This playlist has been a few months in the making... We were kinda busy with our crowdfunding campaign this summer, but managed to get back on our feet and finally publish this mega-post filled with 49 short or not-that-short reviews of new singles, albums and compilations we received at Paris DJs those last months! As usual, this playlist focuses on the physical records sent to us, promo CD of digital releases, more CDs, 7s, 10s and 12 inches vinyl... Sorry time is short and we can't listen to all the digital stuff everyone floods us with. But friendly labels are here of course: Analog Africa, BBE Music, Electric Cowbell, Hope Street Recordings, Kindred Spirits, Matsuli Music, Miam Records, Mukatsuku, Ninja Tune, our own Paris DJs imprint, Record Kicks, Sonorama, Soul Garden, Tramp Records and Ubiquity. Thanks to all for your repeated interest in working with us, and thanks to everyone else who sent records we could touch, smell, ear and even taste for the more licking-friendly artcovers! :-)
Paris DJs Playlist May June July August 2014

The May/June/July/August 2014 Paris DJs Playlist :


01. Aillacara 2743 - No Mate (7", Electric Cowbell, 2014)

21st century psychedelic afro-cuban electro-funk. Released on a limited 45 for the latest Record Store Day edition by French-Chilean multi-instrumentalist, DJ, and producer Aillacara 2743 (a.k.a. Medline), on Brooklyn-Washington label Electric Cowbell. Unique and refreshing!

02. Grant Phabao - Reggae Reworks Vol.4: Solid Gold B-Boys (Free Digital Single, Paris DJs, 2014)
parisdjs | bandcamp | juno

Third in a series of five free EPs collecting the best reggae reworks from the Paris DJs Virtual Releases podcast in high-quality audio, entirely produced, mixed and newly remastered by French superproducer Grant Phabao, 'Dynamite B-Boys' gathers four reworks of monumental American Hip Hop artists Lyrics Born, Jurassic 5, Big Daddy Kane and The Procussions. Those four reggae reworks have generated nearly 50.000 downloads in 128k MP3 through Paris DJs' podcast of free tracks.

03. Harleighblu - Sittin' By The Window (Digital Single, Tru Thoughts, 2014) | bandcamp | juno

Nottingham songstress Harleighblu's 3rd single extracted from her superb 'Forget Me Not' album. Smokey soul for the post-trip hop generation drenched in hip hop culture.

04. King Porter Stomp - Pocketfulofrocketfuel (Digital Single, From The Feet Up Records, 2014) | bandcamp

Recorded and mixed by Mike Pelanconi (aka Prince Fatty), the new single from Brighton's 8-piece King Porter Stomp is a heavy piece of hip hop/brass band cross-breeding. All 3 versions are great with flavour nuances. A headnodder's favorite!

05. Lost Midas - Head Games feat. Audris (Digital Single, Tru Thoughts, 2014) | bandcamp | juno

Boston native but relocated in L.A. since 2011, Lost Midas is the alter ego of Jason Trikakis, hip hop drummer in many projects in the past. He's a multi-instrumentalist who found his own path in production, and this first single of deep electronic soul announces great things. A chillout masterpiece.

06. Mukat Edits - Afro Disco Boogie Edits Vol.6 (Limited 12", Mukat Edits, 2014)
juno | parisdjs

This Afro Disco Boogie Edits series on Mukat Edits keeps on hitting on our senses. Strictly limited editions only available on vinyl, those 12 inches are a pure bargain for the modern DJ, filled with killer global dancefloor disco grooves each time!! This new volume doesn't deviate from this tradition and doesn't disappoint either, opening with some cosmic disco anthem, quite hard to resist, followed by some tropical spring time grooves with a bouncing bass line. The B-side ain't no filler, starting with some glamorous early 80s clapping disco/boogie and closing on a slappy bass groover… 4 handsome edits of obscure DJ tunes to get ANY kind of party started on the right track!

