Paris DJs Soundsystem Spirituality and the Supernatural Kaleidoscopic Jazz and Mind Bending Poetry

'Spirituality and the Supernatural - Kaleidoscopic Jazz & Mind-Bending Poetry is the 6th compilation coming out on the Paris DJs label, and the second one in a Hip Hop series co-curated with Paris-based international Hip Hop activist Miska. While the previous volume was on psychedelic tip, this new selection is all about Hip Hop incorporating jazz influences.

By email, phone, through websites or social networks, artists all over the world were asked to submit cool jazz, soul-jazz and hard bop with hip hop rhythm; 21st century afrocentric rebirth of the cool; jazzy hip hop, slam & poetry; jiving beatmakers in a ragtime mood; music bringing back the spirit of old time boogie, bop & swing to hip hop; and raw dancefloor fillers connecting the various strands of hip hop culture...

Artists from four different countries were picked: the U.S. of course, with Tob One, Raashan Ahmad, ADH, Scott D, Substantial or Glows In The Dark; then UK, with Bassbully, Afro Cluster and Jister; France with Slone and Antoine Berjeaut; and finally Brazil with Mental Abstrato. Mr Complex, Ty, Ohmega Watts, Kofi Genfi, Steph, The Sapphic Songstress, John Robinson or Mike Ladd complete the already impressive line-up as guest vocalists.

Inspiration & creative vibes were to be found in the superb Ben Hito / Bernard Bittler collaborative retro/psych/fractal artwork, and the final program harmoniously gathers heavyweight hip hop headnodders and more joyful party tunes, with various jazz connections spread out all along.

As with the previous compilation 'Take The Chains Off your Brains', play this on repeat to access a higher state of consciousness and let's meet up there.

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Paris DJs Soundsystem Spirituality and the Supernatural Kaleidoscopic Jazz and Mind Bending Poetry
Paris DJs Soundsystem - Spirituality and the Supernatural
Kaleidoscopic Jazz & Mind-Bending Poetry
(Digital Album) Paris DJs PARISDJS050-D, 2014-04-29

Tracklisting :
01. Tob One - It Wasn't Suppose to Happen (feat. Mr. Complex)
02. Bassbully feat. Chima Anya - Whatever *
03. Raashan Ahmad - Music feat. Ty & Sarsha Simone
04. Mental Abstrato - Quando Ouviu O Meu Samba (feat. Ohmega Watts)
05. ADH - The Difference feat. Kofi Genfi
06. Afro Cluster - Power Moves
07. Scott D - The Professor
08. Slone - Just One *
09. Jister - Turn My Head *
10. Substantial - My Favorite Things featuring Steph, The Sapphic Songstress
11. Glows In The Dark - Fluorescence feat. John Robinson
12. Antoine Berjeaut "WasteLand" feat. Mike Ladd - J.D.
* exclusive/unreleased tracks

Credits :
Audiovisual concept by Djouls & Ben Hito
A&R : Djouls & Miska, with the help of Loik Dury
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao
Artwork by Ben Hito & Bernard Bittler

Links :
Download now on bandcamp
Paris DJs : | bandcamp | facebook | juno | pinterest | soundcloud | twitter | youtube
Miska Events : official | facebook | youtube
Artwork by Bernard Bittler, illustrated by Ben Hito

Track-by-track info :

01. Tob One - It Wasn't Suppose to Happen (feat. Mr. Complex) / USA

Credits :
Musicians : Tob One, Mr.Complex
Recorded at NH/NY
Produced and composed by Mass Appeal Beats
Mixed and mastered by Clark Grizzwald

Links :
Tob One : bandcamp | facebook | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

About Tob One :
Tob1 is a definitive emcee with raw rhymes and slick wordplay versed in both experimental concept albums as well as more traditional golden era hip-hop.  Representing The Fallbright Conservatory.

Tob One about Paris DJs :
Much respect to Julien and everyone involved at ParisDJ's.  Honored to be a part of these compilations with such a rich blend of substance and variety.

