Paris DJs Soundsystem A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand Tropical Grooves and Afrofunk International Vol 5

Calling all intergalactic Afro-funk cosmonauts and tropical grooves aficionados !! After exploring GOODNESS, FIRE, WARRIOR and ELECTRIC themes, Paris DJs felt it was time to concentrate their research on the UNITY concept, on the global cultural unity that is expressed through all strands of groovy, funky, psychedelic and moving afrofunk, afrobeat, ethio-jazz, highlife, afrojazz, afrosoul, Carribean Funk and other Tropical Grooves to be found on this planet today.

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Paris DJs Soundsystem A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand Tropical Grooves and Afrofunk International Vol 5
Paris DJs Soundsystem - A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand - Tropical Grooves and Afrofunk International Vol.5
(Digital Album) Paris DJs PARISDJS058-D, 2014-05-20

Tracklisting :
01 Franck Biyong & The Diamane Bantu Messengers - Ambom / Cameroon-France
02. Jujjumusic feat. Emmanuel Pi Djob - We Shall Overcome / France-Cameroon *
03. Lord Echo - A Straight Version of Terabu / New-Zealand *
04. Jungle Fire - Tokuta (Grant Phabao Remix) / USA-France
05. London Afrobeat Collective - Prime Minister / UK
06. The Afrobiotics - What Goes Around / Australia *
07. The Brand New Life - Bara Mbaye / USA-Senegal
08. Gato Loco - Cumbia Call / USA *
09. Ginferno - Erta Ale / Spain
10. Dexter Story & Wondem - Sinesrat / USA *
11. The Cactus Channel - Jorge Buccio / Australia
12. Shogun Orchestra - Black Lotus / New Zealand
13. Kaveri Special - Hei Suomenmaa / Finland
14. Jessie Evans - Evalution feat. Jimi Tenor + Machete Horns / Germany
* unreleased tracks

Credits :
Audiovisual concept by Djouls & Ben Hito
A&R : Djouls with the help of Loik Dury
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao
Artwork by Ben Hito

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Press Release :
Calling all intergalactic Afro-funk cosmonauts and tropical grooves aficionados !!

After exploring GOODNESS, FIRE, WARRIOR and ELECTRIC themes, Paris DJs felt it was time to concentrate their research on the UNITY concept, on the global cultural unity that is expressed through all strands of groovy, funky, psychedelic and moving afrofunk, afrobeat, ethio-jazz, highlife, afrojazz, afrosoul, Carribean Funk and other Tropical Grooves to be found on this planet today.

This new compilation in the 'Tropical Grooves & Afrofunk International series' is called 'A HOUSE DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF CANNOT STAND'. This unity theme is one that came out of nearly every discussion with the musicians from the worldwide 'afro scene'. Even if it might seem a bit utopic, it's something that is becoming a reality from Paris DJs' viewpoint - you wouldn't believe how much the most sincere musicians, bands, labels, DJs, record collectors and stores are connected throughout the world…

For this 5th volume of the series, graphic designer Ben Hito conceived another of his FANTASTIC artworks which was published on Paris DJs social networks and sent out by email to a selection of bands, including all the ones selected in the previous volumes.
Only 12 days later, the submissions had to be closed because too much bombs, superb tunes and crazy groovers had landed on the label's desk! A few tracks were even kept on the side for an upcoming funk/soul compilation, and 14 were assembled into the program you have here, ready to reach your music-loving ears.

From Cameroon and Senegal, to Australia and New Zealand, USA, UK, Spain, Germany up to Finland, 'A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand' is a joyous tour du monde uniting many strands of music born in Africa.


01 Franck Biyong & The Diamane Bantu Messengers - Ambom / Cameroon-France

Credits :
Taken from the 2012 album 'Ki I Ye Yi'
Recorded at Afrolectric Music Studios, Njopam Studios, T.I.M.E.C. Studios Winter 2012
Engineered and mixed by Grant Phabao & Franck Biyong
Mastered by Grant Phabao
© 2012 Afrolectric Music

Written by Swala Emati & Franck Biyong
Composed by Fabien Preaux & Franck Biyong
Arrangements by Nicolas Sakelario, Fabrice Fila
Published by Afrolectric Music (SACEM)
ISWC n° T-702.855.055.4

