Batterie Kollektion 2010
Various - Kollektion 2010 - Batterie Label Compilation
(CD/Digital) Batterie 006, 2010-03-19

With twelve tracks from a total of seven albums and EPs, Batterie's Kollektion 2010 is an aural showcase of the label's oeuvre so far. It features tracks that had been published in the last two years since the creation of the Hamburg-based label as well as new versions of older Ensemble Du Verre tracks and a remix by Norwegian mastermind Bugge Wesseltoft. Sönke Düwer aka Batterie Du Verre who produced all music on Batterie to date, handpicked some of his tracks from the last couple of years to form a new and exiting set. In spite of their various musical influences, these tracks seem to form a consistent and coherent album. It's their jazz background that sticks them together like glue. The compilation also demonstrates the evolution of the Batterie label into a steadily growing and inspiring community of musicians.

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