07. Mister Ott - Mattaraja (CD-Single, self-released, 2014) | bandcamp

Mister Ott is a six piece band from New Zealand led by saxophonist Matt Ottignon, keen on exploring the Ethio-Jazz-Funk universe and around. Their first single is a two-track self-released CD that might be a bit hard to find over here in France but the digital version is on bandcamp. 'Mattaraja', pounding to a fat hip hop beat, is quite surprising. Is that Jazz? The answer might lie in the other tune, 'Take It Higher', with first class keyboard and sax solos over something like a... half soca beat! Really great jazz/hip hop instrumental stuff recorded in Sydney with inspiration from Ethiopia.

08. Nelda Piña & La Bogotá Orquesta Afrobeat - Afrobeat & Caribe (7", Mambo Negro Records, 2014)

This seven inch is particularly unique since it's a sort of Latin American afrobeat/highlife from Bogota, Colombia, sent to us by DJ Lubos Pocoloco from Prague in the Czech Republic, who brought it back to Europa from his travels in Colombia! Raw and soulful, this needs a few listens before adapting to its particular 21st century psychedelic roots thing. And then wanting to play it over.

09. Nik Weston Presents Lost Funk & Soul Gems Volume One (7", Mukatsuku, 2014)
parisdjs | juno

Vinyl is on the rise and some of the best trendsetters out there such as Nik Weston (Juno Records/Mukatsuku) are digging deep in their crates to reissue some nearly forgotten killer tunes on the much-cherished 7 inch format. This first volume in the 'Lost Soul & Funk Gems' series starts really good, with two masterpieces of Soul, a 1975 Marcia Shines tune on the A-side and a superb, gritty, heavy cover of 'You Keep Me Hanging On' by Jackie wilson on the flip. Recommended!

10. Nik Weston presents Orlando Julius & His Afro Sounders (10", Mukatsuku Records, 2014)
parisdjs | juno

After his album reissues on Academy LPs and Hot Casa Records, and before his new collaboration with The Heliocentrics, to be released in september on Strut Records, Nigerian saxophone master Orlando Julius is back in the record racks with a limited reissue on the Mukatsuku label. This is a 1970 single, two irresistible Afrofunk and Afrobeat tune you could find on the 2003 compilation 'Orlando's Afro Ideas 1969-72', which gets a well-deserved vinyl repress here. On the glorious 10 inch format that's so perfect for the DJ bag.

11. Q.A.S.B. + Ryuhei The Man - Never Did I Stop Loving You (7", Soul Garden, 2014) | juno

After the 'Q.A.S.B. II' album released earlier this year, Japanese funk/soul band Q.A.S.B. are back with DJ/producer Ryuhei The Man with a new cover following up on the Babe Ruth one released in 2012, 'The Mexican'. Here it's Alice Clark's masterpiece 'Never Did I Stop Loving You' which gets the Q.A.S.B. rework. A little bit reggae, with a heavy dose of JB soul, some Louisiana Jazz guitar in the background and an impressive sax solo, this will surely bring a smile to many faces.

12. Quantic - You Will Return feat. Alice Russell (Digital Single, Tru Thoughts, 2014) | bandcamp | juno | youtube

Quantic playing bucollic layers of banjo, accordion and guitar over a pulsating while delicate beat. Alice Russell adding her unmistakable voice with grace and elegance. A classy neo-classic that should please the advertising agencies with its happy/melancholic vibe.

13. Quantic - La Plata feat. Nidia Góngora (Digital Single, Tru Thoughts, 2014) | bandcamp | juno | youtube

On a visit to the North West Colombian state of Choco, Quantic and Colombian singer Nidia Góngora found themselves captivated and inspired by the marching band-style snare and cymbal and duelling clarinets that make up the foundation elements of a musical genre called Chirimía. They're exploring this particular rhythm on their new single La Plata to be released early next month. Obviously, you might never had heard this kind of music before. The 3 remixes filling this single will sound so much more familiar in comparison. Usually, it's the other way around…