Musicians / Band Members :
Drums: Desire Nkouandou
Percussion: Desire Nkouandou, Franck Biyong
Keyboards: Grant Phabao
Bass: Franck Biyong
Rhythm Guitars: Grant Phabao, Franck Biyong
Tenor Sax: Fab Smith
Alto and Baritone Sax: Nicolas Sakelario
Spoken Voice: Oloo Bwemba
Backing Vocals: Swala Emati, Franck Biyong
Lead Vocals: Swala Emati, Franck Biyong

About Franck Biyong :
Franck Biyong is a Cameroonian Guitarist, composer and singer, creator of the Afrolectric sound fusing Afrobeat, Electro-Funk, Jazz and rock sounds. Attracted to music at a very early age, he spent most of his childhood in West Africa (Gabon, Nigeria, Ivory Coast) where he learned music. He left Africa for Europe where he started his musical career. Franck released 9 albums and operates outside the lines which map the trajectories of African musicians in and out of the continent. Doing so, he gained a reputation over the last ten years as one of the very few authentic innovators of modern African music, blessed with a solid and sophisticated production, a celebration of diverse influences driven by a heavyweight spatial sound.

Franck Biyong about Paris DJs :
Hum…I mean…Hum…potentially the best French based label in activity these last ten years or so? What do you think?

Links :
Franck Biyong : official | bandcamp | discogs | facebook | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

02. Jujjumusic feat. Emmanuel Pi Djob - We Shall Overcome / France-Cameroon *

Credits :
Musicians / Band Members :
Emmanuel Pi Djob : vocals
Tony Allen : drums
Sylvain Daniel : bass
Eric Durand : percussions
Julien Raulet : guitars
Franck Chauvier : keyboards
Martial Reverdy : soprano sax

Produced by Julien Raulet
Mixed by Lionel Puyal
Mastered by Grant Phabao

Composed by Julien Raulet (SACEM)

About Jujjumusic :
Jujjumusic is another side of Julien Raulet, guitarist of Fanga and leader of The Afrorockerz, another exploration of afrobeat. On this kind of seventies jam track he was dreaming of Fela and Tony Allen meeting James Brown and Miles Davis in the seventies, so he went along and just recorded it. With the powerfull voice of Emmanuel Pi Djob, a talented gospel soul singer from Montpellier, the song gets spiritual like it's supposed to be in a shrine or a church.

Jujjumusic about Paris DJs :
Keep on doin it !

Links :
Jujjumusic : facebook | soundcloud | youtube

03. Lord Echo - A Straight Version of Terabu / New-Zealand *

Credits :
Produced by Lord Echo
Composed by Michael August

About Lord Echo :
Lord Echo is an eccentric and reclusive musician/producer based in Wellington, New Zealand, who records for for Wonderful Noise (JP), Bastard Jazz (NY) and Jakarta (EU). 'Terabu' was a track from his first album from 2010, 'Melodies', and featured in this compilation is a straight version of the tune. The final mix of 'Terabu' was cut together using bits of this and bits of a dub. Some of his friends complained about the dubs... so Lord Echo thought maybe this straight version is better?

Links :
Lord Echo : bandcamp | discogs | facebook | juno | soundcloud

04. Jungle Fire - Tokuta (Grant Phabao Remix) / USA-France

Credits :
Composed by Steve Haney (BMI #14663815)
Remix, additional production and audio mastering by Grant Phabao
Organ by Guillaume Méténier aka Soul Sugar
© 2013 Jungle Fire / T.I.M.E.C. / Paris DJs

About Jungle Fire :
The Jungle Fire band digs deep into afro/latin funk with an approach that is both authentic and highly explosive! Comprised of musicians from the Los Angeles region, Jungle Fire pulls from only those who are dedicated to preserving, protecting and progressing LA’s funk and latin scenes. Members have performed with Stevie Wonder, Joe Bataan, Breakestra, Ozomatli, Quantic, Alice Russell, Celia Cruz, Orgone, The Greyboy Allstars and the list goes on. Summer of 2012 saw the release of Jungle Fire's debut vinyl 45 released on indie label Colemine Records, making big waves worldwide, to be followed by a second 7 inch this spring...

