Paris DJs Soundsystem Rise Of The Troubadour Warriors Tropical Grooves and Afrofunk International Vol 3

Paris DJs and Elvis Martinez Smith team up for 'Rise Of The Troubadour Warriors - Tropical Grooves & Afrofunk International Vol.3' - taking up where the second volume left off with another a fully-licensed compilation of Afrofunk, Afrobeat, Latin or Brazilian Funk & Ethio-Jazz from the 21st century.

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Paris DJs Soundsystem Rise Of The Troubadour Warriors Tropical Grooves and Afrofunk International Vol 3
Paris DJs Soundsystem - Rise Of The Troubadour Warriors - Tropical Grooves and Afrofunk International Vol.3
(Digital Album/Poster) Paris DJs PARISDJS034, 2013-07-03

Tracklisting :
01. Brownout - Flaximus (Renegades Of Jazz Bboy Edit) 3:36 / USA*
02. Grant Phabao Afrofunk Arkestra - Ymoja 5:28 / FRANCE*
03. Papa Chango - Enter The Dragonfly 4:35 / AUSTRALIA*
04. London Afrobeat Collective - Occupy 4:41 / UK
05. Foreign Key - Showdown Inna Addis 4:23 / USA*
06. André Sampaio & Os AfroMandinga - O Que Fazer? Feat. Cacique 97 6:16 / BRAZIL
07. Shareholder Tom feat. Fijori - Single Warrior (AIFF Remix) 4:04 / GERMANY/NETHERLANDS
08. Osemako - Petit à Petit 4:11 / NIGERIA/FRANCE*
09. Todd Simon's Ethio-Cali Ensemble - Fresh Kitfo 4:26 / USA*
10. The Funk Ark - Way of the Walrus 4:12 / USA*
11. Kingdom★Afrocks - イチカバチカーノ (Ichikabachikano) 6:50 / JAPAN
12. International Ducks - The International Ducks 3:38 / GERMANY*
13. Pyramid Blue - Río Níger 6:41 / SPAIN
14. The Fontanelles - Pinprick 3:30 / UK
15. Hard Proof - Trickle Down 5:42 / USA*
* unreleased brand new tracks

Credits :
Audiovisual concept by Djouls & Ben Hito
A&R : Djouls, Elvis Martinez Smith from ©© Les Frères Smith, with the help of Loik Dury
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao
Artwork by Ben Hito

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Elvis Martinez Smith : facebook
©© Les Freres Smith : discogs | bandcamp | facebook | flickr | myspace | youtube
Ben Hito : official | discogs | facebook

Press Release :
Paris DJs and Elvis Martinez Smith team up for 'Rise Of The Troubadour Warriors - Tropical Grooves & Afrofunk International Vol.3' - taking up where the second volume left off with another a fully-licensed compilation of Afrofunk, Afrobeat, Latin or Brazilian Funk & Ethio-Jazz from the 21st century.

The music abounds with psychedelic influences and a heavy dose of soul, including a slew of brand new unreleased tracks from Brownout, The Funk Ark (both produced by Adrian Quesada) and Hard Proof from Austin, Texas; Foreign Key and Todd Simon's Ethio-Cali Ensemble from Los Angeles, USA; the Grant Phabao Afrofunk Arkestra or Osemako from Paris and Nîmes, France; Papa Chango from Melbourne, Australia; and the International Ducks from Berlin, Germany!!

The series has already received fantastic critical praise, with The Afrobeat Blog calling Volume 1 “pure unadulterated afrobeat heaven”, WRUV's Music Reviews noticing the "Gorgeous vintage sound on many tracks", and The Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show on the BBC claiming that “the amount of high-quality Afro, Soul, Ska & Reggae that the Paris DJs are throwing out just now is breathtaking. 'Dis Is Good For You', their actual compilation, it's good for ya!".

All of the tracks were re-mastered by Grant Phabao at Paris DJs studios, giving the music on 'Rise Of The Troubadour Warriors' a sound quality sometimes previously unavailable. Quite simply, the music has never sounded this good. With an intemporal Ben Hito artwork as a source of inspiration to submit tracks, this is truly epic music and is perhaps even more relevant to the funkier influences within the contemporary Afro musical spectrum.


01. Brownout - Flaximus (Renegades Of Jazz Bboy Edit) / USA

Before running the Kept Records label, founder Dale Barrie was putting out some cool mixes of 45s on Paris DJs as Citizen Dale. Now both entities have became music labels, and they're still conspirating together, for official releases this time! After licensing a Polyrhythmics track for the second Paris DJs Soundsystem compilation 'We Are The Fire Inside Your Mind', Paris DJs and Kept Records are proud to gather their mutual friends from Texas, Germany and France in the form of an exclusive joint-release of a two-tracks digital single. Brownout is the band. Grant Phabao is the reggae/dub remixer. Renegades Of Jazz are the Bboy Editors. Ben Hito is the illustrator. Paris DJs and Kept Records are the label. You're SO gonna love this one. And with more than 35.000 plays on soundcloud for the storming Renegades Of Jazz Bboy Edit of 'Flaximus', we couldn't pass on selecting this absolute blast of latin funk fire as the opening track to this compilation!

