Lorn None An Island
Lorn - None An Island
(Download) Brainfeeder BFDNL008, 2010-09-13

Lorn aka Marcos Ortega returns with a new EP from his critically acclaimed debut album, Nothing Else. One of the standout tracks from a breakthrough record, None An Island combines Lorn's trademark overt emotionalism, brutality and bleakness into something transcendentally beautiful. Brainfeeder labelmate Samiyam then takes Brainwaves and converts it into a lowriding, limping journey into paranoia and fear. Lorn ups the ante yet again by returning with two new original tracks, Never Enough, which uses a distorted, rasping, alien voice to syncopate its rhythms, and Until There Is No End, which shows that Ortega's grasp of melody is never compromised by the sheer heaviness of his tracks. A fantastic accompaniment to his album and a further delving into his sound, None An Island strongly suggests we'll be hearing much more from Lorn for a long time to come…

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