Mercury Rev Deserters Songs Instrumental
Mercury Rev - Deserter's Songs: The Instrumental Edition
(CD) Excelsior Melodies, 2011-06-14

Mercury Rev Deserter's Songs DESERTER'S SONGS has been remixed and remastered in a special Instrumental Edition, accentuating the orchestral cosmic-fantasia of rock in a full 3D cinematic scope! The Deserter's Songs Instrumental Edition will initially be offered on CD and will be available on tour, in fine record shops and online. This will mark the flagship release from Mercury Rev's own label Excelsior Melodies which is preparing to release a number of curiosities, rare exclusives, past catalog treasures and a number of new LP's by up and coming, as yet uncorrupted, uncompromising artists from this particular Universe and specifically this Solar System! So if you've got a great 4-track cassette, made in your bedroom, and are under the mistaken impression no one would ever 'get it'... send it along, after all, that's how we started!

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