March 2013 was an exceptional month, with MANY independant labels and artists keeping on hitting us with download links and promotional records. Here's our selection of the best vinyl and CDs we received, a large one for a change (25 releases reviewed!), including of course the fantastic four Paris DJs releases of each of the four previous week, you know the deal by now! We also received an astonishing amount fo submissions for our next compilation 'We Are The Fire Inside Your Mind' which will come back to later on. Bands still have until april 15th to submit tracks so they shouldn't hesitate cos' we might cook more than one volume at once this time…

Paris DJs Playlist March 2013

The March 2013 Paris DJs Playlist :

01. Arat Kilo - 12 Days in Addis (CD, Only Music, 2013) info | buy
02. Bim Bam Orchestra - Nuits Minuscules (CD, self-released, 2010) info
03. Dieuf-Dieul de Thiès - Aw Sa Yone Vol.1 (CD, Teranga Beat, 2013) info | buy
04. Polyrhythmics - Bobo (7", Kept Records, 2013) info | buy
05. Hard Proof - Dragon (7", Kept Records, 2013) info | buy
06. Orquesta El Macabeo - Salsa Bestial (LP, Vampisoul, 2013) info | buy

At Paris DJs' studios, we've been preparing the second Afro/Tropical compilation for nearly a month already (bands still have until april 15th to submit their tracks), and we received an amazing amount of music, from artists and labels from all over the world, including a few releases already out on vinyl or CD. Among those, the new EP/album from Arat Kilo got our attention. We were not that impressed by their previous releases but with this one the French ethio-jazz band is reaching new heights and we won't miss checking them on stage next time they play in Paris… Bim Bam Orchestra also raised a few of our eyesbrows. Another French afrobeat band to follow? 100%!! We had the chance to see them at Le Studio de l'Ermitage last weekend and can't recommend enough their heavy shit. Their 2010 EP 'Nuits Minuscules' is a good surprise which will leave us eagerly awaiting their next recording. On the reissue front the Dieuf-Dieul de Thiès have some unreleased mesmerizing afro grooves from 30 years ago coming out on record store's day (april 20th) through Teranga Beat - a label to follow closely in 2013… just like our friends from Canada Kept Records, with their limited 7 inches - all killer, no filler! First there's a new Polyrhythmics intergalactic afro-funk single, groovy as outer space hell, which we won't miss to licence for our 'We Are The Fire Inside Your Mind' compilation, and then there's the new Hard Proof afrobeat single, 'Dragon', guaranteed pure burning fire produced by Adrian Quesada (of Brownout/Grupo Fantasma/Echocentrics/Ocote Soul Sound fame). So now the deal's like this: you see a new 45 released by Kept Records, you get it and think later!! Another favorite from afro/latin selection this month is quite a treat in the form of the first LP from Orquesta El Macabeo, gathering tracks from their two self-released album with an exclusive new recording. Here's your chance to discover some fantastic and impressive salsa from Puerto-Rico, irresistible on global dancefloors!

07. Caroline Lacaze - En Route (CD, Légère, 2013) info | buy
08. Dusty - Mood Matters (CD, Jazz&Milk, 2013) info | buy
09. Geater Davis - Lost Soul (CD, Luv'N'Haight, 2013) info | buy
10. The Sign Of Four - Hammer, Anvil, Stirrup (CD, Jazzman, 2013) info | buy

We never heard any chanson française backed by soulful raw funk before, and the Caroline Lacaze album is a pleasant surprise. She's backed by german funksters from the Mocambo Electric Sound Orchestra and maybe, just maybe, it could be a great idea to release the superb instrumentals… Jazz&Milk has been one of our favorite German labels for quite a while and the new album from its founder Dusty is another gem in their catalog, an eargasm of beats and rhythms, from latin-jazz ("Mood Matters", "It's Time", "Steel Keepin' It Raw", "Lost In Andalusia") to afrobeat ("Seventy Three", "Under The Same Drum" "Mozafrique"), with trippy nu-jazz ("Danse Macabre feat. Bad Jazz Troupe", "Southern Spirits", "Reascend feat. Sam Irl") and bits of soul. Add to the high quality of the music some superb packaging, as always, and you got one of the most collectable labels of these days! If you don't want to take risks, go directly for the new Luv'n'Haight reissue, you'll never be disappointed. The latest offering from the label collect deep soul & blues from the 70s recorded by Geater Davis for the House Of Orange label. High quality stuff, as usual with this Californian label! Also on the label tip, Jazzman Records are killing it with their reissues, of course, but especially with their new releases! After a masterful new album from The Greg Foat Group, here's the new space-jazz project from Miles Newbold. One year ago we had the privilege to release a mix by his other project The Natural Yogurt Band in which he included exclusive tracks from his new one, The Sign Of Four. Now he’s back with a wild, weird and full Sign of Four album called 'Hammer, Anvil & Stirrup'. This is the spaced-out psychedelic album of the month, hands down, playing on repeat at Paris DJs HQ.