14. Skalpel - Simple EP (12"/CD-Single, Plug Audio, 2014) | bandcamp | juno

It's the return of... Polish producers of electronic jazz Skalpel, 9 years after their latest release, the 'Konfusion' album on Ninja Tune, way back in 2005! Announcing a third album called 'Transit', this EP reminds us of the duo's expertise in downbeat jazz deepness. Close your eyes and feel 10 years younger thanks to tastefully assembled Polish jazz samples from more than 50 years ago and dubby production from today…

15. The Beta Club - Brassa Nova (45/Digital, Cartel Records/Paris DJs, 2014)
parisdjs | bandcamp | juno

The Beta Club is a hub of musicians and producers from all over the world, with headquarters in the UK and antennas in the US & France. 'Brassa Nova' is their scorching first single, released jointly by the Cartel Records and Paris DJs labels on may 6th, on digital and 7 inch vinyl formats. With a broad sweeping theme over busy movements, 'Brassa Nova' is a panoramic sunrise song growing in magnificence to climax. Utterly dusty while dynamically uplifting, the tune's mood covers past centuries and also present-day ceremonial. Try to imagine The Budos Band recording a song for a Steven Soderbergh or a Kim Jee Woon soundtrack with David Holmes and you're nearly there!


16. Alma Afrobeat Ensemble - Life No Get Dublicate (CD, Slow Walk Music, 2014) | bandcamp

Powerful new style Afrobeat from Barcelona, formerly from Chicago, with now 10 musicians from four continents! Artcover by Lemi Ghariokwu.

17. Alsarah and The Nubatones - Silt (Wonderwheel Recordings, 2014) | bandcamp | juno

Entrancing Sudanese-born, Yemen-raised, Brooklyn-based nostalgic & groovy East African retro-pop.

18. Antoine Berjeaut "Wasteland" feat. Mike Ladd - s/t (CD, Fresh Sound Records, 2014) | bandcamp

A great spiritual jazz / hip hop tapestry of cool vibes led by French Trumpeter/flugelhornist Antoine Berjeaut

19. Batsumi - Moving Along (Limited LP, Mastuli Music, 2014) bandcamp | juno | parisdjs

Sometimes a vinyl LP arrives in the mail and what an amazing good surprise it is! This week we happened to receive the latest reissue LP from Matt Temple at UK label Matsuli Music, heavy 180g vinyl, thick, non-plastified sleeve, photography and in-depth liner notes, a bonus CDR version of the album… Before having heard a single note of music we already know this is high quality stuff, fully respectful of music lovers who agree that vinyl is good for you. Batsumi is one of the holy grails of South African spiritual jazz. In 2011, Matsuli Music reissued their first, self-titled album from 1974. Sorry, haven't heard it but all reviews were laudatory. So the excitement generated by this second album from 1976 landing at our doorstep was high, and we were right about it: you will need this record in your shopping list. Out of print since its original release in the 1970s, 'Moving Along' has been lovingly restored from the original master-tapes. Lasting just a bit less than 30 minutes, this one you'll play over and over. Recorded during apartheid and banned at the time, this lost album of Sowetan afro-jazz rightfully deserves praise and (re-)discovery!

20. Bio Ritmo - Puerta Del Sur (LP/CD, Vampisoul, 2014) | bandcamp | juno

Bio Ritmo's composition skills, playmanship & elegance makes their records completely intemporal - which is exactly what we're looking for from a 21st century salsa band. Their latest recording 'Puerta Del Sur' is such a masterful album that we licensed its first single for release on Paris DJs!

21. Brownout presents Brown Sabbath (2LP/CD, Ubiquity UR336, 2014) | bandcamp | juno

Brown Sabbath is the alter ego of Austin-based latin/psych-funk masters Brownout, delving into the catalog of the Hard Rock and Heavy Metal godfathers themselves Black Sabbath, for some badass, deep, dark funk-rock takes (with horns!) on some Sabbath classics. Gloriously hitting hard!!