Credits :
Beto Martinez - Guitar
Greg Gonzalez - Bass
Mark Gonzales - Trombone
Gilbert Elorreaga - Trumpet
Adrian Quesada - Guitar
Matthew "Sweet Lou" Holmes - Congas
Josh Levy - Baritone Sax
John Speice - Drumset, Timbal, Bata, Shekere

Composed by F. Martinez
Edit & additional production by David Hanke
Mastering by Grant Phabao
© 2013 Kept Records

About Brownout :
Brownout is a fantastic latin-funk band from Austin, Texas, led by regular Paris DJs collaborator Adrian Quesada, who've been putting out heavily recommended albums and singles of killer Latin-Funk breaks, grooves and soul. Their latest full-length 'Oozy' was one of the best albums of 2012, and their Kept Records 45 'Flaximus/I Won't Lie' was one the best singles of the same year, in Paris DJs's book.

Latest Releases :
- Grant Phabao & Renegades Of Jazz Remixes (Digital Single, Kept Records/Paris DJs, 2013)
- Flaximus / I Won't Lie (7", Kept Records, 2012)
- OOzy (CD, Nat Geo Music, 2012)

Links :
Brownout : official | facebook | twitter | youtube

02. Grant Phabao Afrofunk Arkestra - Ymoja / FRANCE

The first preview of this monster of a Afrofunk/Breaks track appeared early 2012 in the Grant Phabao & Djouls '21st Century Afro Spectacular' mix. Soon followed by the release of the dancefloor stormer 'Ogun' on a limited vinyl 45. 'Ymoja' appears here in its final mix, and those heavy heavy Afrofunk breaks and horns slabs are announcing one hell of an album for the Grant Phabao Afrofunk Arkestra, to be released this autumn on Paris DJs!

Credits :
Zakari Frantz & Cedric Ricard - Saxophones
Grant Phabao : all other instruments, production, mix and mastering
© 2013 T.I.M.E.C./Paris DJs
About Grant Phabao :
Parisian multi-intrumentalist Grant Phabao might be the most essential producer of 21st century roots Jamaican and African music. His sound and mixing style got him the praise of most veterans from Studio One in Kingston, who never forget to come to Paris DJs studios in the French capital to voice some new riddims with him when in town, saying he's "bringing back the original King Tubby sound with a modern twist". Four albums, with respectively The Lone Ranger, Carlton Livingston, The Silvertones, and The Jays, have already been produced by Grant Phabao and released on the Paris DJs label. Many more singles and remixes too, already gathering half a million downloads wihout any kind of promotion. Grant Phabao is now played on many radios all over the world and was recently spinning his tunes along with the Paris DJs Soundsystem at the Glastonbury festival 2013.

Latest Releases :
Already 20 new releases just for 2013 on!!

Links :
Grant Phabao : official | bandcamp | facebook | juno | parisdjs | soundcloud | youtube

03. Papa Chango - Enter The Dragonfly / AUSTRALIA

We've discovered this 9-piece band from Melbourne australia last year, with their album 'The Matador', which made it to Paris DJs' 10 best albums of 2012,. We've been eagerly asking for someone to 'press this 70’s ethio-jazz and afro-funk Morricone meets Mulatu afro-blaxploitation soundtrack on vinyl ASAP' but alas it hasn't happened yet. Thankfully the band is now preparing a second full-length, and this marvelous new piece of Cinematic Ethio-Funk announces great things to come…

Credits :
Tully Sumner - Vox/Guitar
Ania Reynolds - Keyboards/Baritone Sax
Dave Williams - Guitar
Thom Mitchell - Congas
Andre Lobanov - Bass/Trombone
Dave Henry - Trumpet
Matt Bird - Sax
Michael Evans-Barker - Drums

Composed by Papa Chango
Recorded at The Aviary
Produced by Tristan Ludowyk & Papa Chango
Mixed by Tristan Ludowyk
Mastering by Grant Phabao
© 2013 Papa Chango

About Papa Chango :

Whether you’re lulled into a trance by the dark, visceral melodies or energized by the afro-inspired rhythms you will be moved, one way or another, by Papa Chango. With a line-up comprising horns, percussion, guitars and a mighty Farfisa organ, the Melbourne based 9-piece bring a modern flavour to the sounds of the 1970’s Ethio-jazz and afro-funk movements.

