Louie Vega Mad Styles and Crazy Visions 2
Mad Styles & Crazy Visions 2 - A Journey Into Electronic, Soulful, Afro & Latino Rhythms
Compiled And Mixed by Louie Vega
(2xCD/2xLP/2xLP/Digital) Barely Breaking Even BBE161, 2011-05-24 (Worldwide) / 2011-06-06 (USA)

There are few labels who will get the opportunity to work extensively with the most dynamic remixers, DJ's and producers of this decade. BBE seems to keep coming up trumps. Grammy Award Winner Louie Vega has been on top of the DJ game for over 2 decades. He gained further notoriety as part of the collective known as Masters At Work with Kenny 'Dope' Gonzalez form a formidable partnership reminiscent of the greatest producers of yesteryear. This compilation has been put together to highlight the fact that the high-energy dance music that graced dance floors throughout the seventies and eighties is very much relevant today. Full marks if you acquire this album - not only for supporting the movement but also for acknowledging the great fusion that disco was and still is. With sprinklings of African, Latin, jazz, funk and electro pop rhythms the production today is tighter in some instances but still breathy, sexy, up tempo and ultimately for the sweaty dance floor. Whilst Louie circles the globe spreading his musical message, this compilation manages to capture some of the magic he brings to the various dancefloors.

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