02. Bassbully feat. Chima Anya - Whatever / UK

Credits :
Musicians : Bassbully and Chima Anya
Composed by Leon Brichard & Chima Anya
Recorded at Stac Studio
Produced and mixed by Leon Brichard
Mastered by Grant Phabao

Links :
Bassbully : official

About Bassbully :
Leon makes beats, Chima raps, Whatever...

Bassbully about Paris DJs :
You guys rule!

03. Raashan Ahmad - Music feat. Ty & Sarsha Simone / USA

Credits :
Musicians : The Park, Adam Theiss, Ty, Sarsha Simone, Raashan Ahmad
Recorded at a bus in the desert 
Produced by Raashan Ahmad/The Park
Mixed and mastered by Ronny Schlosser
Composed by Raashan Ahmad, The Park, Adam Theiss
Published by Raashan Ahmad (BMI) / Ty (Tru Thoughts Ltd)

Links :
Raashan Ahmad : official | bandcamp | facebook | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

About Raashan Ahmad :
Raashan Ahmad is a M.C./D.J. from California.  His albums "The Push", "For What You’ve Lost" and "Ceremony" have garnered worldwide attention. Everywhere from International tastemaker Giles Peterson who invited him to perfom at his worldwide music awards in London, to a performance on Live Radio Nova Nuit Zebree and a interview on France 24 that reached over 20 million viewers, to touring nonstop in Europe, Japan, Australia, Brazil, North America and beyond. Add to that  being awarded Album of the year from Radio Grenoille, collaborations with Aloe Blacc, Keren Ann, Fred Wesley, Gift of Gab (Blackalicious), Ta-ku, Geoffrey Oreyama, and many more and he’s only just begun. Stay tuned!

Raashan Ahmad about Paris DJs :
Been a long time fan of the Paris DJs, Glad to be included in this! Much respect. Big up!

04. Mental Abstrato - Quando Ouviu O Meu Samba (feat. Ohmega Watts) / BRAZIL

Credits :
Musicians : Omig One, Calmão Tranquis feat. Ohmega Watts
Recorded at Brazil/EUA
Produced by Mental Abstrato
Mixed and mastered by Calmão Tranquis
Composed by Milton Campbell (Ohmega Watts) & Mental Abstrato (Omig One & Calmão Tranquis)
Published by Abramus

Links :
Mental Abstrato : official | discogs | facebook | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

About Mental Abstrato :
Mental Abstrato is a trio project from São Paulo/Brazil, which brings together the essence of various music from Nu-Jazz, Samba Jazz, Bossa Nova, Soul, Groove to Hip Hop in perfect harmony, uniting performances of guest musicians and samplers, with beats that surround and definitely provide a mental trip to the abstract. Since the duo of Beatmakers (Omig One & Calmão Tranquis) started to create music together in 2005, they have participated in a number of projects including the production of two remix singles distributed by the Italian label IRMA Records "Space Age Mama Jama" and "Everlasting Rose" in 2009. Mental Abstrato released their debut album "Pure Essence" in 2010 via the Japanese label Goon Trax with special appearances by Ohmega Watts (of Lightheaded), Mimismooth, Logics and Newsense (of ArtOfficial) and others. Currently, the project has a new member and multi-instrumentalist "Guimas Santos" and are working on her second album to be released in 2014, with some new collaborations.

Mental Abstrato about Paris DJs :
It is an honor to participate in this compilation by Paris DJs, label with a fantastic proposal to unite good and contemporary music from around the world. Thanks and much respect from Brazil.

05. ADH - The Difference feat. Kofi Genfi / USA

Credits :
Musicians : Alpha Diop, Chaki Jacobs, Avinash Narang, Kofi GenfiRecorded at From Below studio
Produced by Alpha "ADH" Diop, Chaki Jacobs
Mixed and mastered by : Avinash "young Avi" Narang
Composed and published by Alpha Diop

Links :
ADH : official | facebook | instagram | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

About ADH :
Brooklyn Born MC ADH grew up listening to the like’s fellow BK alumni such as Jay-Z and the Notorious B.I.G. So when he moved to NJ as a teenager he was already well schooled on Hip Hop. ADH began as a drummer playing in several dance companies in which he has performed all over the country. Following his sophomore mixtape "Stay In Company," ADH would then release his highly acclaimed mixtape "I.M. (Introducing Me)" which truly displayed him coming into his own as an artist. ADH’s full length debut LP "Alpha" was released on November 21st 2011; it introduced the world to a Rising Star. Following the release of ALPHA, ADH has dropped a series called The Vibe 1 & 2 with more to follow. ADH has shared the stage with Chuck D of public enemy, Wise intellegent, Drez of black sheep, Asap Ant/ asap mob and many others. ADH continues to share his story with each release.