Latest Releases :
- The Matador (CD/Digital, self-released, 2012)
- Enter the Dragonfly (free download, 2012)

Links :
Papa Chango : official | bandcamp | facebook | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

04. London Afrobeat Collective - Occupy / UK

London Afrobeat Collective's take on Fela’s original blueprint remains traditional but includes modern injections of raw funk, latin and even dubstep in latest single 'Occupy', all glued together by bold brass and dancefloor sweat. With nods to the 'Star Wars' theme, a rock edge, and a rallying cry going like this: 'Occupy the streets and buildings - Say we got to make a change", this is really a unique, exhilarating track! With a catalogue of new material ready for release and the festival season on the horizon, the rise of LAC looks unstoppable - you won’t be able to resist them…

Credits :
Alex Farrell - Guitar
Alex Szjyanowicz - Guitar
Klibens Michelet - Baritone
Andrew Watts - Trumpet
Richard Zarek Cohen - Percussion
Lee Crisp - Congas/Percs
Alex Sawyer - Drums
Ed Swinburn - Tenor Sax
John Mathews - Bass
Funke Adeleke - Vocals
Chloe Sachikonye - Vocals

Composed by London Afrobeat Collective
Recorded at Smokehouse Studios, London
Produced by London Afrobeat Collective
Mixed and mastered by Sonny Simpson
© 2013 London Afrobeat Collective

About London Afrobeat Collective :
If, as the great Fela Kuti once said, ‘music is the weapon’, then you’ll need to wear armour to withstand the full sonic force of London Afrobeat Collective (LAC) - this politicised party machine are an incendiary live act who channel the spirit of the Afrobeat founder via bass-heavy rhythms guaranteed to make you move. Their name may include the UK’s capital but their sound goes far beyond the British Isles. A line up including members from as far flung as Nigeria and Iran makes for a unique, global sound sharpened through constant gigging and captured in a self-titled debut album.

Latest Releases :
- Occupy (Digital Single, 2012)
- L.A.C. (CD/Digital, 2010)

Links :
London Afrobeat Collective : official | bandcamp | facebook | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

05. Foreign Key - Showdown Inna Addis / USA

Led by guitarist/producer Siahvash Dowlatshahi with some of the Bay Area’s funkiest horn players, Foreign Key Records is an International Roots Music Production Team specializing in conscious world styles... Right after releasing a superb roots reggae album for Mikal Rose called 'Showdown Inna Bloody Town', Foreign Key are already back with a new Ethio-Jazz/Afrofunk number, featuring Jungle Fire's Steve Haney on percussion, and hopefully the beginning of many collaborations with Paris DJs

Credits :
Guitars - Siahvash Dowlatshahi
Bass - Goopy Rossi
Percussion - Steve Haney
Keys - Brian Teel, Ari Margolis
Baritone Sax (solo 1) - Aaron Bennett
Trumpet (solo 2) - Max Sternberg
Sax - Luis Andrade
Trombone - Liz Larson

Composed by Siahvash Dowlatshahi
Published by Siahvash Dowlatshahi / Foreign Key Publishing
Recorded at Atomic Garden Studios
Produced by : Siahvash Dowlatshahi
Mixed by Jack Shirley
Mastered by Jack Shirley
© 2013 Foreign Key Records

Latest Releases :
- Mykal Rose - Showdown Inna Bloody Town (CD/Digital, 2013)
- Earl Zero - Marketplace (CD/Digital, 2012)

Links :
Foreign Key : official | bandcamp | facebook | soundcloud | youtube

06. André Sampaio & Os AfroMandinga - O Que Fazer? feat. Cacique 97 / BRAZIL

A bit of freshness from Rio de Janeiro is more than welcome in this new heavy compilation. André Sampaio has just released his first album, 'Desaguou', recorded in Mali, Burkina Faso, Portugal and Brazil, featuring some great names of the African diaspora such as Vieux Farka Toure, Cacique 97 or BNegao'O Que Fazer?' is the opening track from that album, with horns and keyboards guests from Portugal/Mozambique Afrobeat orchestra Cacique 97'. Blending Nigerian Afrobeat with inspiration from Capoeira Angola movements, this spiritual and uniquely beautiful song brings some sparkling colors to the 'Rise of the Troubadour Warriors'!

