Low Mentality is the band from Nikhil P. Yerawadekar, bass player in Antibalas (if you're following Paris DJs, you've already heard about this famous afrobeat orchestra from Brooklyn), The Sway Machinery and Akoya Afrobeat. We had introduced them to the world in the october 2013 compilation 'Have You Ever Been To Electric Afroland', now here comes finally the full length album, a cosmopolitan pop/rock record, impregnated with afrobeat, jazz, funk and dancehall. A communicative optimism emerges from these addictives melodies and these stressed tempos, very New York-ish. Store it in between Talking Heads and The Beta Band. (Review translated from the Paris DJs Tour Operator Magazine #1 - may/june 2016 issue)

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Nikhil P Yerawadekar and Low Mentality - Everything Lasts Forever
Nikhil P. Yerawadekar & Low Mentality - Everything Lasts Forever
(CD/LP) 3rd Generation Recordings, 2016-04-22

Tracklisting :
01. All Cornballs Must Perish 1:47
02. Big Time Distraction 4:43
03. Six Shooter AKA the History of Dance 5:36
04. No Fun 5:26
05. Vultures 4:47
06. Bad Imagination 6:43
07. Jazz Now 4:11
08. Mind Disco Remix 1:23
09. Rep Where You're From 6:56
10. Morning 5:01

Links :
Nikhil P. Yerawadekar : official | facebook | instagram | soundcloud | twitter | youtube
3rd Generation Recordings : official | facebook | instagram | soundcloud | twitter

Review (in French) :
Le groupe d'un des bassistes d'Antibalas (le célèbre orchestre afrobeat de Brooklyn). Nous l'avions présenté dans la compilation "Have You Ever Been To Electric Afroland" de Paris DJs en octobre 2013, voici enfin son premier album, un disque pop/rock cosmopolite, teinté d'afrobeat, de jazz, de funk et de dancehall. Un optimisme communicatif se dégage de ces mélodies addictives et de ces tempos stressés, très New-Yorkais. À ranger entre les Talking Heads et The Beta Band.
Review extracted from the Paris DJs Tour Operator Magazine #1 - may/june 2016 issue

Press Release :
On Everything Lasts Forever, Yerawadekar's songs reflect both the sounds of his upbringing in New York City’s most diverse borough of Queens, and those of his musical career working in groups such as the afrobeat juggernaut Antibalas and with artists like the Ethiopian keyboard legend Hailu Mergia. The result is a rock and roll sound that is undeniably fresh, new and hip, but with its diversity of flavors, it also has entry points for almost any listener, regardless of where they’re coming from.

Everything Lasts Forever was produced by Yerawadekar, who also delivers lead vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion and drum programming. The bulk of the other performances on the record come from the current Low Mentality lineup of Omar Little (Lee “Scratch” Perry) on trumpet, sampler and keyboards, Chauncey Yearwood (High & Mighty Brass Band) on congas, Pavel Kogan-Liakhov (Hess Is More) on guitar and Kevin Raczka (Lee Fields, Valerie June) on drums. Fellow Antibalas members Timothy Allen (bass, backing vocals), Marcus Farrar (backing vocals) and Will Rast (percussion) make significant contributions, as do Yerawadekar’s colleagues from projects such as the Pimps Of Joytime, Half Waif and Nook. Producer and turntablist DJ Center also appears on the album, adding a otherworldly element to “Jazz Now.”

The 90’s dancehall rhythms of the rat race anthem “Big Time Distraction” are interwoven with bluesy guitar picking, the cumbia rhythms of the media critique “Six Shooter AKA The History Of Dance,” featuring soul singer Kendra Morris, are coupled with dub reggae stylings, and the introspective “Bad Imagination” conducts an examination of Yerawadekar’s most unnameable thoughts over a bed of lush percussion and group interplay that is impossible to nail down geographically. Everything Lasts Forever renders debates about genre moot. The album is Yerawadekar’s effort to understand all the material he’s collected throughout the different stages of his life, and how all the different pieces relate to one another today.

With the result being a collection of danceable, memorable and personal songs, Everything Lasts Forever demands that listeners loosen up and celebrate their own lifetimes of bass heavy, funky experiences.

Biography :
Known for his work in groups like Antibalas, The Sway Machinery and Akoya Afrobeat, multi-instrumentalist and producer Nikhil P. Yerawadekar founded the band Low Mentality in 2011. The group brings a new bass- and beat-oriented rock and roll sound to the table, merging qualities of Afrobeat, reggae, dancehall, calypso, hip-hop and folk music. Their dance video for “Run Fast” premiered on okayafrica.com in 2013, and the song was featured on the Afropop Worldwide radio program as well as on the ParisDJs compilation Have You Ever Been To Electric Afroland? While working on an exciting collaboration with the legendary Ethiopian keyboardist and bandleader Hailu Mergia (Awesome Tapes From Africa), the group released their debut vinyl single “Reel It In” on 3rd Generation Recordings in 2014, getting featured on the likes of WFMU, PRI and KEXP, where it was named Song Of The Day.

Nikhil and Low Mentality are releasing their debut full length album, Everything Lasts Forever, on April 22, 2016. The first offering, the dark and vibrant “Jazz Now,” premiered on Stereogum in March, followed the hilarious, historically-minded video for the cumbia and dub-influenced tune “Six Shooter AKA The History Of Dance” (featuring the soulful voice of Kendra Morris) premiering on Relix in early April.

Discography :
Run Fast (Digital Single, 2013-12)
Industry Dweebs (Digital single, 2014-02)
Reel It In (7"/Digital single (2014-10)
Everything Lasts Forerever (CD/LP/Digital, 2016-04)

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