Maybe you haven't heard about it yet, but there's a new musical movement happening worldwide, a revival of the "Lowrider Soul" scene from the 60's with many new, young bands putting out fantastic tunes in that sweet, soulful, Californian vibe. It all started thanks to Big Crown Records in New York, who reissued fantastic laidback soul from Sunny & The Sunliners in 2017. From there on we saw bands popping out with some of the deepest soul vibes we've heard in a long time, all over the US, in Finland and other places.

We cooked a mix of 45s from this new lowrider soul scene, with releases from Colemine Records in Ohio, Big Crown Records or Names You Can Trust Records in NY, Transistor Sound in the Bay Area, Timmion Records in Finland and Mango Hill Records, to being with. You won't find it anywhere on the internet though, it's an old-school very limited CD mixtape (to listen to in a lowrider car, of course!), but we'll provide a mp3 to the poster buyers and Paris DJs' private record store best customers on request for sure.

French poster artist Ben Hito draw a killer artwork to illustrate Paris DJs-style this lowrider revival scene. We printed 300 copies of it on a 60x40cm poster, which you'll find on our Bandcamp page, at our private record store near Metro Telegraphe in Paris, at our monthly gigs at the Ground Control behind the Gare de Lyon, or directly through Ben Hito himself in Montpellier.

Paris DJs Soundsystem Slow Riders Poster

Paris DJs Soundsystem Slow Riders Poster

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