Credits :
André Sampaio - Voice and Guitar
Mauricio Bongo - Drums e Maracas
Pedro Leão - Bass
Noan Moreira - Congas
Joás Santos - Sticks
João Gomes - Keyboards
João Cabrita - Tenor Sax, Barítone Sax and arrangements
José Lencastre: High Sax
José Raminhos: Trumpet
Miguel Jorge e Karla da Silva - Backing Vocals

Written & composed by André Sampaio
Recorded at Jimo Studio and Toca da Raposa Studio - Rio de Janeiro/ Brazil
Produced by André Sampaio
Mixed by Buguinha Dub at Studio Mundo Novo - Olinda/PE - Brazil
Mastered by Pablo Lopes at Floresta Studio - Recife/PE - Brazil
© 2013 André Ampaio

About André Sampaio :
With a work that mixes afrobeat, jazz-blues influences, candomble drums, dub, samba and his 13-year career as the lead guitarist of Ponto de Equilibrio (one of the most popular Brazilian roots reggae bands), André Sampaio announces the release of his solo CD: "Desaguou". In the album, André Sampaio & The AfroMandinga assemble appearances from big names in the world music from Brazil, Mali, Burkina Faso, Mozambique and Portugal who contribute masterfully for the construction of this bridge which André is dedicated: unite tradition and modernity, africanity and brazilianess through sound.

Latest Releases :
- Desaguou (CD/Digital, 2013)

Links :
André Sampaio : facebook | myspace | soundcloud | youtube

07. Shareholder Tom feat. Fijori - Single Warrior (AIFF Remix) / GERMANY/NETHERLANDS

In spring 2009 Thomas Berghaus aka Shareholder Tom released his first 7 inch vinyl single 'Single Warrior', recorded with the Eritrean singer-songwriter Fijori aka Rita Gabir. The song reminds of the roots reggae vibes of the '70s. On the B-side was an afrofunky remix created by the Dutch producer duo AIFF (Afro Influenced Funk Federation). The edition was sold out quickly and when Paris DJs received this submission a few months ago for their 'We Are The Fire Inside Your Mind' compilation, they instantly decided to keep it under wraps for the next one. One 'Single Warrior' joining the crew of the 'Troubadour Warriors'… it was kinda obvious and the song fits perfectly this new selection.

Credits :
Written by Rita Gabir
Composed by Rita Gabir & Thomas Berghaus
Published by Unique Musikverlag / Buddemusic

Rita Gabir - Vocals
Peter Broekuizen - Additional Flute
Ton van der Kolk & Timothy van der Holst - All other instruments
Recorded at Social Beats, Netherlands
Produced by Ton van der Kolk & Timothy van der Holst
Mixed by Phil Martin, Social Beats, Netherlands
Mastered by Kai Blankenberg, Skyline Tonfabrik, Düsseldorf / Germany
© 2013 Büro.9 Music GbR

About Shareholder Tom :
In autumn 2009 the first Shareholder Tom LP “Emotional Value” was released, a varied mix of different genres of black music including world music, soul, reggae, hip hop, afro-beat, etc. In spring 2011 the second Shareholder Tom LP “Havana - Asmara, via Colonia” was released. The album, assembling countless styles of black music, attracted massive press attention. Only one year later, in the summer of 2012 the third Shareholder Tom album titled “45 Minutes out of 25 Years“ was released - again with features of Fijori, Travis Blaque, Jbid Assadurian and Alison Degbe. At the same time Berghaus released the single “Moving In Conjunction”. The song was inspired by the Northern Soul of the '60s. The single “Highway To Hell” is now the latest collaboration of Thomas Berhaus and Dirk Schaadtand, released in April 2013.

Latest Releases :

- Batida de Colónia - Batida de Colónia (CD/Digital, Büro.9, 2013)
- Shareholder Tom - Highway To Hell (7"/Digital, Büro.9, 2013)
- Shareholder Tom - 45 Minutes Out Of 25 Years (CD/Digital, Büro.9, 2012)

Links :
Büro.9 : official | bandcamp | facebook | soundcloud | vimeo

08. Osemako - Petit à Petit / NIGERIA/FRANCE

Olumuyiwa Kunnuji aka Muyiwa was a trumpet player for Fela's Egypt 80 and more recenly for Seun Kuti's Egypt 80 band. He started a new project last year called Osemako, for which he composed and started recording some tracks in Lagos, Nigeria, and Nîmes, France, and then went to Grant Phabao to do the mixing. Tony Allen played drums on the first track Osemako released last year, on Paris DJs' 'Dis Is Good For You' compilation. This second offering, available exclusively on this 3rd volume of the 'Tropical Grooves & Afrofunk International' series, achieves to prove that the butterfly is now out of the cocoon... and flying high in a new and different direction, presenting original African music in-between Afrobeat, Highlife and Jive… Tout ira bien, avec le temps!

