Mathias Stubo 1979
Mathias Stubø - 1979
(CD/Digital) Barely Breaking Even BBE180, 2011-06-14

My debut album under my own name will be released worldwide by UK label BBE Records. Genre-wise this record spreads from electro-acoustic deep disco, heavily inspired by late 70′s underground afro disco, hip-hop, and a bit of reggae. Everything with a great deal of soul. says Mathias Stubø. Even though he wasn't born before 1992 (now 18 years old) his love and addiction for the 70's is stronger than the average 70's soul boy. Especially 1979 is a year that stands out for him in his huge and ever growing record collection. The groove on its way to the boogie. Funk on its way to fonk. The balance and friction between electronic and acoustic instruments was at its finest. New electronics, synths and production tools on the market and the fact that musicians started taking control over the production made them burst with creative ideas. 1979 is the center of that "golden period": 1978-1982, when most of Mathias' all-time favorite music was released. Aritsts and bands like Don Blackman, Patrice Rushen, Harvey Mason, Sylvia Striplin, Logg and other music out of this world. Stubø's debut for BBE is an ode to the creative forces behind the funkiest and most mind altering music ever made. 1979 is an original album that combines and blends progressive disco, warm afro funk, soul, R&B, hip-hop and more. Still with a red thread and Stubø's sound strongly and steady in there throughout the record it all sounds and feels like it's coming from the same planet.

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