Los Sospechos Janos RevengeLos Sospechos mirror door
Los Sospechos - Jano's Revenge
(7") Colemine Records CLMN 108, 2010-08-17

Have you ever been hurt, wronged, or shamed? Jano's Revenge will take you past that, deep into the dark, violent thoughts that follow. Haunting horn lines blare over an evil, dirty beat like the adrenaline rush before you draw first blood. After you've served up that cold plate of revenge, heat things up with Mirror Door a sweet horn melody relaxing on a full bed of organ swells. This serenade has both a drum machine and a drummer to makesure it hits all the right spots.

The Car-Del Production team first heard Los Sospechos at a tequila distillery, just outside of Las Cruces, New Mexico. They knew immediately that this band would be the perfect fit for the soundtrack to the feature film Postales. With contributions from members of The Budos Band and Menahan Street Band, the raw and jagged sound of Los Sospechos can be both tough and tender. Working perfectly with themes from Postales to dig into the soul and guts of each character.

Fans of Budos Band and Menehan Street Band will be into what Los Sospechos< are putting down.

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