Mr J Medeiros Saudade
Mr. J Medeiros (formerly of The Procussions) - Saudade
(CD/Digital) De Medeiros LLC, 2011-06-14

Los Angeles-based rapper, producer, singer and songwriter, Mr. J. Medeiros has carved his own path in Hip Hop. Known for his work with the indie label Rawkus Records and his group The Procussions, Mr. J. is back with a new record called Saudade available everywhere June 14, 2011. Mr. J. Medeiros is considered one of Hip Hop's most innovative and insightful artists. He has spent his career building a name that is synonymous with quality and consistency. His forthcoming album, Saudade, will prove to be his greatest work to date, revealing a wealth of musical and personal experience. Saudade, is a Portuguese word difficult to translate adequately, which describes a deep emotional state of nostalgic longing for someone or something. Being of Portuguese decent, Medeiros found a piece of himself in Saudade,, weaving it's meaning through powerful narratives and complex rhyme schemes. A lover of all music, Mr. J. found a way to incorporate his many influences into one cohesive work of art without loosing sight of his first love: Hip Hop. Written by himself and introducing his new production team The Stare, (consisting of Mr. J., Stro, and Luke Atencio) listeners will find this album to be a carefully crafted mosaic of sounds and stories engulfed in poetic mastery.

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