Grant Phabao is an amazing producer and multi-instrumentalist, recognized by many as 'the best sound engineer in Paris'. Backed by underground networker/A&R Djouls and designer Ben Hito, in the footsteps of his regular mixes on Paris DJs he's been putting out release after release every week for months already, relentlessly. A steady flow of singles and albums including collaborations with the most gifted musicians from the Afro/Reggae/Funk scene, including, Ebo Taylor, George Clinton, The Cactus Channel, Alice Russell, Shawn Lee, Franck Biyong, Lee Fields, Antibalas, The Souljazz Orchestra, The Lone Ranger, Carlton Livingston, Echo Minott, The Jays, The Silvertones and the list goes on. Summer 2013 should see the release of the Grant Phabao Afrofunk Arkestra album, following up on reggae albums from The Silvertones (feb 2013) The Jays (march 2013)…

Jungle Fire and Grant Phabao's musical universes collide with style & fashion on this brand new Paris DJs single featuring the magical keys of Guillaume Méténier aka Soul Sugar. The resulting combination is a unique 'Afrobeat meets Ska' concept, a blend of styles from L.A. to Paris creating a bridge between South America, Nigeria and Jamaica! An explosive dancefloor filler for sure.

"Love it, terribly effective, hope you'll press it on vinyl!" - Betino's Record Shop (Paris)
"Skanking Juggernaut! Sheer Genius!!" - Craig Charles Radio Show (BBC6, UK)

Links :
Jungle Fire : official | bandcamp | discogs | facebook | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

05. London Afrobeat Collective - Prime Minister / UK

Credits :
Musicians / Band Members :
Funke Adeleke : vocals
Lee Crisp : congas
Zak Cohen : percussions
Farivar Gorjian : drums
John Mathews : bass
Alex Farrell : guitar
Alex Szyjanowicz : guitar
Andy Watts : trumpet
Edmund Swinburn : tenor sax
Klibens Michelet : baritone sax

Recorded at Perry Vale Studios, London
Composed by London Afrobeat Collective (PRS 130671FQ)
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Sonny Livinsgston and L.A.C at Musikbox, London
© 2014 London Afrobeat Collective

About London Afrobeat Collective :
L.A.C are a ten piece band who create afrobeat for the 21st century. Respectful of the roots but always exploring and innovating, their mission is to bring everybody together with one thing only: a very loud and funky party.

London Afrobeat Collective about Paris DJs :
Paris Djs, you guys absolutely rock!! The amount of great music coming out of your label is just insane, thank God for you!!

Links :
London Afrobeat Collective : official | bandcamp | facebook | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

06. The Afrobiotics - What Goes Around / Australia *

Credits :
Musicians / Band Members : Tristan Ludowyk, Lamine Sonko, Zvi Belling Chris Port, Simon Edwards, Nick Lester
Composed by Tristan Ludowyk, Lamine Sonko (AMCOS/APRA n° GW41510326)
Recorded at Avacan
Produced by Tristan Ludowyk & Zvi Belling
Mixed and mastered by Tristan Ludowyk

About The Afrobiotics :
The Afrobiotics are a six piece Melbourne based band that breathe new life into the sound of West Africa and bring a powerful message of resistance to the next generation of afro-beat. Mr Fantastic (Lamine Sonko) is a Senegalese griot musician who has recently migrated to Australia. He is a 'Culture Keeper' bringing traditional Sabar music and dance forms to the band's compositions as well as a first hand afro-beat authenticity. The songs flip in and out of traditional tongue, street pidgin chants and English verse regularly punctuated by impossible percussion.

The Afrobiotics about Paris DJs :
Paris DJs got their finger on the pulse on all things afro! It's great to be part of the next generation.

Links :
The Afrobiotics : official | facebook | soundcloud | youtube

07. The Brand New Life - Bara Mbaye / USA-Senegal

Credits :
Musicians / Band Members :
Walter Fancourt : Tenor Sax
Casey Cranford : Alto Sax/Bari Sax
Sean Smith : Trumpet
Mamadou Mbenge : Tamas a.k.a. Talking Drums/Lead Vocals
Daniel Yount : Drum Set/Dun Duns/Shakeres/Backing Vocals
Evan Frierson : Congas, Shakeres
Atiba Rorie : Djembe
Seth Barden : Electric Bass/Backing Vocals
Ben Rayle : Electric Guitar

Recorded at Rubber Room Studios
Produced by Will Stephens and The Brand New Life
Mixed by Will Stephens at Bit Heart Studios
Mastered by Nick Petersen at Track & Fields Recordings
Composed and published by The Brand New Life