22. Deep Schrott - The Dark Side of Deep Schrott Vol.1 (CD, Poise Records, 2014) | parisdjs

Third album from Deep Schrott, the only bass sax quartet in the universe, covering System of a Down,, Alice Cooper,, Black Sabbath,, Nirvana,, David Lynch, soundtracks, The Doors, or The Residents, along a few originals.

23. Hugo Kant - The Point Of No Return (2LP/CD, Bellring, 2014) | bandcamp

In our book, Hugo Kant is the new French king of Trip-Hop. His 2nd album, cinematic and deeply organic, has been playing on repeat on Paris DJs' stereo for weeks! The artwork is splendid too...

24. Inge Brandeburg - Don't Blame Me - Europe's Best Jazz Singer In Concert 1958-1962 (LP/CD, Sonorama, 2014) | juno

Beautiful compilation of mostly unreleased late 50s/Early 60s deep vocal jazz from German jazz singer Inge Brandenburg.

25. JariBu Afrobeat Arkestra - JariBu (LP/CD, Tramp Records, 2014)
bandcamp | juno

Led by Masamichi Ishikawa from Funk/Soul unit Q.A.S.B., Japanese neo-afrobeat band JariBu Afrobeat Arkestra has a 4th album out on Tramp Records in Europe and Soul Garden Records in Japan. Their blend of Funk, Jazz & Afrobeat is quite unique, with blistering flute solos, a few nasty guitar ones, frantic drumming and a highly dynamic horn section. Mad stuff.

26. Jungle By Night - The Hunt (LP/CD, Kindred Spirits, 2014)
parisdjs | juno

As we were saying a few months ago, the meeting between Jungle By Night and Californian psychedelic producer The Gaslamp Killer rocked the world of the young Afrobeat band from the Netherlands. Their live show is now more focused and entrancing, while still unleashing energetic exuberance, and their latest album hasn't left the neighbouring of Paris DJs' turntable for weeks now. Those guys really are the next generation of Afrobeat. Checkout the standout track opening the B-side of the LP, 'Attila' as soon as possible if you haven't already, this is a HUGE instrumental Afro/Disco/Rock party tune you don't want to not have heard!!

27. Jungle Fire - Tropicoso (LP/CD, Nacional Records, 2014)
parisdjs | juno

After two 45s on Colemine Records and one of remixes on Paris DJs, our friendly afro-latin-funksters from L.A. Jungle Fire are finally putting out their first album, 'Tropicoso', to be released on Nacional Records on september 30th. Starting with 3 of their killer singles sides, Comencemos (Let's Start), their irresistible latin-funk spin on a Fela Kuti tune, Tokuta, a fantastic afro-latin burner full of amazing breaks, and Firewalker, an unstoppable piece of afro-disco previously licenced for Paris DJs' 'We Are The Fire Inside Your Mind compilation. At that point you already know this album is gonna be a scorcher! Then come the new tunes… Tropicoso and 'Culebro' are pure deep latin-soul, in a Brownout meets The Cactus Channel stylee. The kind you play on repeat, the kind you can put in so many playlists, those are instant classics. The dancefloor disco-funk beat of 'Village Hustle' which follows should finish to convert anyone still having doubts on whether to buy this album on vinyl or not. After the beautiful afro-cumbia funk-jazz travels of 'Chalupa', already released on 45, comes 'Snake Pit', a marvelous piece of Jamaican soul with a cinematographic Californian vibe. The LP then concludes with 'Los Feligreses', a cover of Cuban pianist Luis Santion an uptempo heavy afrofunk latin b-boy bizness tip! 9 smashing tunes, 2 interludes, no filler, and mostly highly explosive, with a front cover photo of palm leaves taken by B+, founder of Mochilla in Stephen Marley's backyard. Buy two copies!

