Jo Tongo was born and raised in Douala, Cameroon. He was sent to Paris by his father in 1964 and started studying pharmacy for a couple of years. While in Paris, he took up classic piano and obtained a degree from the Paris National Superior Academy of Music. A few years later Jo Tongo was determined to pursue his love of music and became a professional musician playing with the best in Paris, the likes of Manu Dibango, Françis Bebey, Joseph Kabassele, Franklyn Bokaka, etc. (our friends from Jewpop would also note that he was bass player for Mike Brant…). Late 1975 he recorded a gem of an afro-funk album in Paris, with a crew of the best studios musicians of the time, Slim Pezin and others from the CCCP band (Ceccarelli, Chantereau, Padovan, Pezin). The LP was released in 1976 on Manu Dibango's label Fiesta. Extracted from that album 'Piani' is a heavy piece of Afrocentric funk with a wah-wah disco groove and some James Brown-isms in the vocal growls. Irresistibly groovy, this will ignite any dancefloor with ease.

B-side is a Funk gem previously compiled by Russ Dewbury in 1999 on Strut records ('Club Africa'), taken from Sookie's self-titled album (reissued sept. 2014 by the Ambassador's Reception label, check here), produced by Cameroonian-born, Paris-based Joe Bisso in 1976. The tune gets here the re-edit treatment from Nik Weston, focusing on the funkiest intrumental parts for a foot-stomping funk ride full of breaks.

Nik Weston presents Afrofunk Gems Volume Five
Nik Weston presents Afrofunk Gems Volume Five
(Limited 7") Mukatsuku Records MUKAT035, 2015-02-09

Tracklisting :
A. Jo Tongo - Piani

B. Sookie - Rhythm On Rhythm (Nik's exclusive Funky re edit - produced by Joe Bisso)

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Press Release :
They sometimes say that perseverance will win the day in the end and this is what happened with the Afro Funk monster of 'Piani' from French African artist Jo Tongo that took several years of negotiation to bring to the fruition of a potential Mukatsuku Records release.

From the haunting intro this is one tune that you will never forget after first listen as it tippytoes through an afrocentric funk /disco groove that will keep your dancefloor alight.

On the flipside the Joe Bisso produced funk gem 'Rhythm On Rhythm' from Sookie gets an edit from label boss Nik Weston who trims, tucks and replays the funkier elements of the track with repeated breaks and lashings of brass stabs and wobbly bass lines.

The Juno edition of the single comes in exclusive packaging of kraft paper hand stamped inner sleeve, additional branded card sleeve, signed insert, sticker and plastic protective outer sleeve. First 50 copies come with 38mm Mukatsuku Loves Vinyl Badge.

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