruz
Composed by Patrick Felsenthal
Published by Patrick Felsenthal (BMI #546032668)
© 2011 Patrick Felsenthal all rights reserved (ISRC #US-CGH-12-52399)

Links :
Apoc : official | bandcamp | discogs | facebook | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

About Apoc :
Describing his music as post-hip hop, Apoc has been moving beyond narrow genre definitions and carving out a niche all his own the past few years. In recent months, he has seen his music featured on MTV's Jersey Shore & 10 On Top, Fuse On Demand,, and more, accrued tens of thousands of Youtube views, and brought his manic live show to POP Montreal and stages across the U.S.

Apoc about Paris DJs :
"Thank you for selecting the track. im honored."

05. Radio Citizen - Moabeat / GERMANY

Credits :
Musicians : Julian Waiblinger (drums), Natalie Greffel (vocals), Niko Schabel (rhodes, bass, mpc, percussion)
Recorded at Proberaum Moabit, Berlin, Electric Arcadia Studio Munich
Composed, produced and mixed by Niko Schabel
Mastered by Grant Phabao at Paris DJs studios
© 2014 Niko Schabel all rights reserved

Links :
Radio Citizen : official | discogs | facebook | parisdjs | soundcloud | youtube

About Radio Citizen :
Radio Citzen's Moabeat is dedicated to the rehearsal space in Moabit, Berlin. Actually the big reverb is recorded in the big hall in front of the room, using two huge loudspeakers and two mics, a natural reverb effect. Enjoy the ride.

06. Imagine This & Grant Phabao - The Break Through / NEW ZEALAND-FRANCE

Credits :
Performed by Grant Phabao and Imagine This
Produced by Imagine This and T.I.M.E.C.
Published by Khalid El Shareif / T.I.M.E.C.
Composed and written by Khalid El Shareif and Grant Phabao
Mixed and mastered by Grant Phabao at Paris DJs studios
© 2014 Imagine This/T.I.M.E.C./Paris DJs (ISRC #FR-2PK-14-00560)

Links :
Imagine This : official | facebook | parisdjs | soundcloud | youtube
Grant Phabao : official | bandcamp | facebook | juno | parisdjs | soundcloud | youtube

About Imagine This :
Imagine This: a pioneering musician who effortlessly bridges the boundaries between genres. Imagine a prolific artist who's released on over 15 record labels in 2 years. A rapper, producer and songwriter who pours his heart and soul into his work and delivers unforgettable live performances marked by his talent and raw energy. Played on both underground and commercial radio stations around the world, the astounding 17 EPs he's released since 2011 feature his unique and highly versatile vocal style combined with original lyrics and dynamic flow. These tracks have climbed Bestsellers and Popular Downloads charts around the world. In addition to participating in multiple highly praised collaborative ventures, he's been keeping busy behind the scenes producing his full-length 19 track debut LP. His self-titled solo album showcases his style, versatility and deep roots in the hiphop genre. The free digital download is available since October 28th (info here)… This is only the beginning.

About Grant Phabao :
If you're a Paris DJs follower, Grant Phabao doesn't need any introduction. He's mastered all the 430 mixes, all the Paris DJs virtual and official releases, produced an amazing quantity of tunes and remixes, with high standards of vintage quality each time…

07. Lord Paramour - Agamikal feat. Naufalle / FRANCE

Credits :
Recorded at Dirty DezerCave
Produced by Lord Paramour
Mixed by JP Marotti
Mastered by Seb Lorho AMG
Composed by Joufflineau Nicolas, Nicol Martin, Al Wahab Naufalle (SACEM)
© 2014 Stereophonk (ISRC #FR-9W1-14-00239)

Links :
Lord Paramour : facebook | soundcloud

About Lord Paramour :
Lord Paramour is the unusual meeting between two of Rennes City Music Activists, both of which are World Sounds Lovers. On one side, Dj Marrrtin - Graffiti Artist, Beat Maker and Leader of the prolific label "Stereofonk", known for his instrumental music and showcasing in the biggest Break Dance Battle World Wide. Also known for his infamous collaborations with artists such as ATOM from C2C; Robin Mc Kelle and The Nubians to name a few. On the other side, Ajax Town having just released his accomplished second album with Abstract Hip Hop and indie Rock influences. Known to every man and his dog in Rennes city's music scene, supporting a luxuriant beard and his baroque mixes all around France.

