Nik Weston and his Mukatsuku label are becoming unstoppable. They're picking up tunes to release on vinyl singles at an amazing pace. Afrofunk, Disco, Boogie, Soul, Tropical… they've now launched a new series focusing on dancefloor jazz called 'Two Sides Of Club Jazz' and the first 45 in that collection is now available. A-side is taken from an Italian Jazz album by Marco di Marco on acoustic piano with Charles Saudrais on drums and Jacky Samson on bass. A great and funky piano jazz album recorded live in Paris on 10-12 November 1973 at the Living Room. 'Par Avion', featured here, is indeed superb, with its infectious bass line and supa-funky drumming. You'll be hooked as soon as the piano enters… B-side comes from Japan’s Jazz Collective, in the form of an exclusive version of the melodic mid-tempo tune 'Velvet' originally found on their 2013 album 'Prelude'. Funky and smooth as a cool b-side should be.

Nik Weston presents Two Sides Of Club Jazz
Nik Weston presents Two Sides Of Club Jazz
(Limited 7") Mukatsuku Records MUKAT033, 2014-11-17

Tracklisting :
A. Marco Di Marco - Par Avion

B. Jazz Collective - Velvet (Unreleased Exclusive Version)

Note that two versions are available :
- one is a limited 7" in hand stamped kraft paper sleeve + branded Mukatsuku jacket + sticker + insert + fridge magnet
- the other is has the insert signed, a button badge, a Mukatsuku drinks coaster, a branded tote bag inside a hand-numbered Swifty-screenprinted pizza box

Links :
Buy on Juno the Fridge Magnet Edition or the Luxury Box Set Edition
Mukatsuku : official | discogs | facebook | parisdjs | twitter | wikipedia | youtube

Press Release :
Two Sides Of Club Jazz does exactly what it says on the tin. Two club fillers from Italy & Japan. First up it's a moment of funky modal madness from legendary Bologna pianist Marco Di Marco:
"Par Avion" is a seminal jazz classic as championed by the likes of Gilles Peterson, Nicola Conte & Patrick Forge. Swinging, floor-focussed foot-shoving, between the three elements (slink double bass, subtly brushed drums and Marco's piano narrative) it's a timeless example of jazz's most alluring party guise. For the flipside we fast forward for a lush, lounge-languishing slice of smoky broken beat drama from Jazz Collective via Tokyo Japan with their masterpiece and charismatic "Velvet" with an exclusively recorded version for Mukatsuku Records.

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