Maddslinky 50 Shades Of Peng feat Skream
Maddslinky - 50 Shades Of Peng feat. Skream
(Serato Tone Control limited edition 12" yellow vinyl) Tru Thoughts TRUSERATO001, 2010-09-27

This stellar hook up between Maddslinky & Skream celebrates the first collaborative release from Tru Thoughts & Serato. When Maddslinky released his debut album Make Your Peace in 2003, it radically influenced the fledgling musical mind of a then teenaged Oliver Jones, aka Skream: "It was like nothing I'd ever heard. What Maddslinky was doing was a sound/style that was completely new to my mind". Fast forward a few years, and when Skream and Maddslinky crossed paths they knew they had to make a track together. No surprise then that there are big basslines involved and the tune blows up on the dancefloor. With Maddslinky, aka Zed Bias, currently causing a storm via a number of releases and Skream hitting the Official UK Top 10 with Magnetic Man, this fusion from the two producers is an essential underground classic in the making. 50 Shades Of Peng is taken from the upcoming Make A Change album by Maddslinky on Tru Thoughts. Tru Thoughts will also be re-releasing the influential Make Your Peace with bonus tracks plus brand new sleeve notes from the highly respected Blackdown.

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