February 2013 was a short month, as every year, but that didn't stop independant labels and artists to overwhelm us with download links and promotional records. As usual, we've focused on the vinyl, the glorious vinyl that some inflexible producers keep on putting out, from the Mocambo Records camp who hit us with delicous raw funk, from Mr Bongo Records who's just reissued two Ebo Taylor gems from the past, and from UK soundtrack pop band The Kramford Look, who's latest 10 inch (and CD) has been gracing most of our mornings this last month. We've also selected some nice funk, soul, hip hop, dancehall, electronic and jazz CDs, and of course the fantastic four Paris DJs releases of each of the four previous week! Killer grooves from Grant Phabao in many different colours of Jamaican vibes...
Paris DJs Playlist February 2013

The February 2013 Paris DJs Playlist :

01. Caroline Lacaze - L'Etrange (7", Mocambo, 2013) info | buy
02. Lena and the Deep Soul - Burn (CD, Deep Music, 2013) info
03. Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators - Tortured Soul (CD, Timmion, 2013) info | buy
04. The Grits - Strychnine (7", Mocambo, 2012) info | buy

Young French singer Caroline Lacaze - who debuted on the Mighty Mocambos’ album 'The Future is Here' has a fantastic raw soul/heavy funk 7 inch out, and an album, 'En Route' that's gonna follow soon. Expect French retro soul that's crunchy, deep, funky and growingly addictive! On the same vibe, Lena & The Deep Soul from Montpellier (south of France) are releasing a self-produced and very soulful effort called 'Burn', from which the track 'Mr Julian' is on heavy rotation in our sets. The future of French Funk is happening now… We've been harassing our listeners and readers for so many years about The Poets of Rhythm in Germany, and the Daptone and Truth & Soul gangs in the US, and that Deep Funk movement is still making waves all over Europe. From Sweden comes Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators, back with a second album gathering material written over the course of some 4 years, and leaning towards some progressive soul from the late 60s era for our greatest pleasure. Following up on the Fumaça Preta feature from last month, a band featuring members of UK raw funk group The Grits, we wanted to give a shout to their 2012 seven inch 'Strychine', an edgy soul cover of garage rock combo The Sonics, backed by a psychedelic funk song that's heavily groovy. Some hard-to-resist raw funk announcing some great things for The Grits in 2013...

05. Day - Land Of 1000 Chances (CD, Piecelock 70, 2013) info | buy
06. Grant Phabao presents Horace Andy - Talk 'bout Peace (Free download, Paris DJs, 2013) info | download
07. Grant Phabao presents The Jays - African Man EP (Digital Single, Paris DJs, 2013) info | buy
08. Wrongtom Meets Deemas J - Superteng (Digital Single, Tru Thoughts, 2013) info | buy

Back with a second album after the classic 'The Day Before' from 2007, Californian producer DJ Day has now found his true home, joining the Piecelock 70 artists collective founded by Thes One of People Under The Stairs, the kings of summertime hip hop. This 'Land Of 1000 Chances' album is another perfect soundtrack to a lazy afternoon in the grass. A beatmaker's masterpiece, perfectly chilled for repetitive listening. On the Jamaican music front we won't complain about getting regular new releases from French prolific producer Grant Phabao, who delivers week after week some instantly classic reggae tunes. This month's seen a free release with Horace Andy's 'Talk About Peace', an outstanding conscious tune that has been kept hidden in Paris DJs' vaults for too long until now, and 'African Man', a 3rd single with The Jays before the launch of their long-awaited album, featuring a psychedelic latin funk remix by Adrian Quesada and a swinging jazz remix by Grant Phabao himself! UK vintage dancehall duo consisting of DJ/producer Wrongtom and jungle MC Deemas J is also back with a second single extraced from the 'In East London' album. the deep & reverb-heavy 'Superteng', which comes with a trippy headnoding hip hop remix by Mo' Matic, an extended version of the original mix definitively better than the edited cut for all dub lovers, and a crazy drum'n'bass remix of previous single 'Jump + Move + Rock' by Benny Page, among others...