28 Little Barrie - Shadow (LP/CD, Tummy Touch, 2014) | bandcamp | juno

Had a chance to have a chat with Barrie Cadogan, Lewis Wharton and Virgil Howe, the very nice guys from London-based rock trio Little Barrie this summer, right before their fantastic Paris show. Drummer Virgil Howe is one you HAVE to see at all costs, there's some heavily groovy Muppet Show crazyness in that man's playing! Their new and fourth album is a gem of garage rock with distorted guitar, of course, but also chunks of blues, jazz, psych & funk. Add some great songwriting to a reverb-heavy, edgy rockin’ grand slam and you know this is a recommended record!

29. Lord Paramour - Par Amour (LP, Stereophonk, 2014)
parisdjs | bandcamp | juno

Two friendly musical activists from Rennes, France, DJ/graffiti artist & beatmaker Marrrtin and DJ/abstract hip hop producer Ajax Tow join forces on the Lord Paramour project, showcasing their love of Bollywood music through a 7-tracks mini album blending hip-hop, indie-rock, soul, disco, downtempo and Krautrock for an addictive and joyous psychedelic experience.

30. Lost Midas - Off The Course (CD, Tru Thoughts, 2014) | bandcamp | juno

How about some synth-heavy electronic sounds from L.A.? Lost Midas' album 'Off The Course' offers a radiant panoramic ear on the 'genre', some rather horizontal balearic electronica and soft house, with either heavy or delicate beats.

31 Mr. Scruff - Friendly Bacteria (2LP/CD, Ninja Tune, 2014) | juno

Mr Scruff is the perfect Ninja Tune artist, growing more and more adult with the years, along with his label. Far away in the past are the fun, sample-heavy, cheeky productions of the early days, some room has been cleared for more live instrumentation & vocalists. This new record is rather horizontal, all about beats and soul, without so much jelly-like "wobble" bass in it. A laidback approach to scruffiness! Less of a singles collection than before, this album paints a bigger picture, showcasing an eclectism adapted to many different hours of the night, the same kind Mr Scruff has demonstrated through his marathon Dj sets - for 15 years now!
PS I've thrown in the dustbin the watermark promo CD, please Ninja Tune / Ping Pong send me a real one that is playable everywhere!

32. Omaha Diner - #1 Pop Hits Reconstructed (Limited LP, self-released, 2014)
parisdjs | bandcamp

With today's music business transformations, direct-to-fan projects are getting more and more attention. So when you gather amazing artists such as Charlie Hunter (seven-string electric guitar), Bobby Previte (drums), Steven Bernstein (trumpet), and Skerik (saxophone) together to re-imagine a fans' choice selection of #1 hits, in order to press a limited run of 1000 LPs (vinyl only, no CD!), don't be surprised to see the initial crowdfunding goal easily reached! All the tunes were recorded in analog, live in the studio by the virtuoso experimental jazz fourtet. Fasten your seatbelts for mind-bending covers of Bruno Mars, Macklemore, Beyoncé, Duran Duran, Terence Trent d'Arby, Eminem, Queen, Edwyn Starr, Fergie or The O'Jays (the latter only available as a digital bonus track).

33. Que Pasa - Manouche Deluxe (CD, Miam Records, 2014)
parisdjs | bandcamp

Original electronic/jazz/manouche deluxe! What happens when an eminent jazz guitarist, a fiery accordeonist and a brilliant trombone player meet a gifted electronic music producer and an inspired DJ? As Miles Davis used to say: "I'll play first, then I' ll tell you what it is". if these three jazz musicians wanted to play with the music of the machines, it's because they remenbered that the true spirit of jazz is freedom .They also found the best way to reinvent themselves was to mess with the lush underground beats of the DJ. They found back in the electronic transe new colours and a new freedom,that inspired them new musical trips, because emotion is the driving force of creation. What happens when swing meets groove? What happens when rythm and emotion merge? What happens when tradition and modernity get together? Que Pasa?