About The Brand New Life :
Since stepping onto the world beat music scene in 2009, The Brand New Life has been uplifting audiences with a sound that is as enlivening as the name implies. The eight-piece band has become recognized as one of the East Coast's top Afrobeat groups, sharing the stage with world-renowned all-stars such as Nigerian Afrobeat royalty Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 and American Afrobeat collective Antibalas. With an adventurous original repertoire, The Brand New Life avoids being classified as purely Afrobeat by drawing on a number of musical influences from indie pop/rock to modern jazz. The result is a rousing, danceable melting pot of sound, powered by fierce polyrhythm and forceful horns that can be heard on their 2013 release 'The Brand New Life EP,' and their 2014 release 'Coconut Husband'.

The Brand New Life about Paris DJs :
We are very excited to be apart of this Paris DJs compilation. We appreciate Paris DJs for bringing afro-funk groups together like this on an international level. It is a very exciting and special thing! We believe that our track 'Bara Mbaye' is perfect for this compilation because it features a unique collaboration between an American band and a West African griot from Senegal (Mamadou Mbenge).

Links :
The Brand New Life : official | bandcamp |facebook | instagram | twitter | youtube

08. Gato Loco - Cumbia Call / USA *

Credits :
Composed by Stefan Zeniuk : ASCAP 882639567 / ISWC T9058003024
Published by Zeniuk : ASCAP

Musicians / Band Members :
Stefan Zeniuk : tenor sax
Jackie Coleman, Jesse Selengut : trumpets
Tim Vaughn, Ric Becker : trombones
Joe Exley : tuba
Clifton Hyde : baby tuba, guitar
Ari Folman-Cohen : bass
Kevin Garcia : drums
Rich Stein : percussion
Recorded at Brooklyn, NYC
Produced by Stefan Zeniuk & Joe Perretore
Mixed by Joe Perretore
Mastered by Grant Phabao

About Gato Loco :
Gato Loco was born from the streets of New York. Exotic and foreign, yet simultaneously urban and familiar. Their live show delivers an instant party, filled with celebration and joy; like a decadent latin mambo ballroom, thrown in the midst of a 21st century rock show: this is BIG music.

Gato Loco about Paris DJs :
We love Paris DJs!  Always consistently surprising us with new sounds and cool bands from around the world.  Keep up the good work.

Links :
Gato Loco : official | bandcamp | facebook | instagram | twitter | youtube

09. Ginferno - Erta Ale / Spain

Credits :
Produced by Luca Petricca
Recording and Mixing by Luca Petricca and Karim Burkhalter at Reno Studios (Madrid), assisted by Dan Hammond in December 2012 – January 2013
Creepy Cloud and Ahriman´s Dance produced by Ginferno. Recording and mixing by Oswaldo Terrones at Red Bull Studios (Madrid), July 2012
Mastering by Andreas Schoenrock at Studio Schoenrock (Stuttgart)
Written & composed by Ginferno (SGAE 13.575.309)
ISWC # T-210.003.275-2
Published by Bonatarda (SGAE)

Daniel Fletcher : guitar, vibraphone, organ, backing vocals
Cesar Martínez : drums, percussion
Javier Díez-Ena : double bass, electric bass, theremin, backing vocals
Kim Warsén : vox, percussion, vibraphone
Dani Niño : baritone sax, alto sax
Pablo Hernández : soprano sax
Carlos Mejías 'Chepe' : alto sax
Ariel Brínguez : tenor sax
Federico Levenfeld : percussion
Luis Taberna : percussion

