Offshore Aneurysm EP
Offshore - Aneurysm EP
(12"/Download) Big Dada BD171/BDDNL171, 2010-10-18

After the critical success of his EP for the legendary Scottish label, Stuff, Ewan Robertson aka Offshore presents his first EP for new home Big Dada. Four tracks deep, the Aneurysm EP shows beyond any shadow of a doubt what a talented musician Robertson is. Aneurysm itself is the bass tune of the package. Put it on any big speaker system and feel your breastplate buzz. But despite its links back to Robertson's earlier work it also shows a reliance on melody and detailing which sets it apart from the work of some of his contemporaries. This isn't just music to play in a club. Offshore develops this aesthetic throughout the rest of the EP. Hiccup is the melancholic soundtrack to an East European thriller. UTG builds from a series of slipping, sliding interludes to epic electrowob-orchestral climax. And last track Round And Round demonstrates that Robertson's work perhaps owes as much to the moors, mountains and even folk tunes of his home country as it does to hip hop and inner city London, where he now lives. Bass-heavy, packed with detail and an ear for melody, this is the next wave of Cale(donian)-funk. Roberston's debut album is expected Spring 2011.

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