About Naufalle :
Naufalle Al Wahab is a Frenchman with Iraki origins, living in Rennes (France). Musician, rapper in Arab language, and co-founder of the Aiwa band (3 albums, 400 live shows all over the world), he collaborated with many artists (Transglobal underground, Lord Paramourn Natasha Atlas...) and was part of the soundtrack from 'The Dictator' from Sacha Baron Cohen, with an Abrabic cover of 'The Next Episode' from Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre.

Lord Paramour about Paris DJs :
"Paris DJs is a one of the reference for the jazzy / funky groovy world music in the french Music Labels, A smart label with a big audience and very good choices."

08. The Sureshot Symphony Solution - Hate The Real feat. Moeses Soulright / USA

Credits :
Musicians : Shane M. Hunt (All sounds/instruments) & Jonathan Model (Vocals)
Recorded at Sureshot’s Funk Shack
Produced by Shane "Sureshot" Hunt
Mixed by Shane "Sureshot" Hunt
Mastered by Mike Wells Mastering - Los Angeles, CA
Composed and written by Hunt, Shane M. (ASCAP IPI: 341098574)
Published by Sureshot Solution Music (ASCAP IPI: 642803555)
© 2013 Shane M. Hunt (ASCAP Work ID/Song ID: 883132018)

Links :
The Sureshot Symphony Solution : discogs | facebook | soundcloud | mixcloud | youtube

About The Sureshot Symphony Solution :
San Francisco based music producer ‘Sureshot’ is currently creating a buzz under his alias "The Sureshot Symphony". His unique production style is heard on "Bust Shots" by Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck & Sheek Louch off RZA’s ‘The Man With The Iron Fists Soundtrack’. He also recently released a psychadelic influenced hip hop LP entitled "Elegant Aggression" on the Nature Sounds Record label out of NY. Both projects received critical acclaim, heavy radio play and charting on various taste makers top 10 lists. You may also recall his groundbreaking hip hop meets jazz project ‘The Sharpshooters’ that garnered global recognition and releases on the: Ubiquity, Om, Light In The Attic, Shadow, Hed Kandi and Sony labels. Productions have been featured on: MTV, "The Wire" and "The Sopranos". He founded and ran the Conception Hip Hop label from the mid 90’s to early 2000s, putting out titles by: Jake 1, Da Grassroots, J-Rocc and others. A true beat digger and vinyl-only DJ, ‘Sureshots’ record collection is the source for 4 of the worlds rarest funk albums: ‘Betty Padgett’, ‘Turner Bros. Act 1’, Bernard Purdies’ ‘Lialeh’ S/T and ‘ Wayne McGhie & The Sounds Of Joy’ getting properly reissued. He is also the man behind the heavily sampled ‘Status Breaks And Beats’ and ‘Soundbwoy Reggae Breaks And Beats’ 5 LP compilation series. 2014 promises a new Jamaican inspired modern Soul LP, a 1980’s Boogie Funk reissue and more of that Boom Bap hip hop from Sureshot…. Stay tuned!!!!!!

The Sureshot Symphony Solution about Paris DJs :
"I’m very honored to be a part of the ‘Paris Djs’ fam and have the utmost respect for all they do and the passion that drives them! The quality, taste level and integrity of their releases is what immediately grabbed my attention and made me want to be involved with their artistic endeavors."

09. Stainless Steele - Reckless Wonderful / USA

Credits :
Recorded, mixed, mastered, produced, written by Stainless Steele (ISRC #US-HM9-13-04831)
Written & composed by Brian Steele (BMI CAE/IPI #407212007)
© 2013 all rights reserved Stainless Steele

Links :
Stainless Steele : bandcamp | facebook | itunes | soundcloud | twitter

About Stainless Steele :
Stainless grew up on the streets of Queens New York doing anything to survive. During that period, he developed a passion for Hip Hop. In 1998 he started to write rhymes and in 2003 he released his first CD, "The Price of being Famous". In 2004 he released "Been Thru It All" and got a huge response from his hood. In 2005 he moved to Naples Florida and started working with DVS Cartel. He took 5 years to record as much material as possible and has been releasing mixtape after mixtape in 2011. (check for complete discography) (…) Stainless Steele, MC/Producer in the genre of hip hop/psychedelic/electronica dropped in 2013 his latest release 'Nothing is Sacred, Everything is Sacred'. The album includes 50% production from Stainless and the other half from a handful of experimental beat scene producers including ProfLogik, Deflon, Iller the Abstract Giraffe, Pogflipper and Ohbliv with one vocal guest appearance from Maf Madix.