34. The Bombay Royale - The Island of Dr Electrico (LP/CD, Hopestreet Recordings, 2014)
parisdjs | bandcamp | juno

Two years ago, we introduced our readers/listeners to the sound of The Bombay Royale with their first album 'You Me Bullet Love', evoking The Budos Band with tablas on acid in a Sergio Leone movie, or Quentin Tarantinow doing the soundtrack for a Bollywood movie… The Melbourne-based band is now back with a second long player, 'The Island Of Dr Electrico', an addictive new blend of 70s Indian or Hollywood soundtracks, surf guitar, strings & brass, psychedelia, tropical disco and funk. Heavily recommended non-mainstream world music!

35. Third Coast Kings - West Grand Boulevard (LP/CD, Record Kicks RKX047, 2014) | bandcamp | juno

Michigan's Third Coast Kings are back with a second album full of deep funk, 1970s vintage soul & hints of blaxploitation. This is pure old school, recorded with the full band in one room, with even a very classy art cover as if the record was dating from 'back in the days'!

36. Toumani Diabaté & Sidiki Diabaté - Toumani & Sidiki (CD, World Circuit, 2014) | juno

A moment of grace & spirituality with the Kora master Toumani Diabaté and his son Sidiki. Four virtuoso hands spreading Mandinka magic through upbeat Kora duets. Ancestral music from Mali available to all. Words are missing to describe such a beautiful and mesmerizing record. But we'll always remember the diner we had with 11 Antibalas musicians at Paris DJs' studio listening to this gem last June…


37. Arto Lindsay - The Encyclopedia of Arto (2CD, Ponderosa Music&Art/Northern Spy, 2014) | bandcamp

One CD of Arto Lindsay's various forms of tropicalia rock 1996-2004, and a second CD of fearless solo live recordings from 2011-2012 showcasing the essence of Airto. Beautiful stuff to broaden your musical horizons!

38. Chef - Movie Sountrack (CD/Digital, Milan Records, 2014)
parisdjs | itunes

Jon Favreau is back in the writer/ actor /director chair with Chef, his latest concoction. The soundtrack album, featuring a song selection by KCRW’s own Mathieu Schreyer, perfectly mirrors the road trip of the movie. For each town, a sample of food and music: salsa-infused Miami to the sounds of Pete Rodriguez and the reggae beats of Grant Phabao, The Lone Ranger and Carlton Livingston,, the unmistakable brass band groove in New Orleans with the Rebirth Brass Band and the Hot 8 Brass Band, the gritty guitar sounds from Austin courtesy of Gary Clark Jr. and, in Los Angeles, a West Coast classic hip-hop tune by Ronnie Hudson & The Street People.

39. Kev Beadle presents Private Collection Volume 2 (2LP/CD, BBE Music, 2014) | juno | soundcloud

Kev Beadle is one of the great original jazz dance DJs. His second selection for BBE Music of rare and hand-picked 70s/80s private pressings of dancefloor jazz, 'Kev Beadle presents Private Collection Volume 2' is as magnificent as the first volume was stunning. The kind of very high quality compilation we can't praise enough.

40. Mestre Cupijó e Seu Ritmo - Siriá (LP/CD, Analog Africa, 2014)
bandcamp | juno

Analog Africa goes digging in northern Brazil for some groovy tropical sounds recorded by bandleader and composer Mestre Cupijó, influenced by African music from the Caribbean. This is a reissue of a 1974 album, the third of six Cupijó recorded in the 1970's and early 80's. Carnival music without the clichés, absolutely essential like the rest of the Analog Africa catalog!

41. Mop Mop - Isle Of Magic - Remixed (Digital, Agogo Records, 2014) | bandcamp

The sensous 'Isle of Magic' album from Berlin-based Italian producer/DJ/musician Andrea Benini a.k.a. Mop Mop gets the remix treatment by a selection of producers from the underground scene, including some great reworks by Simbad, with an organic deep house take on 'Kamakumba', or Nostalgia 77, Renegades Of Jazz and Grant Phabao, all adding their distinctive voodoo to the Run Around hit featuring Anthony Joseph & Fred Wesley.