ADH about Paris DJs :
Much love to Paris DJs! forever grateful. Keep sharing the vibes with the world! 2LV

06. Afro Cluster - Power Moves / UK

Credits :
Musicians : Skunkadelic, DJ Veto, Tim Short, Tom Rabiaotti, Andrew Brown, Harri Davies, Ben Harker, Hugh Parry, Russell Evans, Harry Brunt
Composed by Afro Cluster
Recorded at Fieldgate Studio
Produced by Andrew Lawson
Mixed by Andrew Lawson
Mastered by Donal Whelan

Links :
Afro Cluster : bandcamp | facebook | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

About Afro Cluster :
Born of Cardiff jam sessions, Afro Cluster is a melting pot for the influences of its members. Bringing together afrobeat, funk and hip hop, the band have gigged extensively across the country taking in towns, cities and festivals alike. After releasing an E.P titled 'Enter, the lion' in 2013 the band are now focused on writing for an album, having released a taster track in the form of 'Power Moves'.

Afro Cluster about Paris DJs :
We're all big fans of Paris DJ's. No one else on the planet is smashing out such excellent mixes in the genres we love time after time. We are truly honoured to be a part of it, and to be in such great company!

07. Scott D - The Professor / USA

Credits :
Composed by Scotty Schneider, Andrew Mohebbi, Billy Schneider, Isaac Tetenbaum
Published by Scotty Schneider
Musicians : Scotty Schneider, Andrew Mohebbi, Billy Schneider, Isaac Tetanbaum
Recorded at In Fidelity Recordings
Produced by Andrew Mohebbi
Mixed by Daryl Wang
Mastered by Daryl Wang

Links :
Scott D : bandcamp | facebook | twitter

About Scott D :
My name is Scotty and I love music, especially Hip-Hop. I also like to kick a rhyme every now and then. Enjoy the sounds!

Scott D about Paris DJs :
I love the music you guys put together and showcase. I'm very honored to be apart of this new compilation!

08. Slone - Just One / FRANCE

Credits :
Composed, played, produced and mixed by SLONE

Links :
Slone : bandcamp | facebook | soundcloud | twitter

About Slone :
SLONE is a French beatmaker, these inspirations are Jazzy / Soul / Funk / Electro

09. Jister - Turn My Head / UK

Credits :
Composed by Alex Bailey & Jister
Published by Jister 
Musicians : Jister & Alex Bailey
Recorded at Jister's Studio
Produced, mixed and mastered by Alex Bailey
Mixed by : Alex Bailey
Mastered by : Alex Bailey

Links :
Jister : official | bandcamp | facebook | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

About Jister :
Jister is an aspiring producer, battler and rapper from Middlesbrough, England.  He has established himself as one of the most unique, distinct underground hip hop MCs and personalities over the past few years thanks to numerous performances, mixtapes, EPs and tracks that have been released to an audience spanning from Thornaby to Tunisia.  Alex Bailey is the founder of Rockademic Productions and is a producer and sound engineer based in York, England.

Jister about Paris DJs :

10. Substantial - My Favorite Things featuring Steph, The Sapphic Songstress / USA

Credits :
Composed by S. Robinson, R. Carter Jr., S. Hilliard
Published by Unlimited Vinyl Ink & QN5 Music
Lead Vocals & Beatbox by Substantial
Additional Vocals by Steph, The Sapphic Songstress
Drums by Russell 'Definition' Carter, Jr.
Keys by Russell 'Definition' Carter, Jr. & Rashaan Carter
Bass by Rashaan Carter
Trumpet by Dontae Hamlett
Recorded at Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood Studio, Brooklyn
Produced by Definition
Mixed by Substantial
Mastered by Greg Forsberg at Supalump Masters (Las Vegas, NV)

Links :
Substantial : official | bandcamp | discogs | facebook | soundcloud | twitter | wordpress | youtube

About Substantial :
Substantial is synonymous with hip-hop, from the indy label he launched, to the lyrical dexterity of his common-man flow. He has collaborated with Kool Herc, Bootsy Collins, Chew Fu, Cunninlynguists, Nujabes, Oddisee and Bruce Kulick & Gene Simmons of KISS. Not bad for a DMV rapper and community activist: he builds recording studios for at-risk youth, and has raised money for school music programs.