Credits :
Muyiwa Kunnuji - Trumpet, vocals
Fab Smith - Tenor sax
Nicolas Sakélario - Baritone sax
Tom Pablo Gareïl - Vibes
Olivier Martin-Delalez - Keyboards, backing vocals
Jean-Baptiste Saint-Martin - Guitar
Fatna Chaibi- Bass, backing vocals
François Estassy - Drums
James Stewart - Congas

Written, composed and produced by Muyiwa Kunnuji
Mixed and mastered by Grant Phabao
© 2013 Muyiwa Kunnuji

About Osemako :
Osemako is the band led by Muyiwa Kunnuji, the last trumpet player for Fela Kuti, father of Afrobeat. After more than 15 years with Egypt 80's, Muyiwa decided to create his own band: Osemako, for which he composes, does the arrangements, sings and plays the trumpet. His compositions are the image of his rich musical culture. If the basics of his music is Afrobeat, Highlife, Juju and even South African Jive are also part of his vocabulary, his musical tongue, which he prefers to call "Afro Classical Beat". Osemako began when Muyiwa Kunnuji encountered 8 musicians from different musical backgrounds. All are orientated towards the modern music of Black Atlantic mentioned above and fully express themselves in the opulence and originality of Muyiwa's compositions and arrangements.

Links :
Osemako : blogspot | discogs | facebook | parisdjs | soundcloud | vimeo

09. Todd Simon's Ethio-Cali Ensemble - Fresh Kitfo / USA

Todd Simon is an American trumpeter/flugelhorn/French horn player and horns/strings arranger featured in too many cool records too count, from Antibalas to The Decoders, Breakestra, Quantic, Madlib, Kelis, RZA, Adrain Younge, Flying Lotus, TV On The Radio and many many more. He graced Paris DJs last year with an exclusive mix of the United States Of Dub which might soon be followed by a second volume… His Los Angeles-based Ethio-Cali Ensemble, featuring a cast of the finest musicians from Southern California, plays music inspired by the golden era of Ethio-Jazz, but also brings rhythmic and melodic textures of Sudan, Somalia, Ghana, and Columbia, with some modern elements into the mix, through some original compositions. 'Fresh Kifto" featured here is their first official release ever, hot off the oven, and as deep as modern Ethio-Jazz can be!

Credits :
Todd M. Simon - Trumpet
Dexter Story - Drums
Kamasi Washington - Tenor saxophone
Randal Fisher - Tenor saxophone
Mark de Clive-Lowe - Electric piano
Itai Shapira - Guitar
Patrick Bailey - Bass
Alan Mark Lightner - Steel drums
Stave Haney - Congas, percussion
Te'Amir Yohannes Sweeney - Percussion

Composed by Dexter Story
Published by Dexter Story Publishing
Recorded at Flying Carpet Studios, Los Angeles
Produced by Todd Simon
Engineered & Mixed by Kamal De Iruretagoyena Humphrey, CAS
Mastered by Grant Phabao
© 2013 Todd M. Simon

About Todd Simon's Ethio-Cali Ensemble :
Ethio Cali is a Los Angeles-based Ethiopian jazz ensemble led by trumpeter/arranger/composer Todd Simon and featuring a cast of the finest musicians from Southern California. The ensemble’s sublime sound is inspired by the Golden Age of Ethiopian music of the 1960’s and 70’s, filtered through a lens that is uniquely Los Angeles and roots-inspired. Acknowledging the diverse musical foundations of Ethio-jazz, the ensemble also draws inspiration from the rhythmic and melodic textures of Sudan, Somalia, Ghana, and Columbia.

Links :
Todd Simon's Ethio-Cali Ensemble official | facebook | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter | tumblr

10. The Funk Ark - Way of the Walrus / USA

Afrobeat/Funk band from Washington DC The Funk Ark came to our attention through our Adrian Quesada. The producer extraordinaire from Austin, Texas has the Midas touch in our book so we try to follow closely the impressive amount of releases he gets involved in. In 2012 Adrian produced the group' second album, 'High Noon', bringing The Funk Ark to new heights. The good news is that a vinyl release is now planned for the end of the year! A highly recommended xmas present… Checking if any new productions were on the horizons, the band replied to Paris DJs that they had two unreleased tracks in stock, extracted from the 'High Noon recordings sessions. The first one, 'Titanoboa ', featuring Mustafa Akbar from Fort Knox Five & Nappy Riddem on vocals, Josh Levy on baritone sax and John Speice on percussion (both from Grupo Fantasma), was made available as a free download at the end of may 2013, celebrating 3000 Funk Ark fans on Facebook. The second one was our choice pick, with a killer sax solo, building up and up... 'Troubadour Warrior' 100%!!