About Ginferno :
If there were any hipster band with actual musical education, better drugs, good taste and, well, a mind of their own, they just might sound a little bit like Ginferno.
'Experimental'. 'Arty'. 'Eclectic'. 'Danceable'. Adjectives, innit? Boring clichés, and they've all been used at some point to describe the sound of Ginferno. But what can you do? Ginferno's sound is ginfernal. It's an assault, it's The Ex with Gettatchew Mekurya, combined with the dirty rhythms of Johnny Burnette, the martial rawness of Einstürzende Neubauten, the free-funk of James Chance and other no-wave heroes, the accessible atonality of The Residents, the enchanting mystery of Mulatu, the barrel-tasting energy of Man... Or Astroman?, the soft sonic tissue of Martin Denny and the indescribable impact of all those Cambodian rock, Turkish funk, African garage and Samoan psychedelia compilations. So yes, the aforementioned adjectives apply. Sorry.
'Erta Ale' is as ambitious as they come. The band hooked up with Madrid's brass quartet par excellence, Los Saxos Del Averno, with whom they had already released a 7" single on Lovemonk, to bring together musical extremes and make it seem effortless. And they pulled it off, too. Funk, mambo and rock on 'Mambo Rabbits'; Mardi Gras-like euphoria, voodoo drums and waltzing surf on 'TransAntilles'; sinuous rockabilly and tribal punk on 'San Vicente Rambla'; classic rhythm & blues played with the energy of today on 'Your Face'; spastic swing on 'Ahriman's Dance'; spoken word over groovy echoes of Ethiopia on the title track; conflictive tribal waltz with nervous horns on 'Creepy Cloud'; jazzy post-punk on 'Allt Är Väl'; laid-back French pop vibes on 'Roadside Picnic'... You get the idea, right? No you don't.

Links :
Lovemonk Records : official | bandcamp | facebook | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

10. Dexter Story & Wondem - Sinesrat / USA *

Credits :
Produced, mixed & mastered by The Life Force Trio
Composed by Dexter Story
Published by Dexter Story Music Publishing (BMI # 714225964)

About Dexter Story & Wondem :
Wondem (meaning 'brother' in Amharic) is Dexter Story's upcoming Plug Research album inspired by Ethiopian, Somalian, Eritrean, Sudanese and Kenyan culture, and by his passionate and talented colleagues in the Los Angeles-based ethio jazz ensemble Ethio Cali. Although he is not “habesha” (meaning of direct Ethiopian descent), he has assembled a body of work that honors the rich musical heritage of East Africa while infusing his background in soul, jazz and funk. Produced by the prolific DJ and producer Carlos Niño, Wondem guest appearances include Mark de Clive-Lowe, CFO's Damon Aaron, vocalist Nia Andrews, Te'Amir Sweeney and members of Ethio Cali.

Links :
Dexter Story : official | bandcamp | discogs | facebook | soundcloud | twitter | wordpress
Interview : revive-music

11. The Cactus Channel - Jorge Buccio / Australia

Credits :
Musicians / Band Members : 
Darvid "Mo" Thor - Guitars
Henry "Hendogg" Jenkins - Fender Bass
Hudson "The Hudson" Whitlock - Drums/Percussion
Lewis "Coolman" Coleman - Guitars
Campbell "Handsome" Wheeler - Alto Saxophone/Percussion
Callum "Phat Fingers" Riley - Organ/Tambourine
Adam Friedman - Trumpet
Kate "The Charming" Charlwood - Tenor Saxophone
Lauren " Loznosorous" Mullarvey - Tenor Saxophone
Daniel "Beast" Sutton - Trumpet/Percussion

Recorded at The Aviary
Produced by Tristan Ludowyk & Bob Knob
Mixed by Bob Knob & Tristan Ludowyk
Mastered by David Walker at Stepford Audio 
Composed by Hudson Whitlock, Campbell Wheeler, Callum Riley, Henry Jenkins, Lauren Mullarvey, Lewis Coleman, Darvid Thor (AMCOS #GW44761170)

About The Cactus Channel :
It's soul music, baby, but not as we know it. The backbeat and the handclaps are still there and the horns still sound. The bass bumps, the organ screams and the guitars still twang, but the singer has left the room. Everything is shades of blue. This is soul music for the after hours. For the solitary dancers and the lonely hearts. The soundtrack to solitary headlights on a midnight highway. What to call it? Who cares. Can you dance to it? Just try not to. No one's telling you to throw your hands up in the air, but no one would be surprised if you did. It's dark here, so you can do your own thing.

Links :
The Cactus Channel : official | bandcamp | discogs | facebook | hopestreetrecordings | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

12. Shogun Orchestra - Black Lotus / New Zealand

Credits :
Musicians / Band Members :
Lucien Johnson : Saxophone
Toby Laing : Trumpet
Nick Van Dijk : Trombone
Chris Yeabsley : EP30
Justin Clarke : Guitar
Tim Jaray : Bass
Paul Hoskin : Bass

Recorded at Bays
Produced by Lucien Johnson
Mixed by Mike Fabulous
Mastered by Mike Gibson
Composed by Lucien Johnson (APRA # GW44554088)

About Shogun Orchestra :
Shogun Orchestra was created by saxophonist Lucien Johnson with his Wellington musician friends after traveling through Africa and the Caribbean experiencing life and music in these locations. They have released two albums, Shogun Orchestra (2012) on Jakarta Records and Black Lotus (2013) on Economy Records.