09. Ebo Taylor - Ebo Taylor (LP, Mr Bongo reissue, 2013) info | buy
10. Ebo Taylor & Uhuru Yenzu - Conflict Nkru! (LP, Mr Bongo reissue, 2013) info | buy
11. Jungle Fire - Tokuta (Grant Phabao Remix) (Digital Single, Paris DJs, 2013) info | buy
12. The Cactus Channel - Budokan (Grant Phabao Remix) info | buy

The recent (and upcoming) Ebo Taylor tour dates have seen the appearance in his backing band of Paris Djs collaborators Franck Biyong on guitar and Muyiwa Kunnunji from Egypt 80 on trumpet. Both are featured in the 'Dis Is Good For You' compilation from the Paris DJs Soundsystem so we were quite proud to go and check them at one of their February shows near Paris, which also featured Tony Allen guesting on drums for one song! Two albums from the Ghanaian guitarist/producer have just been reissued by UK label Mr Bongo: the self-titled 'Ebo Taylor' from 1977, a marvelous piece of Ghanaian soul featuring the highlife-meets-funk classic 'Heaven'; and 'Conflict' from 1980, a gem of Ghanaian afro-funk featuring another highlife-meets-funk classic, 'Love And Death'. For some more current tropical vibes, the Afrobeat-meets-ska remix of afro-latin-funk band from L.A. Jungle Fire will definitively ignite many dancefloors, while the chilled-reggae-funk remix of Australian funk orchestra The Cactus Channel will get minds on an on the beach setting right away. Both were produced by the relentless Grant Phabao and released by Paris DJs...

13. Boddhi Satva - Ngnari Konon 12" Mixes (Digital Single, BBE Music, 2013) info | buy
14. Mop Mop - Isle Of Magic (CD, Agogo Records, 2013) info | buy
15. Que Pasa - Que Pasa (CD, self-released, 2012) info | buy
16. The Kramford Look - Bip Bip Bip... (10", Wonderful Sound, 2013) info | buy

Boddhi Satva's debut album 'Invocation' was one of the highlights of 2012. One year later BBE Music are still extracting singles from this masterful African Deep House record. The latest one, 'Ngnari Konon featuring Oumou Sangaré' is one to keep in the DJ bag, just like we advised in our 5th volume of the Bag of Goodies mixes series. With two handfuls of remixes by Boddhi Satva, Louie Vega, Manoo and Josh Milan, there's a version for every kind of occasion, our preferences going towards the remixes Boddhi Satva did himself. Andrea Benini aka Mop Mop has a new album out, 'Isle Of Magic', featuring Trinidadian poet Anthony Joseph and legendary trombonist player Fred Wesley. Rooted in jazz, this new album explores some entrancing voodoo territories with Carribean flavors and funk/soul fumes. Finally giving some meaning to the tag nu jazz, this album is a grower for sure. Another album that's been infiltrating our minds those last months is the new project lead by French producer Professor Oz, an electro-roots album with a definitive French flavor, updating the sound of Montmartre of swinging gypsy jazz guitar, accordion waltzes, deep, groovy electro beats and trombone tones, with Kusturican Balkanese bits thrown in for good measure. Que Pasa is the ultimate sound of Paris, for sure, the kind that'll appeal to compilers and music supervisors! The Kramford Look is a band from the UK Shawn Lee recommended to us. They released last year a marvelous album or baroque pop melted with 70s library jazz-funk and psychedelic easy-listening, '1970', and are back with a limited edition 10 inch vinyl (250 hand-numbered copies), 'Bip Bip Bip…', which picks up where the debut album left off. Think of a pastoral/thriller soundtrack version of The Real Tuesday Weld, imagine some Lalo Schifrin-inspired pop, and you might get an idea of what this superb cinematic jazz stuff sounds like!

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