Credits :

Will Rast - Organ
Greg Loman - Guitar
Rodney Richardson - Guitar
Marc Blackwood - Bass
Lee Durham - Drums
Josh Kay - Congas
John Speice - Percussion
Josh Levy - Baritone Sax
Joe Herrera - Trumpet
Matt Rippetoe - Baritone Sax

Composed and published by Will Rast
Recorded at Big Orange Studios, Austin, TX
Produced and mixed by Adrian Quesada
Mastered by Grant Phabao
© 2013 The Funk Ark

About The Funk Ark :
The Funk Ark is a world funk ensemble based in Washington DC. The group draws on influences from the African and Latin funk/dance music scenes of the 1960s and 70s and the result is a gritty and soulful mix of inspired afrobeat and big band funk. Keyboardist and songwriter, Will Rast is well known for his work as a sideman with a veritable encyclopedia of artists both locally and internationally, such as Mya, Federico Aubele, Natalia Clavier, Ocote Soul Sounds, RAMP, Raheem Devaughn and Justin Jones. The coming year will find him immersed in no less than 4 records produced for the ESL Label including Funk Ark’s own debut release coming in April 2011 and records by Thievery Corporation, Frank Mitchell Jr, and Ocote Soul Sounds, featuring Martin Perna of Antibalas and Adrian Quesada of the Grammy nominated Grupo Fantasma.

Latest Releases :
- High Noon (CD, Eighteenth Street Lounge Music, 2012)
- From The Rooftops (CD, Eighteenth Street Lounge Music, 2011)
- Funky DC (7", Eighteenth Street Lounge Music, 2011)

Links :
The Funk Ark : discogs | esl | facebook | myspace | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

11. Kingdom★Afrocks - イチカバチカーノ (Ichikabachikano) / JAPAN

This series of worldwide tropical grooves and afrofunk couldn't be complete without some Afrobeat from Japan, starting with a fantastic, high-powered seven-piece ensemble from Tokyo, Kingdom★Afrocks - one of our favorites, together with the JariBu Afrobeat Arkestra. Fela would be proud. His vision of afrobeat is now exploding into a worldwide movement. The group itself has a very international background. Bassist Leo Nanjo was born and raised in Brazil. Drummer Keiichi Tanaka has spent time in Senegal and recently returned from a five year period studying percussion in Cuba. Guitarist Daisuke Nomoto has experience playing music in New Orleans and dancer Yussy returned from Senegal in 2012… The band's second album seems to still be looking out for a label outside of Japan - pass the word… And note that 'Ichikabachikano' featured here is not the vinyl single version, but the one from the album, beefed up with a bigger horn section!

Credits :
Izpon - Vocal , congas & percussions
Keiichi Tanaka - Drums & talking drums
Leo Nanjo - Bass
SumiLady - Voice , rhodes , synthsizer & clavinet
Daisuke Nomoto - Guitar
Kids Hashimoto - Baritone sax & alto sax & tenor sax
Yussy - Chorus & talking drums
Naoito - Vocal, Jam block

Recorded at Wang Guang RecLabs
Produced by Kingdom★Afrocks
Mixed by Takahiro Yamaguchi
Mastered by Masato Morisaki @ Saidera Mastering
Written by Naoito
Composed by Leo Nanjo
Published by Village Again Association co.,ltd.
© Village Again Association co., ltd.

About Kingdom★Afrocks :
The members met in September, 2006 and immediately hit the studio for sessions and recordings. Two months after, they performed their first live show and sold out copies of their recordings. The core of their music lies Afro-beat, followed by jazz, Brazilian and latin beats, name it and such exuberance and energy of their live music caught the hearts of many & the word of mouth spread at the speed of light to music lovers, prestigious labels and event hosts. The band line up starts with a Senegal returnee "Keiichi Tanaka (Dr) aka Ablaye Ndiaye", "Izpon (Per)" returned from 5 years of percussion training in Cuba, born-and-raised in Brazil is "Leo Nanjo (Ba)", humorous singer song writer "Naoito (Per&Vo)". This four members drive the beats section, explosive melody produced by "SumiLady (key)", respected score writer from New Orleans "Daisuke Nomoto (Gt)", and finally representing is "Kids Hashimoto (B.Sax)", original dancer "Yussy (cho/dance)". Eight very unique internatinoal members. KA celebrated their long awaited live recording album "Live in Afro City" in June of 2008. In August of the same year, KA shared the stage with the legendary drummer Tony Allen, who lead the Afro-beat scene with Fela Kuti. Sharing the stage with Tony helped KA to be recognized as the leader of the Afro-beat scene in Japan. In 2009, they released long waited first studio recording vinyl "Ichikabachikano" which is recognized as one of the club hit that year. In 2011, they released 1st full studio recording album 'Fanfare', followed in 2002 by their 2nd studio recording album 'SanSanNaNa'.