11. Dandy Teru - Adventures (CD, Ubiquity, 2013) info | buy
12. My Neighbour Is - Blessing Da Funk (7", Cold Busted, 2013) info | buy
13. Poldoore - Shrooms (7", Cold Busted, 2012) info | buy
14. Nanna.B - Vitaphone (CD, Underdog, 2013) info | buy
15. Sweatshop - Can We Get Hooked Up? (CD, Underdog Records, 2013) info | buy
16. Ty - Kick Snare And An Idea (Digital Single, Tru-Thoughts, 2013) info | buy

French producer Dandy Teru released his first album on Ubiquity Records who, after the Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra album and the Grant Phabao remixes of The Echocentrics, has definitively an ear for finding the best from France. Soft, sexy & mellow, this liquid album of downtempo hip hop beats & tunes is gonna be hard to tire of. On the vinyl front, we received some nice 45 goodies from the Cold Busted label from Colorado, starting with Polish DJ and producer based in Manchester Grzegorz Ochman a.k.a. My Neighbour Is, who's innovative hip hop/funk beats and samples recalls the grooviest of The Herbaliser. Some old school wax vibes for the b-boys announcing a great album for 2013. There's also Poldoore from Belgium, sampling Mobb Deep's 'Shook Ones Part II', the man delivers a blast of downtempo heavy beats with his 'Shrooms' 45. B-side's on an instrumental hip hop/jazz vibe that's quite refreshing too. French label Underdog Records keeps on digging the Danish scene and brings this month two new albums from the North: blue-eyed soul singer Nanna B's debut album 'Vitaphone' is filled with tight beats, super production, and smooth soulful vocals, while Sweatshop's first opus 'Can We Get Hooked Up' gathers some old school funky hip hop, classic boom-bap and cool reggae grooves. We'll conclude this hip hop selection with the new single from rapper Ty out on Tru Thoughts Recordings, the Brighton label which never stops releasing killer records. This new single is another classic from one of the finest UK lyricists and we can't wait for the album, once again.

17. Carlon Rara - Home (CD, Aztec Music, 2012) info
18. Grant Phabao presents Afrodyete - Itchin For Your Love (Digital Single, Paris DJs, 2013) info | buy
19. Grant Phabao presents Carlton Livingston - I'll Do The Best I Can (Digital Single, Paris DJs, 2013) info | buy
20. Grant Phabao presents The Jays - Stepping Up In Time (Digital Album, Paris DJs, 2013) info | buy
21. Pepe Deluxé - Go Supersonic (Grant Phabao Remix) (Digital Single, Paris DJs, 2013) info | buy

Haitian/French singer and percussionist Carlon Rara has a second album of soulful blues/reggae/folk/jazz out, something rather soft & calm, full of sunshine & positive vibes. One for the spring mornings to come… Then of course there's the monthly dose of Grant Phabao reggae productions, with the storming and entrancing soulful ska burner, super hot, sexy and smoking new single from The Breakestra's singer Afrodyete, an uplifting piece of Rocksteady Soul from Jamaican vetaran singer Carlton Livingston, a surprising reggae rework of Finnish psychedelic duo Pepe Deluxé and a new landmark in authentic Jamaican releases from the 21st century with The Jays first-ever full-length album 'Stepping Up In Time'. From his Paris-based studio, this man is just ruling over Jamaica, and this is just the beginning of the year…

22. Various - Movements 5 (CD/LP, Tramp Records, 2013) info | buy
23. Various - R&B Hipshakers Vol. 3 (CD, Vampisoul, 2013) info | buy
24. Various - Record Kicks 10th (CD, Record Kicks, 2013) info | buy
25. Various - This Is How It Should Be Done Vol.1 (LP+CD, Cold Busted, 2012) info | buy

Some "must-listen" compilations hit our shores this month, and we're really grateful of labels who keep on sending us astonishing collections of music, starting with Tobias Kirmayer from Tramp Records who'll put out mid-april the fifth volume of his legendary 'Movements' series, gathering the coolest of rare soul, self-released funk and obscure grooves. Full review will come next week on Paris DJs. Vampisoul Records in Spain also add a new volume to a series we've been following closely, 'Hipshakers', digging into the King/Federal vaults to find underexposed R&B songs. This third collection comes again with some irresistible pearls that'll go directly into the DJ bag for the hip retro dancing parties. Italian label Record Kicks is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year with lots of free downloads… and a compilation assembling a slew of Soul, Funk, Afro, Reggae & Latin-Jazz hits, with a few unreleased goodies as the icing on the cake from Third Coast Kings, The Baker Brothers, The Liberators or Nick Pride & The Pimptones… Happy, explosive, raw & deep anniversary, Record Kicks! Wishing you 10 more years of great records!! We'll end this selection by a last focus on the Cold Busted label from Colorado owned and operated by DJ Vitamin D, who nicely sent us a selection of vinyl with catchy art covers, including their latest limited edition LP compilation, 'This Is How It Should Be Done Vol.1', released summer 2012, full of dope funk breakbeats and downtempo beats. Those cats are bringing back memories of the glory days of the Fat City Recordings compilations of the late 90s/early 2000s in Manchester and that's saying a lot!!

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