10. Maxilla Blue - Lost In Composition / USA

Credits :
Musicians : Asphate, Aeon Grey, Dj TouchNice
Recorded at Grey Walls
Produced and mixed by Aeon Grey
Mastered by Doug Van Sloung
Composed by Luke Driscoll & Brandon Warner
Published by Galapagos4 (ASCAP)
© 2012 Central Standard Records (ISRC #US-I4R-12-00561)

Links :
Maxilla Blue : official | bandcamp | facebook | galapagos4 | soundcloud | youtube

About Maxilla Blue :
Formed in 2006, Maxilla Blue remains as a forward-thinking true school hip hop crew built on the hunger and principles of the culture's originators and most notable revolutionaries. Based in Des Moines, Iowa, the trio's sound is unique to their whim and region, pushing the idea of free thinking, and has carried them into sharing stages, mics and creations with some of underground hip hop's most prolific and skilled practitioners. Chicago based Galapagos4 and Iowa based Central Standard Records both serve as "home base," and family to the crew.

Maxilla Blue about Paris DJs :
"Peace and infinite respect to Paris Djs, who continue to provide musical food for thought to the starving masses, year after year. They are a necessary element to worldwide growth and development of quality music from the soul."

11. Wermonster - Escape feat. Tob1 / GERMANY

Credits :
Musicians : Nicolas Mercet, Tobi Eldridge Jr.
Recorded at 3rd Katalyst Room, Berlin, GER / Somewhere in New Hampshire, USA
Produced and mixed by Wermonster
Composed by Nicolas Mercet (SACEM)
Mastered by Grant Phabao at Paris DJs studios
© 2013 Nicolas Mercet

Links :
Wermonster : official | bandcamp | discogs | facebook | soundcloud | tumblr | twitter | youtube

About Wermonster :
Wermonster is an electronic musician and producer living in Berlin. After participating in numerous rock and jazz projects as a guitar and bass player, he started to create his own music in the mid-90s, experimenting with computers, loops, synths and samplers. Originally from the north east of France, he moved to Marseille in 2004 and started getting involved in the local hip-hop scene: making beats and working as sound assistant in different recording studios there. Always pushing his work further he has decided to move his lab to Berlin in 2009. After a few EPs on various labels, his first LP „Ghosts move slowly“, a blue and dusty-textured suite of electronic hip hop, is released by Exotic Pylon end-2012. Predominantly inspired by hip hop and saturated in textures from contemporary bass music, Wermonster's wide-screen production is soulfully psychedelic and laced with abstract textures and richly haunted atmospherics.

Wermonster about Paris DJs :
"Well it's quite an honor to be featured on one of your compilation. I've been listening regularly to Paris DJs mixes and podcasts pretty much since the beginning, and I guess got in a way influenced by all the beautifully eclectic music I heard there. Big up!"

12. Ancient Astronauts - The Enemy Within feat. Asphate & DJ TouchNice / GERMANY

Credits :
Vocals by Asphate
Cuts by DJ TouchNice
Produced by Ancient Astronauts
Mastered by Grant Phabao at Paris DJs studios
Written & composed by Ingo Moell, Tom Strauch and Brandon James Warner
Published by Edition Oneminded Soul / BMG
(P)&© 2014 Switchstance Recordings

Links :
Ancient Astronauts : official | facebook | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

About Ancient Astronauts :
The Ancient Astronauts are Kabanjak and Dogu, a bombastic production and DJ duo hailing from Cologne, Germany. The phenomenon of 'ancient astronauts', a belief that extraterrestrial beings visited Earth in ancient times to mingle and trade ideas with early human civilizations, isn’t an alien concept to these Ancient Astronauts. The cross-pollination and mash-up of ideas, sounds, styles, and a collaborative spirit are their modus operandi.