Latest Releases :
- SanSanNaNa (CD/2LP, Gumbo Groove, 2012)
- Fanfare (CD/2LP, Gumbo Groove, 2011)
- Anti-Violence (123, Gumbo Groove, 2011)

Links :
Kingdom★Afrocks : official | discogs | facebook | juno | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

12. International Ducks - The International Ducks / GERMANY

Paris DJs' connection to saxophonist Johannes Schleiermacher comes from The Poets of Rhythm, the cult German funk band dubbed as 'the godfathers of deep funk' by Wax Poetics magazine, from which emerged many amazing bands. Johannes played on The Polyversal Souls' 7 inch from 2007, on the Whitefield Brothers album from 2010, 'Earthology', he's also the leader of the Woima Collective, who released a classic ethio-funk album in 2010 on Kindred Spirits Records, 'Tezeta', and even plays on the Mop Mop album 'Isle of Magic' released by Agogo Records earlier this year. A man with skills & taste, undoubtly, who wrote to us a few weeks ago to submit two tracks from one of his new projects, the International Ducks, asking if they were 'tropical enough?'… We fell instantly for one of those tracks, 'The Green Cow', a unique Ethio-Jazz/Dub blend, unreleased elsewhere, exactly the kind of music we were looking for: psyched-out, groovy, different, afro, and tropical. Thankfully, while preparing this 3rd compilation, we took the other track out of the drawer and felt its North African Jazz vibe and amazing sound would be a perfect fit for something more 'Troubadour Warriors'. Let's just hope now that some more amazement will soon come out of the International Ducks minds!!

Credits :
Bernd Oezsevim - Drums
Andreas Lang - Bass
Agadir Junior - Bendir perc
Johannes Schleiermacher - Oktavin

Composed by Johannes Schleiermacher
Recorded at Lovelite Studio, Attic of the Saxstall Pohrsdorf, Rehearsal Room of the Gnawas of Agadir
Produced and mixed by Johannes Schleiermacher
Mastered by Grant Phabao
© 2013 Johannes Schleiermacher

About Woima Collective :
The Woima Collective was born from deep within the brass section of renowned German funk unit Poets Of Rhythm, as tenor sax player Johannes Schleiermacher became immersed in the rhythms and modes of the African music that the Poets love so much. Johannes got inspired by the African rhythms after some excursions to Morocco, where he picked up lots of old cassettes and soaked up the very natural musical environment out there. Combining the tight funk of groups like The Heliocentrics and the Poets Of Rhythm, with gnarly abyssinian brass and classic Mulatu-esque organ licks, the twelve tracks on 'Tezeta' breeze into Europe on the Siroccan winds. At times, the band nods to dubby workouts like on the track ‘No Way But Still Walking’, at other times the brass section threaten to get free and atonal on the album closer ‘Wilder Mann’. Nevertheless Tezeta takes the cohesive pulse of North Africa, and fits it in a groove that will run and run for days. The Woima Collective celebrates the hypnotic beauty of Ethiopian scales and African rhythms, but creates an unique sound out of those influences, leaving lots of space for the individual band members to do their dance.

Latest Releases :
- Woima Collective - Tezeta (CD/LP, Kindred Spirits, 2010)
- The Whitefield Brothers - Earthology (CD/LP, Now-Again, 2010)
- The Polyversal Souls - Sad Nile (7", Fryers Records, 2007)

Links :
Johannes Schleiermacher / The International Ducks : official | bandcamp | discogs | facebook | kindred-spirits | soundcloud

13. Pyramid Blue - Río Níger / SPAIN

Spanish Ethio-Jazz/Afrofunk band Pyramid Blue were already featured on Paris DJs' first Afro/Tropical compilation, 'Dis Is Good For You'. They've put out since then an enchanting self-titled first LP, influenced by Mulatu Astatke, Sun Ra and Joe Cuba, a collection of Ethio-flavoured jazz numbers in sweet balance with Latin and Cuban grooves, Afrobeat echoes and avant-Funk vibrations. 'Río Níger' is extracted from that album, bringing a trippy and entrancing Ethio-Latin-Jazz flavor to this new selection.

Credits :
Óscar Bengochea Martos - Keyboards
Pablo Cano - Bass
Javier Martín Boix - Guitar
Alejandro Fernández Miguelez - Tenor Sax
Martín del Dedo - Trumpet
Joaquín Rodríguez - Drums

Recorded at Soul Toasting Studio, Madrid
Produced by Oscar Martos
Mixed by Oscar Martos
Mastered by Andreas Schoenrock
Composed by Oscar Martos
Published by Bonatarda
© 2012 Lovemonk

About Pyramid Blue :
Pyramid Blue's brilliant full-length album debut is a collection of Ethio-flavoured jazz numbers in sweet balance with Latin and Cuban grooves, Afrobeat echoes and avant-Funk vibrations. All of this with the psychedelic astral sound of the Pyramid. Africa is the source but also the jumping off point for sounds interacting with Soul, Jazz, Funk, Latin and other herbs. Their earlier work on 7" vinyl released by Enlace Funk Vinyls sold out in just few weeks, and now we have their long awaited debut recorded with the help of Soul Toasting Studio's analog warmth, the same studio where they recorded Oscar Martos' last adventure with the Afro Soul Toasting All Stars, an original group whose coordinates fell near Afrobeat and who had a short but successful life on earth. As the Ethiopian proverb says, "When spiders weave together, they can catch a lion."

