It's been a while since we've posted a mix on our podcast series. Nowdays everyone's posting his own mix somewhere. But most of the time those are just VERY far from Paris DJs' quality standards. Where's the original artwork? Detailed tracklisting & links? Intention note? Track-by-track review? Photos of the records played in the mix? Professional audio mastering before encoding into mp3? And of course the selection has to be crazy damn good…

Yes, we've set the bar high. Yes, we're still waiting for somebody to get to that level. And no, there still isn't any competition. Maybe we haven't searched long enough but we don't find that anywhere alas. There are people stealing from us though. We've met those radio programmers, deejays and synch curators who told us Paris DJs' selections were a great source for their own playlists. There ain't much people giving credit where it's due, though.

So we've decided to start something else. We'll still be making to supa-good mixes, they'll still be crazy-nice sounding with Grant Phabao's mastering, but they won't be available in the podcast as easy & free downloads no more. Instead we'll press them on strictly limited runs of CDs. We'll share the mp3s with our best customers asking for them. And that's it. Now you'll have to hunt for those mixes. Another era, another game…

Buy this CD on if there's any copy left there, or come to one of our gigs to grab a copy.

Paris DJs Soundsystem Slow Riders
Paris DJs Soundsystem - Slow Riders Vol.1 (Limited edition CD, 30 copies only) Paris DJs mix #493, 2019-03-31
Fresh Lowrider Sounds & New Deep Soul Vibes

Maybe you haven't heard about it yet, but there's a new musical movement happening worldwide, a revival of the "Lowrider Soul" scene from the 60's with many new, young bands putting out fantastic tunes in that sweet, soulful, Californian vibe. It all started thanks to Big Crown Records in New York, who reissued fantastic laidback soul from Sunny & The Sunliners in 2017. From there on we saw bands popping out with some of the deepest soul vibes we've heard in a long time, all over the US, in Finland and other places.

You might not have heard some of those names yet, but Pratt & Moody, Cold, Diamond & Mink, Ben Pirani, Durand Jones & The Indications, Bobby Oroza, The Sentiments, Fred, The Soul Investigators, Thee Baby Cuffs, Orgone, Jason Joshua & The Beholders, Alba & The Mighty Lions, Jonny Benavidez and many others are killing it out there.

Tracklisting :
Sorry not this time. Figure it out by yourselves.

Credits :
Selected by Djouls
Mixed & mastered by Grant Phabao
Artwork by Ben Hito

Buy this CD on if there's any copy left there, or come to one of our gigs to grab a copy.

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