One Foot In Jail Hard 2 Find Vol 3
One Foot In Jail - Hard 2 Find Vol.3
(Download/Limited CD) Colored-Inc. COLI005, 2010-05-17

One Foot In Jail is the first venture for the Colored-Inc. label into African vibes. Blending Nigerian harmonies with American Soul or Jamaican Funk, European folk & electronics with Afrobeat, Jazz with souful reggae or deep poetry, with some hefty doses of Reggae, Psychedelia and African percussions in between, this is indeed a kind of a Afrofunk Jazz Thing, a fantastic record pushing the Colored-Inc. label's identity quest deep into the exploration of African, Carribean and Afro-American music.

Production duties by David Murray (10), Doctor L (2,4,8,9), Franck Biyong (7), Grant Phabao (3,5,6), Loik Dury (1), with star guesting Amayo from the Fu-Arkist-Ra, Antibalas, Clip Payne and The Deacon from The Duke & The King (USA), Kiala Nzavotunga and Oghene Kologbo (from Nigeria), Ranking Trevor and The Jays (from Jamaica), and The Gwo Ka Masters (from Guadeloupe)

One Foot In Jail Hard 2 Find Vol 3

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