11. Glows In The Dark - Fluorescence feat. John Robinson / USA

Credits :
Composed by Scott Burton
Scott Burton : guitar
Scott Clark : drums
John Lilley : saxophone
Reggie Pace : trombone and percussion
Cameron Ralston : bass
Recorded at Songwire Studios Richmond, Virginia USA
Produced by Scott Burton and Reggie Pace
Mixed by Bryce McCormick
Mastered by Morgan Garcia

Links :
Glows In The Dark : official | bandcamp | facebook | twitter | youtube

About Glows In The Dark :
Since 2007, Glows in the Dark have created avant-garde jazz fueled by the storytelling qualities of film. It’s no wonder, then, that the latest creations by the band’s leader, Scott Burton, have imported the entirely different but similarly story-based genre of hip-hop, drawing collaborations with emcees like Count Bass D, Jneiro Jarel, Jawwaad Taylor, John Robinson, and 20/20. Their forthcoming release celebrates that intersection of jazz and hip-hop, while their most current EP, Tides of War, features remixes of their 2010 album Beach of the War Gods produced by Count Bass D, Tim Gane (of Stereolab), and others, and Jneiro Jarel included one of his remixes in his JJ DOOM Mixtape for Lex Records in 2012.
Taking cues and inspiration from everyone from J Dilla to Ennio Morricone to Yes, the band combines melody with chaos and processes the mix through its filter of five distinct personalities. By taking old films - like those of the kung fu and Italian crime variety - and adapting their story structures to music, Burton and company have come up with a unique songwriting process that leaves plenty of room for improvisation. In 2011, they joined Italian band Calibro 35 in recording music for the documentary Eurocrime!, directed by Mike Malloy, which was featured at the 2012 Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal. In their collaborations with hip-hop artists, they take less of a back seat than merely being beat creators. Instead, they explore a band/emcee dialogue that seems unparalleled in either individual genre.
Glows In The Dark about Paris DJs :
We are so excited to be featured once again on a great compilation by Paris DJs! When we put this album together, we had no idea the reach and underground support it would garner,  and it's truly a pleasure to share these tracks with even more people across the world. Thanks!

12. Antoine Berjeaut "WasteLand" feat. Mike Ladd - J.D. / FRANCE

Credits :
Composed by Antoine Berjeaut
Published by Antoine Berjeaut/Jordi Pujol
Antoine Berjeaut : trumpet
Mike Ladd : vocals
Julien Lourau : saxophone
Jozef Dumooullin : keys
Stephane Kerecki : double bass
Fabrice Moreau : Drums
Recorded at Studio Davout
Produced by Antoine Berjeaut/Jordi Pujol
Mixed by Sebastien Miglianico
Mastered by Hubert Salou

Links :
Antoine Berjeaut : official | facebook | soundcloud

About Antoine Berjeaut :
"French Trumpeter/flugelhornist Berjeaut, who also included live electronics, gathered a first-class line-up around him. For sure, it was a non-opportunistic choice to extend and challenge the realms of "jazz". Mike Ladd, a lively and cliché-free performer with sharp timing and forceful phrasing, created an imaginary space with telescoping personal and collective memories. It was quite intriguing how Ladd’s moving vocal discourse was carried and intensified by a sound tapestry very much originating from the musical concept of trumpeter Jon Hassell, which was executed here with grandeur. A great closing from a fresh young peripheral perspective." - Henning Bolte, 05/08/13,

Antoine Berjeaut about Paris DJs :
Paris DJs spread wicked music, good vibes, enjoy

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