42. Shapes Rectangles - Compiled by Robert Luis (2LP/2CD, Tru Thoughts, 2014) | bandcamp | juno

Twice a year, Brighton-based label Tru Thoughts graces us with a low-priced compilation of their recent singles, EPs & albums along with a few exclusive tracks & remixes. The label celebrates its 15th anniversary this year and if you stil haven't jumped on their electronic & soul train yet, this bi-annual panorama is a perfect entry to what's happening now with classic Tru Thoughts artists Quantic, Hidden Orchestra, Nostalgia 77, Hot 8 Brass Band and Alice Russell, confirmed artists Youngblood Brass Band, Mark de Clive-Lowe, Ty, Wrongtom, Rodney P and Peshay, or discovering a crop of new acts such as Lost Midas, Harleighblu, Titeknots and Dizz1…

43. Paris DJs Soundsystem - A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand - Tropical Grooves & Afrofunk International Vol.5 (Digital Compilation, Paris DJs, 2014)
parisdjs | bandcamp | junodownload

Calling all intergalactic Afro-funk cosmonauts and tropical grooves aficionados !! After exploring GOODNESS, FIRE, WARRIOR and ELECTRIC themes, Paris DJs felt it was time to concentrate their research on the UNITY concept, on the global cultural unity that is expressed through all strands of groovy, funky, psychedelic and moving afrofunk, afrobeat, ethio-jazz, highlife, afrojazz, afrosoul, Carribean Funk and other Tropical Grooves to be found on this planet today.

44. Paris DJs Soundsystem - Some Of The Best Things In Life Are Free Vol.1 (Digital Compilation, Paris DJs, 2014)

Paris DJs have been hustling social networks for a week now, asking all the fans, friends and family to take out their credit card and support their crowdfunding campaign, in order to press some astonishing vinyl and merchandising. But Paris DJs is not all about the money and wanted to share this carefully mixed selection of tunes to be found as free downloads on the web. Because 'Some of the best things in life are free', baby. Enjoy the vibes, and go grab the tracks for free separately if there's any you fall in love with!
PS Thanks to Le Petit Bazar Free&Legal for the inspiration - a very cool blog focusing on fre downloads.

45. Paris DJs Soundsystem - Some Of The Best Things In Life Are Free Vol.2 (Digital Compilation, Paris DJs, 2014)

The gifts we've promised our crowdfunders are coming… soon… We already got the 45 boxsets (empty), the t-shirts, the posters, the test-pressings for the vinyl… only the final 45s & 2LPs are still to arrive. And then we'll ship to everyone who pre-ordered. Only a few more days… To soothe your impatience, here's a second volume of carefully selected free downloads found on the web, assembled in a nice and flowing mix. Because 'Some of the best things in life are free', once again baby. Enjoy the vibes, and go grab the tracks for free separately if there's any you fall in love with!

46. Paris DJs Soundsystem - Spirituality & The Supernatural - Kaleidoscopic Jazz & Mind Bending Poetry (Digital compilation, Paris DJs, 2014)
parisdjs | bandcamp | junodownload

'Spirituality and the Supernatural - Kaleidoscopic Jazz & Mind-Bending Poetry is the 6th compilation coming out on the Paris DJs label, and the second one in a Hip Hop series co-curated with Paris-based international Hip Hop activist Miska. While the previous volume was on psychedelic tip, this new selection is all about Hip Hop incorporating jazz influences. By email, phone, through websites or social networks, artists all over the world were asked to submit cool jazz, soul-jazz and hard bop with hip hop rhythm; 21st century afrocentric rebirth of the cool; jazzy hip hop, slam & poetry; jiving beatmakers in a ragtime mood; music bringing back the spirit of old time boogie, bop & swing to hip hop; and raw dancefloor fillers connecting the various strands of hip hop culture... Artists from four different countries were picked: the U.S. of course, with Tob One, Raashan Ahmad, ADH, Scott D, Substantial or Glows In The Dark; then UK, with Bassbully, Afro Cluster and Jister; France with Slone and Antoine Berjeaut; and finally Brazil with Mental Abstrato. Mr Complex, Ty, Ohmega Watts, Kofi Genfi, Steph, The Sapphic Songstress, John Robinson or Mike Ladd complete the already impressive line-up as guest vocalists Inspiration & creative vibes were to be found in the superb Ben Hito / Bernard Bittler collaborative retro/psych/fractal artwork, and the final program harmoniously gathers heavyweight hip hop headnodders and more joyful party tunes, with various jazz connections spread out all along. As with the previous compilation 'Take The Chains Off your Brains', play this on repeat to access a higher state of consciousness and let's meet up there.

