If you've heard Ghanaian keyboardist Kiki Gyan's '24 Hours In A Disco 1978-82' compilation released in 2012 by Soundway Records, you already know the man is a former Osibisa band member, who became a genius of dancefloor disco and smooth African soul in the late 70s and early 80s. But you probably didn't get the chance to hear 'Love To Love You', the best tune from his 1983 album 'Feelin' Alright', released on Top Records Nigeria in 1983. This LP is one of the classics of Afro Boogie, and still very hard to find in anything close to playable condition. That's where UK label Mukatusku enters the game, with a strictly limited edition, 500 copies only hand-numbered 45, with a Nik Weston edit of that said tune - and another uptempo disco/boogie sure winner for the bag! Kiki Gyan was an African star and not only for the Ghanians. He made his mark in Nigerian music scene too. He passed away in 2005 in his native country Ghana, so it's a nice touch to put out this 45 out ten years later. B-side 'It's Not Your Fault Brother' by Nigerian singer/musician Tunji Oyelana is less of a pop song to begin with, and more of an afro funky experimentation in the disco boogie genre, with relentless highlife funk guitar, infectious organ slabs, and declaimed vocals. Deeply funky and also leftfield enough to be a Paris DJs choice pick — expect to hear this one in a Paris DJs mix soon…
Nik Weston presents Afro Funk and Disco Gems Volume Six Ghana vs Nigeria
Nik Weston presents Afro Funk (& Disco Gems) Volume Six: Ghana vs Nigeria
(Limited 7") Mukatsuku Records MUKAT 040LTD500, 2015-11-23

Tracklisting :
A. Kiki Gyan - Love To Love You (Nik's Official 7 Inch edit)
B. Tunji Oyelana - It's Not Your Fault Brother (Nik's Soundway Records Official 7 Inch edit)

Note : limited hand-numbered 7" in hand-stamped kraft paper sleeve + sticker + insert + branded card sleeve

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Press Release :
Mukatsuku host another funk-drenched Cup Of Nations play-off as Ghana go toe to toe with Nigeria. Kiki Gyan go in on the offensive with big disco dynamics, golden harmonies and pristine instrumentation from the horns to the keys. Tunji Oyelana returns every shot with a more traditional afrofunk strategy, shiny highlife guitars, sterling spoken word and occasional tripped out key flurries. This version from Nik Weston was originally destined for Soundway Records who commisioned the mix a couple of years ago but never subsequently came out so Mukatsuku licenced it back with Tunji's blessing so we could put it on a 45 for the label.

Mukatsuku continues the official Afro Funk Gems series with two choice cuts this time from Ghana & Nigeria with a strictly limited of 500 only hand numbered edition 45. First up is the infectious disco romp from a previous LP only track 'Love To Love You' from the late Kiki Gyan with an uplifting brass led dancer . On the flipside exclusive to Mukatsuku is from Tunji Oyelana with Tunji's experiment into boogie territory with a funk driven edit of another LP only track 'It's Not Your Fault Brother' from the "For Better For Stay: For Worse For Go" album from the 80's. Nik Weston's version was originally destined for Soundway Records who commissioned the mix a couple of years ago but never subsequently came out so Mukatsuku licenced it back with Tunji's blessing so we could put it on a 45 for the label

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