Links :
Shogun Orchestra : bandcamp | discogs | facebook | juno

13. Kaveri Special - Hei Suomenmaa / Finland

Credits :
Musicians / Band Members :
Kimmo Kivistö : drums, vocals
Tuomas Palonen : vocals, guitar
Tino Puisto : bass
Jonne Renvall : vocals, guita

Recorded at : Das Båt Studios, Helsinki
Produced by : Jukka Nurmela, Kaveri Special
Mixed by : Tarmo Simonen
Mastered by : Tarmo Simonen

Composed by Tuomas Palonen, Jonne Renvall, Tino Puisto, Kimmo Kivistö
Published by Monamour Records (Finnish copyright bureau Teosto and Nordic Copyright Bureau NCB)

About Kaveri Special :
'Well recommended listening' Soul Safari blog (NED)
'You crazy Finnish people! I like your album!' OYE Record Shop, Berlin (GER)

Kaveri Special are four guys from Finland who share a love for sunny and funky tropical rhythms. Their eponymous debut album, released in vinyl and online in March 2013, features songs that pay tribute to classic African guitar music from the 70s and 80s, particularly highlife and soukous music. The songs on the album are all written by the band. At live gigs they have also been performing covers by Kenya's Orchestra Super Mazembe and Nigeria's Prince Nico Mbarga. The lyrics of the band's own material are all in Finnish and include such topics as trains, elevators, and dogs. The word 'kaveri' itself means 'friend' in Finnish and the band wishes to become friends with audiences around the globe.

The album was recorded and mixed in autumn 2013 in Helsinki. The band wanted to go for a classic 70s sound filled with warmth and vintage charm. The band was joined by guest musicians, Benin-Finnish Felix Adje and Nigerian-Finnish Ike Chime, who both played percussions while mr. Chime also sang in one of the tunes (Rantakoira). Recently, Felix Adje has also joined the band in live gigs.

Kaveri Special was formed in 2012. They rehearse in Lauttasaari, a sunny island of parks and beaches near Helsinki centre. In the winter though, temperature often approaches -20 degrees Celsius and the sun shines for less than six hours. So, playing soukous is a nice way to keep your fingers warm.

Kaveri Special about Paris DJs :
Paris DJs = kuuminta hottia!

Links :
Kaveri Special : official | bandcamp | facebook | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

14. Jessie Evans - Evalution feat. Jimi Tenor + Machete Horns / Germany

Credits :
Musicians / Band Members : 
Jessie Evans : Bass, 808, Synthesizer, Hammond B3
Regis Molina : Baritone, Tenor and Alto Saxophones
Jimi Tenor : Flute
Toby Dammit : Drums, Percussion
Daniel "El Congo" Allen : Flugelhorn
Maya, Joy and Pablo Alban-Zapata, Isabella Rivera : Vocals

Composed by Jessie Evans (GEMA #14069261)
ISWC : T-803.301.997-6
Recorded by Adam Greenspan at Seedy Underbelly, Los Angeles
Produced by Jessie Evans + Toby Dammit
Mixed by Toby Dammit and Ingo Krauss at Candy Bomber, Berlin
Mastered by Tom Meyer @ Master and Servant

About Jessie Evans :
Jessie Evans is an American born  singer, saxophonist, record producer and visual artist currently residing between Berlin and Sao Paulo.

Between burlesque tragi-comic performance, and sultry dancefloor,  Jessie Evans  fuses no-wave, disco, Afrobeat, pop, reggae and Latin chaos, to create her own brand of SPACE VAMP,  exceeding any musical label. 

"Evalution "  is the love-child of the finish Afrobeat flutist Jimi Tenor, the hot Cuban duo Machete Horns and drummer extraordinaire, Toby Dammit (Iggy Pop). 

Jessie Evans about Paris DJs :
Beautiful artwork and seriously cool style, thanks for including me !

Links :
Jessie Evans : official | bandcamp | discogs | facebook | nuun-records | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

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