47. Strange Breaks & Mr. Thing III - Rock, Funk, Soul, Jazz & Soundtrack Breaks for Modern Living (2LP/2CD, BBE Music, 2014) | juno

It all started with breaks played at block parties in the 1970s. Those breaks were the backbone of hip hop productions for decades, until recently the genre kinda died down, absorbed by dance music, cold wave, cheap 80s synth and other monstruosities for uneducated ears. Thankfully, some people coming directly from hip hop culture still have faith, still keep the flame active, and still dig like crazy for killer vintage stuff with amazing & obscure breaks. UK Hip-Hop producer and acclaimed DJ/record digger Mr. Thing is one of them. Five years after the second volume, he's back with a third platter of rare grooves in the 'Strange Breaks & Mr Thing' series. As it's now the norm with many BBE Music comps, the first CD is a continuous mix, while the second one is an unmixed collection, and the hand-picked collection of obscure soul, jazz & funk cuts from Mr. Thing doesn't disappoint. Fitting perfectly with Paris DJs aesthetics, this is record digging of the highest order!

48. The Herbaliser - There Were Seven Remixes (CD, Department H, 2014) | bandcamp | juno

The Herbaliser's latest album from two years ago, 'There Were Seven' is one of the best hip hop albums we've heard recently. Picking a tune for Paris DJs' 'Spirituality & The Supernatural' compilation was not an easy task, nearly any track from this cohesive and excellent album could have fit the bill. So it's no surprise then to see the duo release a remix companion album, which takes the form of a 15-tracks CD or a 23 tracks digital compilation with 8 bonus instrumental cuts... With remixes from producers, DJs & beatmakers Gigabeatz Bonson, Colman Brothers, Soundsci (Ollie Teeba’s side project with Johnny Cuba), Jenome, 2econd Class Citizen, No Sleep Nigel, Lopez, T-Power, Muneshine, Krilla, Lopez, Hugo Kant, Danny K or Renegades Brass Band, this is like a brand new version of the album! From dusty breaks to electro sounds, trip hop, jazz, funk, dub and hip hop, this is a masterful cross-genre body of work.

49. Lenis Guess - The Story of (2LP/CD, Tramp Records, 2014)
bandcamp | juno

Lenis Guess is a producer/arranger/singer/songwriter/label owner from Norfolk, Virginia. He's been active since the 60s and still is today (check While he's a highly-respected soulf/funk musician from Virginia, his releases cost an arm among collectors. Six of his tunes were released earlier this year in a limited edition 45 boxset on Jazzman Records, and he now gets the full 'Story Of' anthology treatment from Tramp Records. Of course the 1971 holy grail funk 45 'Why, Why, Why’d She Leave Me', already reissued by Tramp Records last year on their 'Feeling Nice Vol.2' compilation, is here in all its splendor, but other great discoveries are to be found. Among them are some deep funk masterpieces by Clarence "Sir Guy" Barron, 'Funky Virginia' from 1969, 'I Need You Baby' and 'Let Home Cross Your Mind' from 1972. Other notable tunes include Little Richard III's cool fun of 'She Broke Down' or Page One midtempo cover of Lenis Guess in the mid 1970s with 'Thank Goodness Gotta Good Woman'. Once again, this is a real treat, at a very cheap price considering the ebay prices of the original 45s!

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Julien Lakshmanan / Paris DJs
240 rue de Belleville
(gardien au 55 rue du Telegraphe)
75020 Paris, France

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