Latest Releases :
- Pyramid Blue - Pyramid Blue (CD/LP/Digital, Lovemonk, 2012)
- Pyramid Blue - African Jungle (7", Enlace Funk, 2011)

Links :
Pyramid Blue : bandcamp | discogs | facebook | myspace | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

14. The Fontanelles - Pinprick / UK

The Fontanelles consists of the band formed for the 2011 London representations of the 'Fela!' Broadway musical, led by bassist/producer Leon Brichard, a long-time connection of Paris DJs from when he was playing in bands from Loik Dury's Kraked studios a few years ago… The two tracks Leon submitted for this compilation hit us instantly, and with their release on a limited vinyl seven inch at the end of last month on First Word Records, everything was just perfect for the arrival of this 3rd volume of 'Tropical Grooves & Afrofunk International' only a few days later. 'Pinprick' goes on a slightly Dub-influenced Afro-Jazz path, with some very catchy horn hooks over a thumping bassline. Totally original 21st century African roots music, with a rocking spirit. These guys are gonna go BIG.

Credits :
Idris Rahman - Tenor saxophone
Robin Hopcraft - Trumpet
Tamar Osborne - Baritone saxophone
Harry Brown - Trombone
Jon gingel - Guitar
Laurence corns - Guitar
Leon Brichard - Bass
Nick Ramm - Keys
Satin Singh - Darboukas, percussions
Maurizio Ravalico - Congas
Saleem Rahman - Drums

Recorded at S.T.A.C Studios
Produced by Leon Brichard
Mixed by Leon Brichard
Mastered by Mandy Parnell
Composed by I. Rahman, R. Hopcraft, L. Brichard, S. Singh
Published by First Word Publishing / Five Missions More
© 2013 First Word Records

About The Fontanelles :
In 2011 the groundbreaking Broadway production, FELA! arrived at London’s National Theatre. Telling the life story of the Nigerian icon Fela Kuti, the show was embraced by London crowds and completed a sell out run with rave reviews. At the heart of the story was an onstage band that pumped out Fela’s music with an authenticity and class that was essential to the show’s success. This was the birth of The Fontanelles. The natural step was to keep the flame burning once the curtain fell for the last time at The National as the band were asked to perform countless shows in their own right. Fela’s music was a musical launch pad and common for a group of players whose experience and influences spread far and wide. In the spirit of Fela, the band have forged their own identity with original music that takes in influences from the Nigerian master to dub , Ethio funk , jazz , film scores and beyond.

Latest Releases :
- Pinprick/Criminality (7", First Word Records / 2013)

Links :
The Fontanelles : official | facebook | juno | soundcloud

15. Hard Proof - Trickle Down / USA

Always on the hunt for unreleased tracks from our favorite Afro players around the world, Paris DJs had the chance to have access to some exclusive new music Hard Proof, the Austin-based 9-piece Afrobeat/Afrorock/Ethio-Jazz which rocks the crowds like none other (well, excepted, maybe, The Budos Band…). With musicians from Black Joe Lewis And The Honeybears, The Echocentrics and Ocote Soul Sounds, Hard Proof is a kind of high-energy supergroup, and 'Trickle Down' featured in this selection sounds like an Hendrixian take on the Afrobeat genre. A vibrant & punchy way to close the curtain on this 3rd compilation, and a first glimpse to what's coming next for this 'Afrofunk International' series…

Credits :
Stephen Bidwell - Drums
Tommy Spampinato - Percussion
Tony Cruz - Congas
Joe Sokolik - Bass
Gerardo Larios - Guitar (solo)
John Branch - Guitar
Joe Woullard - Bari Sax
Jason Frey - Tenor Sax
Derek Phelps - Trumpet

Recorded at E.A.R. Studios and Level One Studios
Produced by Hard Proof and Adrian Quesada
Mixed by Adrian Quesada
Mastered by Erik Wofford
Composed by Jason Frey
Published by Afrobotic Music
© 2013 Hard Proof

About Hard Proof :
Locally produced and internationally-inspired, Hard Proof is an Austin-based collective that brings intense Afrobeats to the state of Texas. Hard Proof tightly fuses sounds from sub-Saharan Africa with adventurous jazz and deep funk to stimulate your brain and move your feet. Members of Hard Proof also perform with bands such as Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears, Ocote Soul Sounds, Echocentrics, The Calm Blue Sea and Cougar.

Latest Releases :
- Dragon / Tere (7", Kept Records, 2013)
- Hard Proof (CD/Digital, Hard Proof Music / 2010)

Links :
Hard Proof : official | bandcamp | facebook | juno | sonicbids | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

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