13. Glows In The Dark - Up and Down feat. Count Bass D / USA

Credits :
Recorded at Songwire Studios
Produced by Scott Burton and Reggie Pace
Mixed by Bryce McCormick with Scott Burton and Reggie Pace
Mastered by Morgan Garcia
Composed by Scott Burton and Dwight Farrell
Published by Scott Burton
© 2013 Scott Burton all rights reserved

Links :
Glows In The Dark : official | bandcamp | facebook | juno | twitter | youtube

About Glows in the Dark :
Since 2007, Glows in the Dark have created avant-garde jazz fueled by the storytelling qualities of film. It’s no wonder, then, that the latest creations by the band’s leader, Scott Burton, have imported the entirely different but similarly story-based genre of hip-hop, drawing collaborations with emcees like Count Bass D, Jneiro Jarel, Jawwaad Taylor, John Robinson, and 20/20. Their forthcoming release celebrates that intersection of jazz and hip-hop, while their most current EP, Tides of War, features remixes of their 2010 album Beach of the War Gods produced by Count Bass D, Tim Gane (of Stereolab), and others, and Jneiro Jarel included one of his remixes in his JJ DOOM Mixtape for Lex Records in 2012. Taking cues and inspiration from everyone from J Dilla to Ennio Morricone to Yes, the band combines melody with chaos and processes the mix through its filter of five distinct personalities. By taking old films - like those of the kung fu and Italian crime variety - and adapting their story structures to music, Burton and company have come up with a unique songwriting process that leaves plenty of room for improvisation. In 2011, they joined Italian band Calibro 35 in recording music for the documentary Eurocrime!, directed by Mike Malloy, which was featured at the 2012 Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal. In their collaborations with hip-hop artists, they take less of a back seat than merely being beat creators. Instead, they explore a band/emcee dialogue that seems unparalleled in either individual genre.

Glows in the Dark about Paris DJs :
"It's truly an honor for us to get the opportunity to spread our music through this compilation. Such a thrill to be included with all these great artists and original soundmakers."

14. The Grits feat. Joel Stones - Heel and Toe / UK

Credits :
Recorded at Hamhock
Produced & mixed by S. Carter
Mastered by Grant Phabao at Paris DJs studios
Composed and published by S. Carter (PRS)
© 2013 Hamhock Records (IRSC #GB-KC7-12-00015)

Links :
The Grits : official | bandcamp | discogs | facebook | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

About The Grits :
In their constant quest to create the fuzziest psychest funk known to man The Grits have teamed up with the screaming priest of psych, Joel Stones, to bring you "Heel and Toe". The Grits first met Joel whilst working on the Fumaça Preta album. In a quiet moment during recording The Grits head honcho, Stuart "Countryboy" Carter, whisked Joel away to record some raw, deep, dirty, nasty funk. A rare performance by Mr Stones in the English Language, and a scorching bag of greasy funk nuggets ensued.

French Press Release :
'Take The Chains Off Your Brains - Psychedelic Hip Hop, Funk & Jazz Grooves' est la 5ème compilation sortant des fourneaux du label Paris DJs. Mais c'est déjà la 2ème fois que le crew du Paris Djs Soundsystem s'aventure dans les méandres complexes de la culture hip hop après 'It's The New Hip Hop Thing', sorti en 2009 pour le magazine Vibrations (hélas disparu).

Après quatre compilations Afrofunk/Tropical sorties l'an passé, Paris DJs commence à explorer d'autres genres. L’équipe accueille Miska à bord de son vaisseau psychosonique, une néo-parisienne activiste de la scène hip hop internationale avec son blog Miska-Events. Notre objectif : sortir quatre compilations Hip Hop en l'espace de 12 mois (une compil psychédélique, une compil Jazz, une consacré aux rappeuses pour finir par une surprise…).

A l'instar des précédentes compilations Paris DJs, celle-ci a été conceptualisée et illustrée avant même d'avoir sélectionné le moindre morceau de musique. Le visuel est signé des dessinateurs Français Ben Hito et Bernard Bittler, une oeuvre originale rétro-futuriste fantastique qui fut publiée sur Internet et envoyée par email à des artistes du monde entier, en leur demandant de soumettre un ou des morceaux inspirés par ce design, ce titre et ce thème imposé.

Les contraintes étaient précises: Paris DJs cherchait du hip hop psychédélique, du funk ou jazz énigmatique avec des MCs, des beatmakers éclairés, des producteurs ramenant au goût du jour l'esprit du classique de 2005 de Edan, 'Beauty & The Beat', et bien évidemment toutes sortes de tueries dancefloor connectées aux diverses branches de la culture hip hop!

DES TONNES de disques et de mp3s ont atterri dans les bureaux de Paris DJs et de Miska, sur les hauteurs du Nord-Est groovy de la capitale. Un temps considérable fut passé à écouter des heures de beats et de chansons hip hop et funk, en cherchant les plus multicolores, et la sélection finale est un sacré trip psychonautique! Les auditeurs devraient pouvoir explorer des parties inconnues de leur cerveau, pendant que leurs mains sembleront fondre dans les reliefs du temps…

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